The PS Vita 1.65 update needed these features

By Alan Ng - Apr 4, 2012

We were just about to tell all PS Vita owners that a brand new firmware update was available to download, but unfortunately Sony has just confirmed that they have had to remove the 1.65 update with immediate effect due to a ‘technical difficulty’.

Sony had initially released firmware update 1.65 Vita via the system software update menu or on Content Manager with a computer. Due to a problem which they have now identified on the PS Blog, the system update has been removed.

According to their blog, the update has been removed due to an issue involving Ad Hoc play on certain PSP titles. It’s important to note that if you have already installed version 1.65 to your Vita, then you can still continue as normal and enjoy the changes.

As for those changes, they are not worth getting too excited about sadly. You’ll now be able to turn off notifications if you want, while a Caps Lock option has also been added to the virtual keyboard. However there are also some small changes that Sony didn’t mention on the blog and that is a percentage bar added to the installation screen and support for background downloads when manually selecting sleep mode.

If you ask any PS Vita owner, they’ll tell you that the real features that they want to see is support for PS1 titles that have already been purchased from the PS Store. It is somewhat ridiculous that the old Sony PSP Go and Xperia Play smartphone both have support for PS1 classics, but Sony’s new flagship handheld still cannot offer this simple functionality.

Combine that with the lack of advertised Remote Play support at launch, and there is still some major improvements needed to the PS Vita before users can be truly satisfied with their purchase. From our point of view, we’re disappointed at the lack of app support on the device. Sony were promising big things by allowing apps to be used on the system for the first time – but where is Skype, where is Netflix for non-US gamers and where is an instant messaging app so we have another choice other than being limited to PSN chat?

The PS Vita 1.65 update has been pulled, but then again you may argue that it wasn’t really worth installing anyway. Since it’s mandatory though, you have no say in the matter. Let us know your thoughts on the state of the Vita at the moment, a few months since launch. What would you like to see by way of improvements?

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  • Arunkumar_murugan

    You guys are retarded give the vita some time, the 3ds has been out for a year and it still lacks plenty of things and the vita has YouTube and Netflix now it has a crackle app and Hulu Plus App coming and ps1 games support in the 6.80 update that’s coming and all of these have been either released or confirmed by sony. You should have kept your Vita and thought about future things and researched a little more like I did there are also more exclusive games coming to the Vita.You really should have thought it out more before you sold your Vitas.

  • i cant believe this b.s

    i a selling mine also… i am very upset with sony… i used to be a sony freak and in school i always said sony was better than the competition Lol… however sony doesnt listen to their Custumers.. they dont Care about us…they dont care what we think and they of course dont Care about what We want All they Care about is money And as i read in some articles the future of sony will get worse than this and by that i dont mean finalciallly but how they treat us the custumers. the games for their system will have a code and we wouldnt be able to sell games or trade them anymore… sony needs a new cpo.

  • Poyoho

    selling mine so bored now only 3 good game all overs r like android games stick to iphone 4 now

  • ducksFANjason

    Honestly, I’d have sold my Vita already if not for Disgaea 3 soon and MLB 12 holding me over til D3 is out. It’s pretty disappointing not having PS1 or PS3 remote-play support when hackers are enjoying them right now. So I’m a loyal Sony fan who doesn’t hack my device and I’m rewarded by Sony restricting those features?? Gee Sony… Thanks… :-/

    • NgTurbo

      ”So I’m a loyal Sony fan who doesn’t hack my device and I’m rewarded by Sony restricting those features??”

      Well said.

  • Ridwaan Mahomed

    skype,sms,i cant see all my friends at “friends”(that must be fixed),gmail app,a photo editor,a voice recorder,html 5 , an mmo(like maravich said),youtube,there shuold be a small attatchment for the place where the charger goes in which can fit USBs so we can transfer directly from a flash disc etc.

  • Maravich

    Html5 and flash player support, more apps like youtube, instagram, skype, whatsapp, amazon instant video, gmail. A Google Chrome web browser.Needs games like a Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Infamous, Gran Theft Auto, Angry Birds with trophies, Battlefield,Heavy Rain. Also needs a MMO.Needs a ps plus features integration 

  • Pinkfloyd_9

    I personally am majorly disappointed with the PS Vita, at the moment. Sony was promising endless stuff that the PSV was capable of and it does next to nothing, really. Certainly not worth £280. I saw Metal Gear Solid 4 being played on the Vita. Can’t do that. Can’t play any PS3 games. The game lineup wasn’t that good, the only games worth getting was Uncharted and Wipeout. And still after 2 months of release only 1 games has come out which is Unit 13. I want games that we all heard of. Hopefully Mortal Kombat and MGS HD Collection will somewhat make up for it but at the moment. I feel let down by Sony for basically lying about what the Vita could do but actually can’t do any of it. Can’t even carry a PS1 title around but it shouldn’t really be the PS1 title everyone wants on the Vita, I’d much prefer to carry PS2 titles around. Hopefully Sony will act fast because if they don’t they’re gonna lose a lot of money

    • NgTurbo

      Right on the money there Floyd..pun definitely intended 🙂

  • D_she003

    Although I understand this is a gaming system first, and does that very well. It would be nice to have more apps, and an update for HTML5.