Easter disappointment with Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX ICS update

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2012

Earlier on this week we gave Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners reason to celebrate with the seemingly imminent arrival on a long awaited software update to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Unfortunately though, it looks like both sets of owners may have longer to wait, as information is slipping out that the update may have been delayed. Initially, Motorola had sent out the word that previews would be happening soon for a early look at a forthcoming software update. However, Best Buy are apparently in the know about the update as well and they have updated an employee memo note to inform them that the update has in fact been delayed until further notice.

The memo can be seen here courtesy of Droid-Life and it also reveals that the alleged Ice Cream Sandwich update was scheduled to be happening on Wednesday 4th April. So for those that are not tempted by any unofficial custom ROMs, it looks like your wait for an official update will go on. Obviously there’s no word from Motorola on this as they never actually fully confirmed the existence of the Ice Cream Sandwich update anyway.

On a side note, we also mentioned earlier in the week that the HTC Rezound on Verizon would be getting an update as well. We’re pleased to say that this looks to be unaffected as the Best Buy memo also mentions that the update is still happening on Friday April 6th.

Let’s hope that Motorola will come good on their Ice Cream Sandwich update next week and that no serious bugs are causing the hold up to this releasing. If you were expecting the update to happen this week, give us your thoughts on this apparent delay. Do you find it a bit disturbing that Best Buy have all this inside information on updates, while Motorola chooses to remain silent?

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  • I was disappointed that the ICS has already taken this long to even come out … and we are still waiting.  I seriously did not think I would have to wait this long.  I would like it now!  Can’t they just work on one device at a time and finish it!  Id be happy with ICS on my Razr and thats it!  I wouldn’t expect the next OS!

  • Arparaspolo

    Moto never said or hinted at this being ICS. That was all rumor and speculations

  • ej4968

    Would you rather have an updatule that is buggy and freezes up like Apple AKA Crapple?  Or wait a lil longer for a better update??  I say your phone works good….so just wait.  I know it’s tough but hey it is what it is….and Droid OS blows iOS out of the water, hands down!!!

  • Afaceme81

    I’m just sick of waiting…. These updates need to be more timely if they want to compete even better with apple. Let the people know… what is there to hide? Say hey sorry guys we had a few bugs give us a little more time. What upsets people is when we are left in the dark about everything.

  • yarrellray

    Verizon BETTER get that act together they SUCK MAJOR EGGS ON UPDATES. I am waiting on 4.0.5 update on my GALAXY NEXUS.