Google Tablet needs Android 5.0 Jelly Bean at launch

By Alan Ng - Apr 9, 2012

For those of you who are waiting patiently for any further updates regarding the elusive Google tablet, you’ll be pleased to know that the tablet is still on course for a release during the Summer.

The last time we spoke about the Google Tablet project, it was understood that ASUS had been chosen to build the device and that one of Google’s primary objectives was to introduce the device around the $199 mark to compete with the popular Amazon Kindle.

Now though, new information published by The Verge reveals that Google are planning to delay the release of their tablet slightly, pushing the launch back by a few months from May to July. Furthermore, we may see a possibility where the tablet is actually priced at above the $200 mark, rather than below it – the new Apple iPad currently retails at $499 after all so Google will need to find the right balance.

What about hardware specifications though? There’s a general consensus that this device will ship with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, but the operating system included is still up for debate. Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is obviously a high possibility, but there are some whispers that Google could be planning to go all out and make this the world’s first device with Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.

In our opinion, that’s exactly what they need to do as well. Ice Cream Sandwich isn’t exactly brand spanking new any moment and ironically it is ASUS that first had the honor of building a tablet with the OS on via the Transformer Prime. If ASUS is really building the Google tablet and Google are looking to go on the direct offensive against Apple, then Jelly Bean is exactly the kind of ‘wow’ factor they need to entice consumers into a purchase.

There is also the possibility of Apple releasing a follow-up device to the new iPad before the end of the year, and it may be moment when the world finally sees a quad-core capable iPad for the first time. Aside from Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, we would also like to see some other unique features from Google as we would be disappointed if it turns out to be ‘just another Android tablet’ with Google branding slapped on the back.

Are you looking to pick up Google’s effort later on in the year? Do you agree with us that they need to launch it with Android 5.0 Jelly bean? What other features would you like to see in the device in order to buy it ahead of future products from ASUS, Samsung and Apple?

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  • Patti

    I hope it has ICS 4.0 on it because Jellybean won’t have Flash which IMO a dealbreaker.

  • Iltms10

    I don’t understand Google, 
    Android 4.0 is barley out there and they are now having 
    Android 5.0? such a software needs some debugging time!
    To me it looks like all the rest of them are trying to attack/compete with Apple and not with so much success as apple has a very well made iOS and stable system. (up to iPAD 2)
    By the way I think Apple made a big mistake with the iPAD 3 as it gave bad reputation to Apple with the heating and Wifi problems.
    As I see it iPAD 3 should have been with a Quad core CPU, who needs that retina screen? that’s just a big battery drainer.

  • Bumfluff


  • melci

    Considering the immensely popular iPad 2 is still available and priced at an even more competitive $399, Google is going to have to price their competing tablet which has less than half the screen real estate of the iPad as close to the loss-leader Kindle Fire as it can.

    This will be pretty difficult without dropping features like front and back cameras, 3-axis gyroscope, microphone, 3G or 4G etc just like Amazon has done with the Fire. Can Google even make a profit out of this hardware or will they like Amazon also have to sell at a loss?

    As such, it won’t exactly be competing for the same dollars as the iPad under those circumstances and it looks like Apple is rest assured to continue taking away the lion’s share of the profit in the tablet market for some time to come.