Countless BF3 Rent a Server problems, improvements needed

By Alan Ng - Apr 5, 2012

When DICE announced that a major patch was coming to Battlefield 3, they also revealed that the game would now have support for custom servers, giving players the opportunity to rent a server for a monthly fee and customize the game to their liking.

However, not everyone is happy with the service. It appears that in allowing gamers to rent servers, EA has started to cut down on their own official servers, presumably to lower costs on their end even further, while at the same time providing even more servers available for paid customers.

This hasn’t gone down too well with those who are not looking to pay an extra fee to play Battlefield 3 and we can already see numerous problems with the game following on from the Rent a Servers program. For starters, DICE has not made it easy to separate official and custom servers in the server browser. On console, we can see that there are just endless pages of servers, with no way to just select official ones if you don’t want to play on a custom server.

If EA’s cut down of official servers was worrying enough, we’ve also noticed that they have merged servers together with the various game modes. For example, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find an official server with Conquest maps only, as you’ll find that for the limited number of official servers still available, DICE has merged Rush with Conquest.

More frustrating from our point of view, is that DICE seems to have removed their official Back to Karkand only servers as well. Before the patch, we were very happy with the ‘SERVER6078’ type servers which offered a full rotation of Conquest maps including the Back to Karkand maps as well. Now though, these servers have disappeared, as well as the B2K only servers – all because EA are looking to maximize profits with custom servers?

As for custom servers, playing a 24/7 Metro server can be fun for a while, but playing 1750 ticket maps can get boring real quick. Also, there are plenty of servers where admins are just kicking the top players for no reason. On console there doesn’t appear to be any easy way to report this to DICE either – it’s just turning into a bit of a mess.

Rent a Server is a great idea for Battlefield 3, but DICE has implemented this in the completely wrong way in our opinion. If they want to improve this they need to 1) Separate official and custom servers more easily 2) Offer a LOT more official maps to show that EA are not just after our money and 3) Bring back a full rotation of Conquest-only maps with B2K maps included.

After having a chance to play the game after the patch update and Rent a Server changes, what are your thoughts on the game now. Is it ruined or is it the best it has ever been? Have you noticed a decline in official servers as well?

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  • StephenBF3

    It’s been pretty bad. I still love the game, but it’s really annoying when I can’t simply play a couple rounds with out spending so much time looking for a decent server. Also, I was just at the end of a very long round and was the top player. I was suddenly kicked by admin for no reason. So frustrating.

  • If you want back to karkand only, I have the solution. Myself and my cousin was also frustrated and pissed off with this and didn’t play BF3 for about 3 months and recently caved in and we got a server. We also pretty much prefer the back to karkand maps so we have got a server on Xbox, long term lease which is just back to karkand conquest games. Friend me on Xbox and I will give you details. My gamer tag is furdachris.

  • Vesper

    PS3 servers: [sNc] #2 EU    And    [sNc] #1 NA

    Come look for it, we play one mode per day with the most popular modes being CQ/CQA, RUSH and CQDOM allthough we do try to cover all game modes during a weeks time. We include all maps at maximum 200% tickets. We don’t kick because your good, even more so we especially welcome the more skilled players. The server is preset on HARDCORE.

    All guns/gadgets/tactics are allowed except camping the deployements on CQ, other then there are no gameplay rules. We do kick for the obvious reasons, racist voice chat, music/sound to loud on mic, intentionally teamkilling to get in vehicle’s.

    Our 1st server covers North America, our 2nd server covers EU

    If your tired of single map 500% ticket servers where you have to read a long list of ridiculous rules only to end getting kicked because you owned the admin? Then come visit our server and be done with it!

    We accept VIP requests from regular players!

  • Dan

    Has anyone else noticed that the over-powered guns are always the ones in the latest DLC? First the FAMAS now the AUG. The re-balancing nerfed the FAMAS so now the players who paid for the latest DLC have the advantage.

    Must admit I’m mad at EA right now as I was just on for my first ever MVP ribbon and got kicked by admin. Was playing well, running and gunning, capping flags, communicating with my team. What I did wrong was play too well… Sucks.

  • Joseph

    admins can kick people if they want. they paid extra so they can play with their own rule. not to get fucked over by some colornel 100 with no life.
    people can join a server if they want but they should respect others. 

