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Sony’s initiative for next gen PS4 release

Following on from yesterday’s huge rumor regarding the next Xbox, we have heard another huge story today in reference to Sony’s plans to release their next generation PlayStation. If the latest whispers are true, we could be seeing a surprise scenario where the Sony PS4 hits the market before the next Xbox.

Just bear in mind that the Xbox 360 launched a full year earlier than the Sony PS3 and Sony has made no secret of their plans to not have history repeat itself twice. We told you back in October 2011 that Sony could be getting the jump ahead of Microsoft in the race to release next-gen consoles first, and this week we have had the strongest rumor yet about this becoming a reality.

Well informed sources have told VG247 that Sony are ‘completely in the belief’ that they will release their PS4 console before Microsoft release theirs. Developers are apparently already aware of Sony’s plans and that developers such as Ubisoft are even thought to be hard at work on the system already.

At the moment there is no further information on the possibility of the PS4 being named the ‘Orbis’, but it would obviously be a major coup for both Sony and the legion of PS3 owners if the company manage to finalize their PS4 before the next Xbox. As for when that will happen, we’re hearing that Sony will aim to release their console before Microsoft during the Christmas period.

Furthermore, it looks like Sony and Microsoft were not kidding when they both said that they will not be revealing any next-generation hardware at E3 2012. However, the E3 2013 event is expected to unveil the consoles for the first time, and Sony has apparently already told developers this information.

What is your reaction to this? After seeing the Xbox 360 release before the PS3, we’ll be very surprised if Sony actually manage to reverse the process for their next-generation effort. We also think it looks set now that we will not see any official information on both consoles at E3 2012, but since developers are apparently in the know – that always implies the possibility that leaks will come out. Remember the exact same thing happened when a NetherRealm Studios dev outed the next-generation PSP rather prematurely.

Do you think the PS4 will release before the Xbox 720? Does it really matter if this happens?



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