EA are killing console Battlefield 3 with Rent a Server tactics

By Alan Ng - Apr 12, 2012

It has been a good while since DICE delivered their controversial Rent a Server patch update across all platforms of Battlefield 3. We hoped that EA and DICE would realise that a lot of gamers are not happy about the changes, but it appears that they are unwilling to make any changes as long as the cash from custom servers keeps flowing in.

There’s no denying the popularity of the custom servers either – EA must be loving it. The one big problem that we have though is that they are continuing to remove official servers at the expense of custom ones, making it harder than ever to find an official server on console.

The option of having custom servers and rules is always nice of course, but when we can no longer find an official server with a full conquest rotation and normal ticket size, that’s when we have a problem. EA and DICE went back on their word when they said that the Asia servers would be live on April 4th. Almost 10 days later, we find that they have finally been switched on, but there is not one official server in sight. We refreshed the server browser to see 25 pages of servers, with every single one of them a custom server and the majority of them offering 1000+ ticket scores.

In other regions it’s not too different either. We had a little success finding some official servers in Australia, but unfortunately there was nobody playing on them. We’ve had a lot of excellent feedback in our previous report on Rent a Servers, but in actual fact gamers are still happily pouring their money into custom servers when in reality they should be concerned about EA’s tactics here.

Some of you have pointed out that the update has just served as a cash scheme for EA and DICE, with no incentive of keeping those who are not paying happy. If there was an equal balance of custom and official servers, it wouldn’t be such a problem, but 25 pages of Asia servers with not one official server on console tells you that EA are just looking to make as much money as possible out of the game now.

Just to reiterate, this is just from a console perspective. We’re well aware that on PC, official servers can be found by simply typing in ‘DICE’ in the server filter. On console though, we have to say that EA are driving the game into the ground with these tactics. We really hope that they are planning to address this in their next update, or they may find their console numbers severely drop from those who are unwilling to play by these new rules.

If you agree or disagree with us on this, leave your opinions below. We would just like DICE to bring back some more official servers across all regions, so it doesn’t feel too bad when players are kicked or switched by admins for no good reason.

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  • Leopard_lad

    I have a server which is just like a DICE server on the 360.  I rented one because i dont like the stupid rules and crap map rotatons of a lot of custom servers have along with bad admin. 

    SLINKY PENGUIN>Hardcore>Conquest>No Rules>100% Tickets

    So for those people who wanna play conquest in the origianl format with no crap weapon rules etc then check it out.

  • Evansrck

    They most likely won’t add in a filter. If they give people the option to separate official servers from custom ones, then I have a feeling an overwhelming majority of custom servers would become desolate. People would quit renting and they would lose money.

  • 11neej

    time to say goodbye to all multiplayer games now, trying to playing fifa ultimate team online and the servers are down, if i rent a server on PSN it will end up getting hacked and my details leaked like a month old nappy. Might build a gaming PC then no PSN down rubbish and no xbox fanboy better say get a xbox as i already do and it has been down for 2 weeks before anyway!! It is a shame as when i was on my PS1 and 2 and the N64, even had saturns etc their were hardly any glitches but today its just money grabbing and rushing to get it out first. No good community and its just dying. 🙁 Rant over lol

  • DC

    I agree completely. 

  • Houseofelliotts

    What about casual gamers? I have’nt got endless hours to play. We pay for games to be made for us with some sort of normal setting for general gameplay. Now gamers are paying for servers?  We should have a choice a bit like the choice to play on easy, normal or hard rented or not rented custom or not. If clans want custom games then they can have private matches with all the crazy settings they want. I enjoy playing conquest, 20-30 mins per match that’s enough. There is a health warning about taking breaks whilst gaming EA are not thinking about this they are encouraging gamers to stay online (playing there game) by letting gamers set up ridiculousy long games. COD was great but it is boring now, respawn get shot, nearly get someone then get shot in back, take aim just as you’re about to shoot someone, sombody else gets your kill. Although battlefield is the same in a lot of ways it is a lot more ejoyable to play and a lot less frustrating. Now it is being ruined by these rented servers with all these crazy not my choice game settings.

  • Bf3

    Nothing like breaking the lines of defense and ending up dead by the admin.

  • Anthony

    Yep we just need an option For Custom/Dice Servers its that simple.

  • Kg07

    I give up, finding an official server for my specifications is impossible now. Hitting the ‘quick match’ button is just complete and utter random guess to what kind of game you’re going to be in. EA have now removed nearly all their servers, so why do we have to pay for ours?
    For each 5 server you buy, EA take down one of their own (For example). This in turn just equals massive profit for them and you are paying to keep the games multilayer alive. Genius on EA’s part.

    The Battlefield 3 community on console is a joke, I blame EA for labeling this game ‘Cod killer’ and in turn has converted a lot of Call of Duty players. I don’t have the time to search for a good lobby, so each lobby I join is like hitting a slot machine.

