Skyrim 1.5 update on PS3 has major water freezing problem

We finally have some good news for console players. The long awaited 1.5 patch update for The Elder Scrolls V is now available for the Xbox 360 and PS3 after debuting on PC earlier this week.

However, we already have confirmation that the patch is causing some problems on the PS3 version, with even Bethesda admitting that there is a freezing glitch in the game which now occurs whenever a player enters water.

After such a long period of time for the patch to come out, you would have thought that these things would be tested, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. It isn’t a sporadic issue either – the moment you step foot in water after installing patch 1.5, your game will freeze up requiring a hard reset of the PS3.

Luckily, there does appear to be an immediate workaround to the problem. Bethesda has advised all players to clear their game data for Skyrim by going to the game utility section of the XMB. When you reboot Skyrim after this change, the game will reinstall and it should fix the problem for you.

As for the new changes that you can expect to see in the new update, Bethesda has revealed that console players will now be able to view a cinematic kill camera for projectile weapons and spells. There are also some brand new animations and kill moves when using melee weapons, so those of you who prefer to melee your way out of trouble should appreciate these new features.

You can read the full changelog here. If you have noticed the water freezing problem as well on patch 1.5, let us know if you managed to fix the game, or if you’re still having problems.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on DLC but we guess they are still working on it. Give us your thoughts on the lack of console DLC – six months after release.



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