Decision time with Sprint Galaxy Nexus Vs Evo 4G LTE

By Alan Ng - Apr 13, 2012

Sprint has just announced the impressive looking HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone to the world, but if recent rumors are to be believed, HTC may be facing competition from a Sprint version of Verizon’s popular Galaxy Nexus phone from Samsung.

There’s no doubt that the Galaxy Nexus remains one of the smartphone superpowers in the industry right now, and it would be a fantastic coup for Sprint if they were able to add the device to their growing lineup.

Don’t forget that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is not really a secret. You may have forgot that Sprint actually announced their version of the device at CES 2012, but due to expected Verizon exclusivity, customers have yet to see the elusive device appear on their network. The wait may be worth while though, as a Best Buy inventory leak has revealed that Sprint will release the device on April 22.

Just to remind you, when the device does actually arrive it will boast 4G LTE connectivity like the Evo 4G LTE and Google Wallet from day one as well. It also means that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus will arrive before the already official Evo 4G LTE, meaning that you’ll be faced with a difficult decision on whether to pick up the Galaxy Nexus, or wait for the Evo 4G LTE which may not release until May.

Sprint’s 4G LTE network has been a long time coming, but it looks like the company have two amazing smartphones to firmly compete with rival networks AT&T and Verizon. If you had to make an immediate choice between the Galaxy Nexus or the Evo 4G LTE on Sprint – what handset would you choose and why?

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  • Neither I want Sprint to further embrace Windows Phone and bring Nokia’s Lumia 900 to the line up. Sprint customers deserve a larger selection of phones not just androids and useless phones, which sadly is all their line up consists of. I am a sprint customer, I love the company, great customer service good service. I have the HTC Arrive and I love it, mainly because I love WP. However, its a bit dated not one of HTCs best works. I love Android but WP is a more useful OS on a phone for day to day use. Come on sprint embrace new stuff, you did it with Android do it with others, you’ll get more nerds if you openly embrace new technology.

    •  I am one of the many people that are hesitant to make the move with Windows Mobile. In the past versions, all the promises made for mobile market and support have been horrible and I understand that it has changed, but how long will the support really continue?