  • Cdjjr1973

    OMG! You cant please everybody. I play for fun and with friends that I have met online. We are from all over the states and have alot of fun. We then started a clan and play together. We dont care about all the drama that goes on online. We have an average age of 28, most are over 30. So no young unmature kids here, cursing and screaming, just laughing. We are happy they now have the rent a server but still need some work.

    • Nexus_661

      I like what you say here. In fact if everybody including kids could just have fun and not get all serious none of EA’s decisions would be of any significance. But asking a kid to re wire his hormones to make battlefield just fun and games is pretty much impossible lol. 

  • Dentice99

    Custom servers suck balls. All these crazy high ticket games just make my system crash. If they were trying to make the game unplayable congratulations, they did

  • Fakulty

    Custom servers is the only way to go homos, QQ

  • john

    I love the new update and rent a server this game has never been better. You don’t have to rent one just play on someone elses if you don’t wanna pay.

  • James

    All of the people saying ‘Switching back to CoD’  Good Battlefield doesnt need 12 year olds like you anyway…

  • Robluny

    FYI: if you play Bad company 2 and just choose quickmatch you’ll get a game quite quicikly….might be a little empty at first but soon fills up. 

  • Robluny

    Server rental is a cynical money making ploy
    So, i can no longer just quick match into a DICE server / game type /
    map of my choosing. theres no way to filter out weird player owned
    so basically EA have given people the option to play game
    their way and forces the rest of us to play them unless we take our time
    text searching for DICE server.
    In doing so it completely removes the option to jump into dice servers and filter out the player owned games.
    Seems like EA have completely changed the goalposts in order to cash in.

    • James

      Because you can rent a server they are money grabbers? It is almost exactly the same price on PC to rent a BF3 server…

  • Conquest gamer

    I agree totally! The custom servers have ruined the game for me. 

    • Joker

      this is bolony what happen to the nice and best game NOW????
      very bad what they did i don’t like it so i’m not going to buy anymore EA games i stop playing BF too
      good luck fo rthe rest of u……EA loosers

      • Jam Co1

        LOL Your not going to buy anymore EA games?   I bet if all of your freinds started to play the new MOH Warfighter when it came out you would strait away get it… :L

    • Kevinbarber

       customer servers suck! i cant even use some of my stuff that i worked so long to unlock. like for some reason i cant even set my mortar down when i pull it out

  • Some_Kid

    Its a shame EA are money grabbing, but nothing will make me switch to COD! Adapt and fight! Thats all I have to say 🙂

  • Thethreefacesofeve

    Well, its interesting reading the comments here. I play on PC, and I dont think I have ever played on a dice server. I love the fact that when you join a custom server you are thrown into a unique combat situation: is hard core on or off? Do I have to look out for friendly fire? Are rpg’s allowed? What is the ticket count? Can I spawn on my squad members, or only the squad leader (like in bf2) etc., etc.,

    The same map can play out very differently with just a couple of different settings: compare a hard core game with 2000 tickets on metro with no rpgs or m320, with a normal game with normal tickets on the same map- its a totally different game.

    I suppose the only problem is what someone said above: when you play on console you are limited to 24 players, and so playing on a server with 2000 tickets would take a couple of hours. But I am sure that over time the servers would naturally achieve a healthy balance (this is what happened on pc, but it took a little while).

    • lol
      you cant find FF on on console. maybe out of 3 pages there will be 2 “real” rooms, the rest are statpadding nitwits. it’s sad. they need ALL the training wheels or they are lost as to what the f is going on. you really should see it. i play on both pc and ps3 and it’s almost like completely different species. like the difference between monkeys and humans interacting with a chain saw.

       also the clans are fine it’s the randumbs who are mad because most clans will kick the lowest players on the board in order to get the clan players in the room. it’s basically great except the community has gotten soft over the years between bf2 and bf3. they forgot how clans run things and bc1 and 2 were so arcadey that most teams stopped playing “seriously” and just goof around bunnyhopping like adderall addicted jack rabbits.
      the server issue i bet dice will sort out with more servers then the community can go on to complaining about whatever comes next.



    one thing you can do is if you find an ea server or a normal server you can favourite so that you don’t have to sort through them for instance theres a server called blueberryville on the ps3 that uses normal settings most of the time though they might kick you if a blueberryville platoon member is trying to join the game its worth a try 😉

  • While I don’t agree that the game is unplayable…you just have to either up your technique with the weapon you’re used to, or find a new favourite weapon…I DO agree that the suppression feels a little too much to me right now. 

    The other thing that bugs me which you touched on; I was in a game and was on the same team as the owner of the server…over his headset he was discussing kicking one or two players from the game purely because he was on a streak and hadn’t died for a while. That’s the problem here, people are paying for their own servers…but for some (not all) that also means paying to play with people who are not as good as you…where’s the fun there.

    EA NEED to put a filter on the console server browsed that allows people to find official servers…I have wasted far too much time on the browser post-patch searching for a game that had less than 200% tickets…that is to say if they even have official servers anymore and snuck them out when the patch was applied.