  • Satan

    Totally agree, so far I’m going to say what’s an official server as I’ve never played on one to my knowledge and the custom servers with bad admins, really are ruining the experience.

  • steph


  • FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ioana200k

    i play many games- and the score dont apeare- even my name…what shall i da?

  • Georgemnr8

    we need SOCOM 1 redone and Americas Army 3 for PS3 and LOS Vietnam and we will be good

  • Georgemnr8

    another ruined multiplayer game

  • Okay guys… think about it.  You are playing on a ‘rented’ server.  There are some obvious major discrepancies in the game, not to mention you keep getting kicked off becuase you can kill most folks you run up against in the game.  You call into BF3 support to make a report on this apparent hack’t server but they tell you they cant control whzt rules someone applies to their ‘rented’ server; as if they dont think you are intelligent enough to recognize a cheat when it blatantly happens.

    After so many calls you give up all together.  EA just insures they dont have as many support phone calls, which cost much more than email, or even worse, forum support (which costs them about nothing).

    EA doesnt really care becuase there are to many twelve year olds who got mommy to rent them a server, and sadly enough, even though this game is rated for 17+; most the players are youth (which I really dont care about, as I feel its about involvement from a parent not ratings from a panel).  My point is just because a group of adults never play this game again, EA knows that they will still make money hand over fist from all the youth begging mommy til they cave.

    This is a dispicable way to increase the amount of ‘no liability’.  If your system, or even entire home network, are exploited through this ‘rented server’ program; EA and Dice can claim a VERY limited position as far as their own copability/liability.  The CEA of EA should be ashamed of this path.  This demonstartes one thing… they wqere tired of not understanding how people are hacking the game (they probably have the samne degrees as Yahoo’s ex-CEO) so they came up with an option, that some of us asked for but not in totallity, that removes them from having to get real about it.

    We need to have an equivalent to the Arab Spring here, but for the e-world.  Every day I get closer to modding my console and game JUST so I can defend against what these compaines refuse to admit is happening.

  • Cheekyboyrayson

    These custom servers are really pissing me off. Ive been an hour in with 30000 points plus amd just because I kill the admin he kicks me and I lose everything. Complete waste of time now. EA need to sort this out and fast! cheeks1979 on PS3

    • Medekai

       Okay, now searching “DICE” doesn’t lead you to any official servers! They must have sold off what they had left to private users. The only way now to find a EA server now is to search for p24 or p23. Unfortunately there are posers there pretending to be official servers as well (have to look in the “owner” field to be sure). That, plus the majority there are those posers or they’re completely full 24/7. The worst part is I cannot rent a server myself, and I’ve been trying since the launch of the patch. All the regions are greyed out, meaning there are none available. I cant give these people money for my own server, I cant find a normal match that’s not 300% tickets or weapon specific, and now there’s only a handful of actual normal DICE or EA servers left that are usually full up. INCREDIBLE how they messed this up. We need a substantial update (that doesn’t ruin the game this time) and fast, to address these issues.

      • Medekai

         OH, and I noticed in the last week or two, ALL my favorited servers have DISSAPEARED. I guess they were all sold off. Anyone else notice that?

    • Phoenixlostsoul

      if anyone has ps3 i have a server. Lost Soulz server is up. all weapons allowed, and i DO NOT KIK just because i die alot. i like having fun with this game so dying happens. so if you guys want fun search for my server and have fun

  • SickofDICEandEAgreed

    maybe if they didn’t spend so much time on apps for ios or random crap the community didn’t want they’ld be able to fix the game and put out more than 8 maps a year. 

    • JustWannaPlay

      I agree. I just bought back to karkand and i cant even play the new maps. its just a bunch of custom servers. im a simple gamer and i just want to play official games. Its sad because this is my favorite game, or at least it was.

  • DanDaViking

    Not being a advertiser or anything but i own a server on xbox which rotates between Conquest and Rush, and no change to tickets except rush having 200

    But on topic i think adding official servers would make custom ones completely pointless. maybe if they added a  filter to ticket size it would be a little bit better.

    • sean

      Its good to know there are people making good rental servers, i just wish people could not renew servers so more good people like you could rent them.

      Thanks and i hope ill find your server.

