Xbox 720 with internet requirement is a risky move

By Alan Ng - Apr 3, 2012

For the past few weeks we have been treated to some really exciting rumors regarding next-generation consoles. The most recent of which was a huge rumor involving Sony’s next console which is now thought to be called the Orbis.

That was just a few days ago, but now it’s Microsoft’s turn as some new whispers have popped up this week about the elusive next Xbox console, more commonly known as the Xbox ‘720’. There has been plenty of discussion on how the next console won’t include a disk drive and will rely entirely on digital sales, but a recent article has completely contradicted this.

Patrick Garratt over at VG247 has revealed that the next Xbox will in fact make use of a disk drive and like the Sony PS3, it will be based on the Blu-Ray format. According to their ‘reliable’ sources, the next Xbox will be releasing during the Christmas period of 2013 and again matching recent speculation with the PS4, Microsoft’s next console could also be based on AMD architecture.

However, the source also hints of a possible four to six cores for the system, two of which will be specifically reserved to service Kinect and the operating system. Perhaps the biggest talking point though and again it’s something that we have heard rumors on prior to this new report, is that the Xbox 720 will require a constant internet connection, meaning that users will not even be able to play single-player games like The Elder Scrolls offline.

If true, this is obviously a bold move to combat the huge piracy problem that they have right now with the Xbox 360, so on that basis alone it’s not a totally surprising move by Microsoft, as it’s clear that they need to do something about it. Over here in Asia, we are amazed to see just how easy it is to pick up copied Xbox 360 discs for next to nothing. If Microsoft are going to attempt to put an end to this, having a constant internet connection as a requirement may be the only possible solution to this.

We’ve seen Ubisoft’s attempts to cut down on piracy with their controversial DRM tactics, and it looks like Microsoft may be looking to do the same with their next Xbox. Of course these are still rumors at this point, but how would you treat a next-generation console that required an internet connection to play single-player titles?

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  • do you know one of the reasons why PC gaming was killed? because they tried so very hard to combat piracy, while at the same time, trampled all over the people who let their friends borrow their games. i remember age of empires 2, one of my favorite games of all time, and how i created a massive ring of friends who played it with me because i let them borrow it, which in turn they bought it themselves. all CD keys did was encourage piracy to get around it (which it did) and alienated a big chunk of PC gamers who switched to consoles (like myself). im pretty sure this is just a bad rumor, but if its not then the days of console gaming will die faster than i thought it would.

  • jswalker95

    wouldnt is already hooked on to internet

  • eaglesfan

    i´ll stick to my 360, also it came out 

  • simple, not buying! I’m done with consoles, they obviously don’t care about us.

  • Pikeing-74

    Great it will have disk drive but Internet requirement would put me off

  • Kenoh89

    i wouldn’t buy it simples as that!