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Google+ dragging heels with iPad app

The latest Google+ app update for iOS released about a month ago, which included normal performance enhancements and landscape support when writing a new post, but there is a lot of features missing that need to make it to the next update. The rating on all versions via the iTunes Store is currently 3 stars and the latest version has dropped even lower, which shows users are unhappy with the lack of features and also selected bugs a few people are reporting.

What should the next Google+ app update bring for iPhone and iPad users – our most wanted feature would be real iPad support, and not the lazy “2x” button in the lower right hand corner. The iPad is the biggest selling tablet by a mile and lacking true support for it’s resolution seems crazy, so we’d like to see an update release this month that includes real iPad support and not a small screen that needs enlarging (see the screenshot we took below).

It does seem that Google is dragging their heels with the Google Plus iPad app, although it’s worth pointing out that they might like to support Android more considering this is their platform. We had a quick look on the Google Play Store and can see the ratings are much higher for the Android version of this app, which shows 4.5 stars, although the app screenshots focus on phones and not tablets. Do you own an Android tablet, and if so can you confirm support with a native resolution?

Google has a page explaining what apps support the iPad and this can be seen here, which shows Google Earth, Sync, Search, Maps, Catalogs, YouTube, and Gmail. We cannot see the Google+ app on there and while the iOS app works on iPad’s, it’s not natively supported and understandably not on the above page.

Do you want improved support with Google+ for iPad, and what improvements do you feel Google need to make with their social app? You can find other solutions for the iPad that not only support Google+ but also other services like Twitter. One of these apps is called G-Pad and while it’s free the ratings are pretty much the same as the official G+ app, so if you’ve used G-Pad feel free to leave a comment below.



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