  • BF3 Player

    This Rent A Server thing is a perfect excuse to show how individuals take the Game so seriously. While I state that the Rent A Server can sometimes be good? I’ve noticed the overall Game Play of BF3 drop, greatly. I had just been kicked by the Admin on a French Server. How comes? Well best guess what the Score was on 370 to 370 something. I had gotten a volume of kills ranking up further and further. I guess the Admin didn’t like the fact that I had gotten seven kills? Because it was effecting the opposing Teams Score. Something so simple as this is a shame that idiots have the power to kick others simply for playing the Game in a fair and sported manner. And as for these Packs you can now BUY for Classes? Instead of grinding and feeling a sense of achievement? I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • Dion8129

    This looks to me like BF is pulling a old cod/mw dic cash grab play…..whats gonna happen to the quality and community if they keep this type of stuff up? I havent been a long time player of Bf(playing since 1943, think it was) but i planned to. If Bf bombs where will i turn for a decent/good shooter of this calibur? 

  • I got kicked from a game because i killed the owner of the server! This doenst work!

    • Dion8129

      I feel ur Pain, i got kicked for outscoring the owner of the server! Lame, but we cant do a damn thing about it…oh well 55k xp down the drain.

      • Aaron Auffhammer

        I got kicked from a server for taking out the admin in a helicopter fight every time.

  • Eastcoastiron

    You hit the nail on the head. Official servers have disappeared leaving us to the mercy of 24/7 metro maps and ridiculous ticket total games. All I want is standard Conquest with a full map rotation, and they are simply not easy to find. Where are the dice and ea servers for pete’s sake? If there was still a healthy selection of official servers, this patch would not feel so much like a shameless cash grab. Shame on you EA. I have stopped playing with hope that player decline will force EA to backpeddle on this embarrassing business move. 

    • NgTurbo

      Glad someone feel’s the same way! EA has some explaining to do.

  • Reddrockett

    It sucks…too many games go on far too long and getting kicked and banned by admins that don’t like other people doing better than them…going to stop playing if things do not change…aircraft over powered and AA is under powered

  • hfg1

    I don’t think ill quit playing but I won’t play as much. I’m also not 100% why DICE would roll out updates like they have. Yes I understand the gobbling up of as much money as one can but in my humble .02$ I think they continue to tweak it just a bit to much.

    THE hfg1

  • T.J.

    I’m REALLY upset… I can’t believe they make us pay $60 for the game in the beginning and then make us play with, well, the people that actually buy their own custom servers; I really don’t know how stupid you must be to pay another $60 to create a little server – “Omg I’m so cool ’cause I paid $60 that I stole from my mommy and daddy to have my own server!  Omg, omg, omg, I’m so cool…”  Okay, a little over dramatic; but really, I can’t believe it’s like… my freedom is taken away.  Huh!  This seems like a government thing… I’m gonna file a complaint about my rights taken away.  Anyway; off topic there.  But really, I can’t play a single game with normal servers, normal rules, normal mechanics, and NORMAL PEOPLE!  DICE is basically saying, “Drive away those unwilling to pay, and bring in the cash from those full’a trash!” (Haha, rhyme)

  • dahmastah

    because of this update, i will probally never play bf3 again. It just seems like EA is after money. The servers weren’t even good before this crappy update, adding more servers just leads to more lagging and stupid conquest games where each team has 900 tickets. On console, i couldn’t even find a DICE server for 20 minutes, and when me and my team did, they were all full. They really need to eliminate this stupid rent a server update

  • Tubbytron349

    When i first heard of this patch and read the list of changes, i was so excited for it, i even thought that the rent a server option could be a good idea. But once the patch was out i noticed their were mainly custom servers only and the next day i couldn’t find any official servers with my current filter options. after the third day of the patch, my friend and I decided this was ridicules and are not playing it until they fix this serious issue. now my friend and I switched over to…*gulp* MW3. the patch was fun at first, but playing the same maps over and over with +800 tickets got old really fast. last thing i’m going to say here is this… almost all the custom servers are the same, they all have Kargh Island, Caspian Border, Golf of Oman.. etc, basically anything with jets and they all have unreal amount of tickets.

