Simplicity with Windows 8 refresh

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 2, 2012

One thing that has helped Apple’s growth with many of their products and software is simplicity, which when paired with a stylish design has created one of the biggest brands in the world. This means almost any new product Apple launches has an army of fans waiting to buy it and when they enter a new market, like with the first iPhone and iPad, Apple has became number one on numerous occasions.

There are a lot of seasoned brands that can learn from Apple and this includes Microsoft – the Windows 8 previews have been appearing on YouTube and in articles after a detailed hands-on, and most of these previews are shouting the word “Simplicity“. If you spend enough time with an iPad you’d understand how easy it is to use when compared to a laptop or desktop, and this is the very reason we’ve seen a growing number of people dumping traditional computers for a tablet PC like the iPad.

Microsoft understand this and want to offer as much simplicity as possible with their new operating system, and this is why the Windows 8 refresh is one of the most simple concepts to date, especially from Microsoft. You only need to look at the MSN homepage and compare it to Google’s homepage to see the different approaches with making things simple, and we hope Microsoft bring this simplistic approach to many more products and services in the future. In fact they’ve already started with the naming process and we’re seeing Microsoft simplifying the names of the products and services they offer.

Do you like the direction Microsoft is moving and would a more simply approach make you want to stay with windows, or return if you left already? It’s our opinion that Microsoft only needs to keep the existing Windows users happy, and push for these people to upgrade. There has been a growing number of Microsoft’s customers leaving for Mac OS X, and it will be hard to get these people back now they have changed to something totally different and in many cases fell in love with Apple.

If you’ve not had time to go hands-on with Windows 8 then you might enjoy the videos we’ve embedded below, which give you some good insight into the new OS and how good it stacks up to Windows 7 and Mac OS X. The first video is a 6-minute Windows 8 walkthrough, which shows how the metro interface is inspired by phones and tablets.

The second video has the aim to show how “real people” would find the new Windows 8 UI, and it’s interesting to see how a novice would use the new interface but we’d like to point out we know a lot of older parents that are experts at computers, although it does show how complicated the UI could be to those that don’t know a lot about computers. The third video shows the same novice explaining the difference between using Windows 8 and Mac OS X, which he was unfamiliar with both operating systems.

In the last video you can see a review of Windows 8 from a performance benchmark point of views, and its being compared to Windows 7, which is just what some upgraders would want to know. The short video includes some key details on boot up times and other information. It seems that novice computer users could find a totally new UI hard to use, and changes should be made in small steps rather than a massive change at once.

Watch the videos below and let us know if you think making too many changes could harm Microsoft Windows?

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  • new Windows always looks good before release but, most of them have not been much successful  except Windows xp and windows 7, didn’t liked vista hope this one is good as it sounds ..! 

  • jswalker95

    i got the dev preview when it can out and figured out everything about win 8 in 30 min.comsumer version is the almost the same thing

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    well someone needs to know. “if you cant find the start menu button… use the WIN KEY” simple as that, he didn’t lick show desktop button which would have bring charms, so he would have seen something.

    My dad nor my sister had too many trouble only when they shutdown the pc first time, and I just said use the hardware button, or win+i and you will see power button.

    I like windows 8, and I took 5 minutes to discover the most important things, even how to shutdown my computer when developer preview was released, I wont say everyone should be like me and get used to it and like metro style UI. but some people just don’t get it… and don’t try it harder, because its easy and simple just pressing the damn WIN KEY’

  • Edwin

    Wow!!! and you want me to believe that your old man, IF he is a Windows user, do not know where is the FREAKING START button????????? at least in the keyboard!!!! WOW!!! I am not a Windows Lover, but, don’t be so blind hater!!!