New PC BF3 feature that is missing on PS3, Xbox 360

Following on from the huge patch update to Battlefield 3 which is now available across all platforms, DICE has announced a brand new feature to the game, a very useful one at that. Unfortunately though it remains exclusive to the PC version for the time being.

Who knows if this is to make up for the fact that PC users didn’t get the patch first as a lead platform, but they’ll definitely be happy with this little addition. DICE has added an extra addition to the Server Browser on PC, in which players will now be able to view a live scoreboard.

It means that players can study the game prior to joining, but more importantly they can check to see how many tickets have currently been acquired in a game. This then eliminates the very frustrating aspect of joining a game only to find out that it ends five seconds later as soon as you’ve joined.

This is obviously a vital addition to the game in our opinion, but we’re disappointed to see that this isn’t available on console yet. We’re hoping that it is a case of releasing to PC first as it’s easier, and then a console version will follow soon afterwards. Considering how long it takes in-between games on console though – this needs to come as soon as possible.

On a side note, what are your impressions of the game post-patch? Are you satisfied with the plethora of changes that DICE has implemented into the game or not? From our point of view, we think the changes to the Stinger missile will be beneficial to all in the long run. Infantry can now take down choppers with more success, while Attack Helicopters can counter this with the fixed Below Radar. Stingers may be able to disable aircraft with a single hit, but it’s now harder to actually connect with a missile than ever before and a good ECM Jammer pilot with a smart IR flares gunner will easily win out every time.

Do you agree that the new live scoreboard feature is badly needed on console as well?



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