  • Jacobpulliam

    I think that they ruined the game I agree I like playing the official game modes with rules to make it fair for everyone instead of giving the people who can pay the power in my opinion this game is going in my no play shelf till they get this straightened out

  • Medekai

    How the heck do you even find the official EA servers? All I can see is pages and pages of custom “private” servers named all sorts of jibberish! I didnt even know there was official EA servers anymore, I just assumed they sold them all out for a pittance. If anyone can tell me how to find the regular default servers i would appreciate it! 

    • Medekai

       figured it out…have to search for “DICE” in the browser. Only problem is some IDIOTS put DICE in their server name to trick people! The only way to be sure is to look at the name/gamertag associated with the server. Unbelievable.

  • Nickyjj_2004

    after the patch i can no longer play the game without being disconnected as well as the bugs with random repostioning on the map….this game has gone down the s hole…

  • Alg645

    Thing i dont like most about the patch is that im haveing a hard time finding offical servers. And that if i play on a rented server ive been kicked, killed by admin or had nearly my home team moved to the loseing team right before the match ends. As for those matches with hundreds of tickets its kinda fun in the beginneing but gets boreing quick.

  • Noodles

    Crap  service , you get disconnected from most games.Complete Con if you ask me. Not one game have i been able to play tonight without loosing connection. NO  problems up until this crap update. Sick of it already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bf3 defender

    You pay to play but you do not pay to get you’re way.. If you wanna play pay if not go away.. Its really that easy.. No lets talk RL thats real life for some that have no clue. In real life you never just spray and pray that you will kill something all you’re really doing is killing sky and dirt.. Try bumping you’re trigger for one shot or three shot full auto really don’t do crap at long range and I’ve seen a lot of people doing it..! I do have to say that I love this game for the fact that you have to work at it to get good its nothing like cod there is so much more you can do in bf3 that you cant in cod.. Bf3 you gotta camper posting up where you can’t get his ass with a gun no problem get a tank and take out the wall he is hiding behind granted you do find them few people that are good and you’re going to play hell getting to them.. Also quik scoping don’t really happen here and to me that is a good thing because there is nothing in this world that pisses me off then some lil ass bag pulling that crap the whole game and then claiming that he has mad skills.. For the most part I’m happy with bf3 it takes real skills to play..!

    • NeroNero

      This has nothing to do with the post -.-

    • Vesper

      Yeah doesn’t make alot of sense, we as consumers have the right to critisize the products we buy. To say we should shut up and just pay is ridiculous aswell as completely ignorant. I am not one to bend over and take it like a ****. But if your that type of person that’s fine, just don’t judge us for not being bend over ****** 😉

  • Thebendingmoment

    I bought bf3 to play rush and rush only. Now it forces me to play conquest too! Very frustrating

  • Its called dont play the damn game!!!

    • tiller659

      It’s called doing your job and doing it right. Most everyone paid at least $60 bucks for this game. They are responsible for putting out a quality product and making sure that it stays that way. The new update has punched a pretty good dent into the quality aspect of the game. Besides a few weapons needing nerfed ie. the famas/USAS everything else in the game I felt was very balanced.

      • sure but if you boycott their product, they will be forced to improve the quality

  • NgTurbo

    Anyone else noticing that Stingers are completely unreliable now after the patch? DICE stated that they are now a 1 hit disable, but sometimes one hit doesn’t disable at all….especially annoying when they are using ECM jammer and nobody else is bothering to take out aircraft.

    • tiller659

      They are either unreliable or right on. It’s just like the heat seekers for the attack heli. You have a 50/50 chance of getting a successful hit. Was experiencing that problem yesterday. It’s almost like they have taken on the problems that the Javelin has in that the missile explodes before reaching the target.

  • Austincalloway

    Completely ruined my gaming experience im deleting both updates and will not download them again until another patch comes out… Dice can keep thier frikking updates!!!! Dice is an amazing game company and id hate too see the crash and burn bc some 9 year old kid wants too buy a server and boot everyone because of thier warfighting capabilities… I think they should delete the server rental and its update bc thier both pretty stupid.. I got booted earlier bc a kid would fly up in the air and i would fly along behind him and shoot down his jet i also got booted yesterday when i would spawn on a jet and the admin got jealous and boot me bc i took it soo many times even tho i was at the top of the top of the team an had taken over most m-coms by myself.. Idk the best thing i seen prolly wouldve been the fixes bc i could get up and shoot faster but like i said the fixes were stupid too except tht one.. They are ruining a good thing by the updates and ive tried too contact them but they dont email back. They know and we know they screwed up and if it continues they will lose alot of buiness.