    (PS – I think DICE would be able to stay true to their creativity and their fans if they were without EA altogether)

  • brwnboy7thst

    i cant believe im saying this, but this patch has ruinied the game completely and i am actually going to switch to COD now until this ridiculous game gets fixed. it was perfect pre-patch!!! now the hit detection is off, suppression is stupid. servers are stupid, i rarely use sniper guns but they are as useful as shooting a water gun at someone.  admin. kicking you out of a game because you’re better than his team. or because you rpg his squad. thats bs!!

    •  hit detection is not any different. the attachments changed stats. to be honest, nobody can help poor aiming.

      It was far from perfect pre-patch, I mean I respect your opinion, but I completely disagree.

  • Glenn Colley

    Tried and failed 2 out of 2 sessions to find an ea server in aust. not happy

  • I wasn’t too keen on playing on rented servers until I stumbled across a 3000 ticket conquest server.  It was awesome.  It was no longer a battle, it was a fully blown war.  I think there should be a balance of rented and official servers though.

  • Dynasty2201

    So, you want a server with LESS tickets?

    Err, why?

    1000 ticket server still only lasts for around 45 minutes.  I joined a 10,000 ticket server the other night, 2 hours in on Caspian and we were still around the 4k mark, 32 players on the PC with people coming and going.

    Custom servers are better anyway.  You can control friendly fire, kick people for using the damn m320, kick for RPG on infantry, set it to classic Battlefield settings and make the game better.

    And I have never typed ‘DICE’ into the server search on PC.  I just join whatever is on the list and has around 50%+ players in it.  Usually a 48 man server, sometimes 64 for a laugh, rarely anything below 32.

    Yeah you have power admins on custom servers, but I’d rather see admins kicking people for suspected or confirmed hacking or for, like I said, running around in Metro with the m320 etc.

    • tiller659

      Yeah the rented servers on PC aren’t that big of a deal. But as the article states, if you would have read the whole thing, that it is difficult to find EA/DICE supported servers for CONSOLES. I’m a PS3 player and I have also noticed that it is still difficult to find a EA/DICE server that still supports the normal rules and full rotation of conquest maps. Even with inputing DICE into the search filter. And they took out conquest assualt maps from the normal conquest rotation as well.

      I have to admit that playing in a custom server is nice for a little change of pace, but for console when you can only have a max of 24 players in a game, 1000+ ticket matches take well over an hour and just get very repetitive very quickly.

      I’m not going to bash on the custom servers, but it would have been smart on EA’s side of things to have seperated out the custom servers from EA/DICE supported servers. On PS3 when just doing a quick match you have less than a 50% chance of being thrown into a normal server and not a custom.

      • I am the smrt

         totally agree. Separate the custom servers from EA/Dice supported Servers. easy solution. not a big deal to create an extra button where you choose this.

      • James

        ‘And they took out conquest assualt maps from the normal conquest rotation as well.’ Are you stupid? if I go into the server browser and tick the option to play conquest I want to be able to play Conquest NOT Conquest Assault!

        • tiller659

          Are you stupid? You do realize that conquest and conquest assualt are essentially the same thing? After the first few minutes of a conquest assualt game it basically turns into conquest. Unless in your case you’re just a “noob” and COD fan boy who only goes for kills instead of actually capturing and holding objectives like your suppose to in order to win the match. Which is still exactly what you have to do in order to win a conquest assualt match.

    • Consiliumetanimus

      Kicking people for running around in Metro with the m320? You mean you dont want people to use a grenade launcher where it is most effective? THIS is why the server update was BS. People like yourself who who decide to kick someone for using an STANDARD WEAPON. It comes with the game, people will use it, grow up and get over it. It not any worse than the shotgun with the frag rounds that kill you from across the map. People use the guns they deem effective. If you cant handle the idea that people will use whatever weapons they want, then you probably should not deserve to be in a position to kick people to begin with. Thanks for ruining the game. I get booted for getting kills by aholes like you. Not cheating, not glitching, not hacking, just playing the game and doing well with a weapon you dont happen to like. Thats BS.

  • Monkeybutt

    Typing DICE in – NOTHING ticked – gets me a total of five servers. ONE of these is called DICE Gaming BF3 Public, and it is in America. The rest are not official DICE servers. I’m in Australia, but I didn’t tick any particular region. This is even worse than I thought..

  • SJC73

    You can still search for Dice on the Playstation server filter.

  • Frost_blast

    Game spoiled switching on COD

    • James

      Oh no your switching to CoD how can I say sorry and get you to come back?, I don’t think I can play Battlefield 3 any more now that you have left…

  • Im F**ing tired of this rented servers  I want to play on EA server… but can’t find them = (


    It’s ea! All this money grabbing can’t have come as a surprise. There’s a reason they where vote worse company.

    • James

      Their money grabbers because they gave the option to pay for a server? On PC you pay almost the same price except you maybe get it slightly cheaper becasue you get a Vent or Team Speak server included in the cost…