GTA V release date may fall on tenth Vice City anniversary

By Alan Ng - Apr 10, 2012

We have the latest whispers on Grand Theft Auto V to share with you now, and again it provides conflicting reports about the release of the game since we are still no closer to knowing if the game will be a 2012 or 2013 release.

We last told you about some very interesting rumors towards the end of last month, which suggested that the main character of the game would be Albert de Silva, online multiplayer would have support for 32 players and that Rockstar were making GTA V a 2013 release instead of this year.

That information was apparently disclosed by an ex-Rockstar employee, but now we have heard from a Rockstar animator who is working on the game, that GTA V is actually still on course for a release in 2012 and that Rockstar are aiming for an October release. The October date was posted on the animator’s CV and LinkedIn profiles, but as you can imagine they have both been removed already.

If you’re interested in seeing a screenshot of the removed CV though, you can check it out for yourself courtesy of Joystiq here – it seems legit to us, especially given the speed in which the information was taken down.

Obviously Rockstar has not commented on this, or the animator in question. However, we have a feeling that this may well turn out to be true, for one big reason. Some of you may not be aware of this, but October 1st is actually the tenth anniversary of the release of the classic GTA: Vice City game, which released back in 2002.

A tenth anniversary is a pretty big deal for arguably the best game in the franchise’s history, and what better way to acknowledge this, by releasing GTA V, a game which looks a lot similar to Vice City, on the very same date. After initially fearing a 2013 release for the game, we would now say that E3 2012 could be the moment when Rockstar decide to unveil the game fully.

Does this make sense to you as well, or do you still think that the game will release in 2013 instead?

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  • R*N – 2405

    I will probably get the big sack and a fine if they found out i was letting this information out. But to let everyone know that Gta v has been in development for 4 years. We started working on it after a couple of weeks after Gta IV was out on stores. So to announce the release date is May 28th. If you look in the trailer the man is slamming a sign post into the ground saying for sale. Below that on the curb is a white plastic not with 4 digits on. And if you also pause the video at just the right time you will see the mail delivery truck that says we aim to miss it – 2405 – May 28th 2012. And to also announce the main character is Ned Luke. A new character thats been in some crime films ect. And you will also see the diamond theif from GTA IV who stole the diamonds. AKA The tramp with the sign on the road begging for money. But thats all for now. Im looking forward to playing the full game since yesterday i did have a little go on Gta V and im impressed with the new GYM

    • Lex

      When can we expect a new trailer? And will we see some characters of older GTA games again? Thanks for the info, cheers

    • Ronalf

      Why are yoy impersonating a rockstar employe because its lame what you said is bull

  • Rayne Lawliet

    While the previous poster is correct, I can personally recall my distaste in a 6 month delay for IV literally two weeks before it was supposed to be available. Rockstar, if you need more time; hold back on giving a date like you’re doing now. Only err one when you’re almost sure you can make it.

    • Tristandhome

      It is unlikely to be delayed as 2K Czech and several other companies are assisting in the production. The probably have bought in help to avoid delays.

      • Rayne Lawliet

        While the 2K Czech assist was widely reported, their denial of the fact and their continual denial of any Mafia III project ongoing was also widely reported. The claims that they were involved were as unsubstantiated as any other rumor put out for the game, and from the horses mouth they say nay. And I’m glad they’re not working with R*. Mafia II was a pile of unfinished crap compared to the first. Initially, there were supposed to be 30 more variants of vehicles, completely interactive vehicle customization for adding things to the vehicles, many more interiors, access to public transit much like in the first with added interactivity between buses and cabs; as well a story narrative that stretched roughly twice the time that the one we saw took to complete. Not just that, but the guy Derrick down at the docks? He’s got a radar icon throughout the game because originally you were supposed to be able to take odd-jobs from him much like Lucas Bertone for obtaining vehicles in the first game.

        Anyway, on the topic here; 2K denies all claims of being involved, and as far as other companies, none have come forward to say they have. If there are such companies, they’re likely so wrapped in NDAs that we wouldn’t know even after the game came out.

  • I am damn sure that the game will release in 2012…..but not sure about the month… the article showed , it may probably release in Oct 2012…..and I wish it could… best of luck to Rockstar!!! and may they show their game and reveal the release date in E3 2012!!!! I hope so!!!!

  • It will be released when it’s ready. Too many companies have failed miserably by pushing out a product before it’s finished. Rockstar is smart enough to know this and has learned to polish their products before release.

    • Guest19946

      I agree, look at Test Drive Unlimited 2 they released it before fully finishing it and it was terrible.