    • Binkyrobert0402

      thank you!!!!!!!

  • Awstrine

    will it not let you play bf3 unless you get the update?! PLEASE RESPOND SOMEONE!

    • Kamikaze

      That is correct, you have to update to play. It’s not just the server changes. This update changes alot of things. See battlelog for detailed info.

    • Austincalloway

      It will but you have too delete the 2.1 gb update also.

  • Moby

    I think I have been liking the update, but after a day of some nice play I am starting to agree with many posters on a few issues.
    1. I was kicked by 2 servers…after messaging them, I was told I Spammed claymores….the other no response…so i am not sure…I was doing well, but nothing out of ordinary..
    2. The high ticket counts are to much….I thought they would be cool, but they are boring after 30 minutes….
    3. I am trying to rent my own 90 day server, but it appears they are sold out.

    I few things i really enjoyed:
    1. SQDM – 2 on 2 on 2 on 2…that was fun…only 15 tickets to win.
    2. The nerfing seems to have really helped and seem fair so far for the weapons I was thinking of, so no complaint so far as far as that goes…

    So i am starting to agree that the admin a-holes might start to be more of a pain than USAS…..but we shall see

  • Quik_beam

    I think the rent a server has ruined bf3, all I want is a regular match again!

  • Shredandsurf

    I have mixed feelings. I just got done playing for about 2 hours. Here is the problem. I like Rush. These games were very hard to come by. The ones I found I was either playing as the defender repeatedly or there was several hundred tickets and it just got boring. I noticed a banner stating “We Love Meth” and a statement saying connecting to this server will permanently screw up your Xbox. I really enjoyed the Dice servers when they were exclusively Rush or Conquest. But I noticed a lot of servers with fewer players. It was neat seeing an Attack Helicopter were there was none before. I did get kicked from a few games. I hope Dice tries to balance some this out. I bought this game for multiplayer. I knew I could log onto any Dice server and not worry about getting booted, or finding an exciting game. Now it’s just a crapshoot whether I can find a game or not. What a shame, this game just blows away COD.

  • Dannydude98

    why won’t it let me download a server it just says that the servers can’t be reached, but it’s said that for 2 days so it can’t be faulty server connection, someone please help!!

    • Bubbles

      Having same problem it won’t let me select a region to but a server please help

    • Bubbles

      Having same problem it won’t let me select a region to but a server please help

  • Aaron

    I think the patch was good over all, but they balanced it all a little too much. Tanks should have a huge advantage over infantry. And I didn’t like the changes in the guns. I agree with nerfing the USAS and FAMAS, but certain guns should have bigger advantages over other guns so they shouldn’t have focused so much on balancing as they should have on other aspects of the game.

  • Victimofelvis

    One last thing… If you pay money out of your own pocket to rent a server, you damn well ought to be in full control over who you let play there. Getting kicked doesn’t hurt your stats much, save for some end-game ribbons, and chances are you went looking for a server with low-levels that you could dominate…

    • greg

      It completely ruins the experience when you join, get kicked, join, get kicked. They should have implemented custom games. Not this debauchery.

  • Victimofelvis

    Many guns have LESS recoil after this update… The kids crying about “too much recoil” are the ones who spend too much time playing COD, where recoil is nonexistent and they are brainwashed into thinking that nonsensical run-and-gun gameplay is the only way to go.  This isn’t COD – that’s the point.  

    That being said, I’ve played 10 hours post-update and find the game to be more balanced and noticeably but comfortably faster-paced.  The armored vehicles have been balanced against infantry, the guns were cleaned up, the attachment-effects are now much more in-depth and vary by weapon, etc. 

    The author complains relentlessly about the server list and how he can’t find a game, but I had no trouble at all finding plenty of servers that had interesting map rotations, didn’t have huge ticket-counts, and weren’t a mix-match of game types.  I love conquest, and had no problem at all maintaining a steady flow of play. The addition of lobby-quits makes it even easier – if your game ends and you aren’t keen on the next map, quit post-game and find a new server.

