Google Plus update sparks hilarious white space debate

If you have taken a break from Google Plus for whatever reason, now may be the time to jump straight back in for another try. Google has just rolled out a major UI update, giving the website some brand new cosmetic changes, as well as some amusing feedback from users.

Upon logging into the service now, you’ll spot that Google has added the option of a cover photo along with a neat customizable ribbon on the left hand side. It lists shortcuts to different aspects of your profile such as photos, hangouts, games and circles, but the beauty of it is being able to bring favorite icons to the top and hide icons you don’t need so much in the ‘more’ section at the bottom.

Also contained in the update is a brand new Google+ trends section, which is already seeing some hilarious results. If you have been using the new Google+ for a number of hours, you’ll notice that there is a rather large amount of white space which Google has left blank.

This has created a ‘#usesforwhitespace’ trend on the site, as people are uploading hilarious photos and ideas on how they have eliminated the white space from their Google+ profile. One of our favorites seen so far is a computer monitor turned into portrait mode to remove the amount of white space, while there’s also some really cool animations being used as well. What are the odds on Chuck Norris making an appearance soon guys?

All in all, it’s a great little update – one which all Google+ users should appreciate. There’s an official video from Google previewing the changes below. If you have already jumped on the white space bandwagon, let us know some of your best ideas.



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