Unimpressive Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE battery may prove decisive

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2012

So Sprint has finally unveiled their next flagship smartphone, but it wasn’t the EVO ‘One’ name that we all expected to see. Instead the company officially unwrapped the not so glamorous HTC Evo 4G LTE, but it still packs some very impressive features.

For Sprint customers, it is easily the best smartphone to date on the network and still arguably the best Android smartphone on paper. For a US first, Sprint announced that the Evo 4G LTE would be the first smartphone to feature HD Voice, which promises unrivaled call quality that perhaps even the Apple iPhone cannot match.

The technology is already available sporadically in Europe, but Sprint has got themselves a major coup by bringing HD Voice to the US for the first time with the Evo 4G LTE.

As for the hardware specs, they largely match up with the AT&T One X as expected, but there is one major disappointment which sticks out for us. The device will feature a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, a 4.7-inch display and an 8MP camera just like the HTC One X, but after heavy speculation that Sprint’s device would feature a battery similar to that of the beastly Droid RAZR MAXX, we’re sad to see that HTC has just put a standard battery inside the Evo 4G LTE.

We were really looking forward to seeing that 2,650mAh battery in an official capacity, but instead Sprint has revealed that the Evo 4G LTE will just pack a 2,000mAh battery instead. Sprint customers will still get a slight battery life advantage over the HTC One X on AT&T which packs a paltry 1800mAh battery, but we think you’ll agree with us that just 2,000mAh is not what anyone expected to see – especially with the heavy emphasis on 4G LTE data support.

Then again, Sprint customers may not really care about the battery overlook. Some users may not be heavy data users as others, and just having a top of the range Android 4.0 phone with 4G support could be sufficient enough. It means that the Droid RAZR MAXX is still in another league in terms of battery life potential, but we just hope that future Android releases this year will attempt to close the gap.

What is your initial reaction to the HTC Evo 4G LTE on Sprint? Is it already your next smartphone, or are you a little disappointed that it didn’t include a bigger battery? We have a feeling that the HTC One X is going to struggle with just 1,800mAh – let’s hope that the 200mAh extra juice in the Evo 4G LTE makes the difference.

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  • Dkositsky

    I think that the HTC Evo LTE is a fine phone and has nearly every thing one would want in a leading edge phone. But I do wish they had made it with a removable battery. That way it does not matter if it runs down in the middle of the day.  Now I will have to invest into an exterior power source. We probably need to wait until 2013 for a LTE quad core phone in the US.  By then, Sprint will have a better LTE network available for us to use.

  • Doodlebug666

    It amazes me that after all the features they add to these phones, which will make us use them more, they can’t  get it in their thick heads to give us more juice. And even if they do realize this, not to give us the ability to deal with short battery life by switching batteries is just stupid and naive on their parts. So, Sadly without a removable battery I will not purchase this phone.

  • Digitalm0nk

    I read the ONE x was to have a quad-core tegra 3 chip not the dual-core snap dragon.
    that is weak my evo 3d is a dual core ….cmon HTC, the Samsung Galaxy SIII will have its own exynos quad-core chip why dont you?

  • ++ 
    GS3 will be on sprint ++
    as in, the Galaxy SIII will be on Sprint? Do you have a source?
    If this is true you just made my next phone decision.

  • Bookgirl2

    Why can’t these tech jockeys make new stuff without getting rid of what worked in the old stuff? I love my HTC Evo 4G. The call quality is fine, the camera works great (even after a catastrophic fall 6 months into its life), the connectivity is a dream come true. The only thing wrong with it has been the pitiful 512 RAM which guarantees that I have to keep deleting beloved apps to add new ones. That’s all I wanted. My Evo with nice, healthy 1GB or better RAM. And what do they give me? A new and improved version with yes, 1GB of RAM, but now a battery that I can’t replace when it starts to go south inside of a year. When the battery failed on my current phone, I was able to go on Amazon and order not one but two happy red replacements with a charger for less than 35 bucks plus overnight shipping. And now, what happens if I upgrade? Hundreds of bucks for a new phone? Or maybe just drag it down to the Sprint shop and spend 2 weeks in radio silence while those turnips tinker with the damn thing, and still have to pay through the nose? This is ridiculous. The whole point of having an Android phone over an iPhone is to have more control over my device. Not less.

  • Drewj7777

    what in the world are you talking about? ^^^ do you know anything about phones or are you just making things up so you can write something down? right now the evo 4g lte is the best thing out there so far and even with a 2000mah battery its looking like an amazing phone! my only thing is, why push out 4g lte phones when there is no 4g lte for sprint any time soon 😛

    • NgTurbo

      Is that to FKKev22?

      The phone does look very good, but I just feel that they had a really good opportunity to put a monster battery inside to make it truly unstoppable. A lot of people are worried about the 1,800 battery inside the One X as well don’t forget.

  • Ffkev22

    Really another evo. I have sprint love the service but need better phones I.e. note sgs3 something that’s hot and awesome. Quad core better screens bigger screens I mean come on sprint you starting to be the elderly person in a crowd of young kids…

    • malcmilli

       they just gave you a bigger screen, and you cant have quad core and LTE yet, and the GS3 will be on sprint but its not out yet so i dont know what you expect them to do about that.

    • Matt Lindsey

      You obviously don’t know much about phones. The Snapdragon dual-cores beat in just about every benchmark. Tegra’s dont have LTE support, and The SGS3 isn’t even released yet. Hmmmm…