    However, to agree on at least one thing the author of the article said, I did get kicked/banned from multiple servers as soon as I began dominating a room.  It is a pain in the ass, but then again, if you and a group of buddies paid real money to rent a server to practice on, you certainly wouldn’t want me coming in and relentlessly tearing you apart.  I noticed PLENTY of servers that were either all low-level, all high-colonels, or a good mix.

    Overall, good update, nice job of balancing, and if you don’t like it you can go back to COD where it’s not about the guns or the combat or the strategy, and all you have to do is have faster reflexes than your opponent.  

  • Former BF3er

    Dice and EA not responding is the answer to all of our questions. They are pretty much saying “We are in this for the money. If we loose some players so what. The ones that stay will PAY!”

  • tiller659

    This game has become nothing but a huge disappointment since the last patch. I understand with the whole rent a server deal. But what bothers me the most, is just simply trying to get into a standard dice/EA server and not some jacked up custom server. It’s 50/50 at best when trying to get into a normal server.

    Another thing they ruined/made worse is the recoil for all weapons forcing people to use almost nothing but shotguns. I have been killed by more shotguns since the recent patch, than since the release of the game to the new patch. No matter what gun I use and what combination of attachements I use, nothing reduces the recoil enough to put off a few good rounds without wasting an entire clip. The only thing that has been somewhat worthwhile is flying the choppers. Really hope Dice/EA listen to us and reset the weapons to their previous settings.

    • SFsteven

      Sorry you can’t handle the recoil, kiddo, but this isn’t Call of Duty.  If you had read the list of changes you would realize that while the guns that noobs rely on (Famas, AEK) were nerfed for balance, MANY other (some already fantastic) weapons received recoil REDUCTIONS, often paired with damage-INCREASES.  Not to mention the big boosts in performance the bipods and heavy-barrels received.  Your complaints are subjective and stem from lack of practice/skill, not from a screwup on Dice/EA’s part. They aren’t about to listen to the complaints of people who simply aren’t good at the game, that’s for sure.

      • tiller659

        Wow, kiddo…really. Don’t assume by my comment that I’m some little child with no experience playing the game nor am I some COD fan boy. I hate COD to be honest. Complete garbage. I never said I was great, but I’m not terrible either. I have played this game since it was first released and haven’t stopped playing since. I have cycled through nearly every weapon, mainly the assualt class, and have found that with most rifle’s there has been an increase in weapon recoil and not a reduction.

        I completely agree that the Famas/AEK needed to be nerfed badly. Both were slightly overpowered and had significanly less recoil than other weapons. I also agree that the game IS more balanced, as you don’t see guys having a 40-5 or better type of game. But in MY opinion and apparently a lack in “practice/skill” I find myself wasting far more rounds because of the nerfs made to the weapons with the new patch. This is just a guess, but i’m assuming you’re a PC player. And if you are than you don’t know what the game has changed to on PS3 or console for that matter. And if you’re not and you are a console player than good for you. This is all opinion based anyway and what I said earlier was my opinion.

        One more thing, the only time I finish out of the top 5 is when I’m messing around in a jet or chopper and not really giving a rats ass about my score. And I hope for your sake you don’t assume that console players are not that good to begin with.

      • John

        First of all, you were a noob at one point, so everyone needs to stop using the term. Also, someone probably thinks you’re a noob. Where does that get us? It’s way overused, and definitely overused out of context. Second, I personally didn’t have a problem with the famas or usas, they were in the game, so I used them like I used all of the other guns depending on my mood or what the opposite team was using. If one gun spits out rounds faster and/or kills faster than another gun, you have the choice to use it or not. Using it doesn’t make you a noob, not using it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not a “noob.” The issue here is that the game mechanics/dynamics keep changing and I didn’t ask for it one way or another. I paid like everybody else and was perfectly happy the way it was. Period.

        • Steve

          I wish there was a thumbs down button.

        • Steve

          o almost for got period.

    • Dion8129

      Very good point, if i get shot one more time by some no-skill usas f(r)ag round user im gonna rage. Since the patch its all i ever see anymore. what happened to playing the game fairly instead of cheaply?

  • Wagnerlax

    I love this game and championed it about all other first person shooters, After the update I’m out.

  • Ike

    good right up. its all true. give it a few months if this keeps up the bf3 community will be destroyed. very sad. but theres alot of other games out there. so at least we have the option to move on. gotta hurt em where it counts, and dont buy anything from them again untill they stop this practice of forcing customers to spend money.

  • Firdausgoalie

     It just unplayable now! I rather be killed by USAS frag than be kicked/killed by admins!

  • Jkodrigues

    what worries me more is that other greed companies will do the same starting this new era of console gaming that the console gamers are not ready for, dice showed no concern specially their so called community manager that doesn’t even reply to his community
    we are talking about probably the best fps online shooter out in the market, that just because they know its that good in comparison to the competition they gave the player no choice but to play on these conquest/rush rotations or joining servers owned by 12 year old that kick anyone who is better than them

  • Redback88

    The RENT-A-SERVERS could possibly ruin the game.  The EA Servers offer stability and an even playing field.  Being able to set the tickets is appalling – I know GEARS OF WAR offer custom gameplay, but theres is match specific and not server set so the parameters of gameplay remain consistent.

    I traded in MW3 and will probably trade in BF3 if they don’t address this diabolical turn of events.  

    On the bright side GHOST RECON – FUTURE SOLDIER is released next month.

  • Fonzar74

    This game used to be great before this last patch until DICE and EA snatched away all the hardcore servers and put these new mixed mode rubbish servers in we have over a 2000 comment thread on battlelog regarding the server issues and yet they have done nothing alot of things do seem good after the patch but some no so good a lot of rifles ect now have way to much recoil than before all that needed to be addressed was the usas all the rest were fine from what I seen this is typical EA one day they will have no customers left greedy tossers.

  • Iaincollison1980

    This is what it will be, EA will be thinking People paying > Us paying, so we will end up with Op Metro 24/7 on just about every server. I played on the night of the patch being released, went on to custom servers and Op Metro was all I could play. There were about 6 guys on each team and 600 tickets per team. I left after 10 minutes as it was so dull.

    Some of the maps do need more tickets, Caspian barely gets started sometimes before the tickets are in the double figures, but anything more than 350-400 per team is going to be too long, especially with 24 players.

    The novelty will wear off soon though and hopefully we will see more choice for players who do not want to stump up for rental.

    • Bf3….:(

      Whoever condones the release of this patch is obviously rubbish at the game. The reason everyone played bf3 is because it was such a smooth great game for gunplay. Sure it needed a little fine tuning and I agree a few guns needed nerfing but holy crap they changed everything. what made them think such a fine balanced game needed such a overhaul due to a few babies complaining. I honestly can not even begin to understand the point of this patch……you have made the biggest error of all time by destroying such a master piece…..I feel 99% of people would agree when I say….please, just give us our game back.

      • DarthDiggler

        There is nothing wrong with the patch and I have no problems with DICE selling short cut DLC to the weapons.

        DICE has already admitted some of the nerfs were too heavy.  They will rebalanced it.   The USAS + Frags was out of control (Frags in general for the shotties were beast).  They went to heavy, but I been finding the Fletchette ammo to be quite useful now.  The silencers were too OP and thats why they were used so much more over the flash suppressors.  Now I was a huge silencer fan, and they have already said they are working on other ways to balance it out.

        Having the ability to have so many add-ons for the weapons creates a much bigger challenge for DICE then they dealt with on BFBC2.  I feel like because of this DICE sometimes takes dramatic steps on purpose (this is my theory).  You can glean more data from more extreme scenarios in a balancing sense. 

    • DarthDiggler

      You guys are not considering something in your arguments and are quick to push this into the “EA is evil” narrative.  Use a little critical thinking, the brain was designed for more than just hating on EA.

      If they allow people to rent servers and you are not seeing as many EA servers that is to be expected.  There is only so much of a BF3 audience to go around and the Rent-A-Server option has been pretty popular, so of course you are going to see less “official” servers.  If you didn’t you would be seeing tons of half empty official servers.

      While I don’t agree with some of the play list changes they have made (and I have voiced my complaint with EA / DICE) I do not see this as a money grab.  What I do see now is a vast variety of game types to play with enhanced tickets that lead to mad experience points.