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Preview Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the Nintendo 3DS

Square-Enix may be happy with their six-year silent tactics regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but it looks like we do have new information which may be of considerable interest to you.

We recently told you how an upcoming Versus XIII reveal was cancelled by Square-Enix without reasonable explanation, and there’s still no indication on what current stage the game is at, or if we can expect the game to release within the new few years.

Thanks to some details picked up by Andria Sang though, Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to get a taste of the upcoming game. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is due to be released this Summer and it has been confirmed that the game will include the official theme to Final Fantasy Versus XIII called ‘Somnus’.

If you’re not already aware, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is a rhythm game in which players will be able to deal damage to enemies, by hitting notes from familiar Final Fantasy games at a precise moment. The beautiful music featured in the franchise is obviously one of the standout highlights for many fans, so from our point of view it is bitterly disappointing to see that this is a Nintendo 3DS title only. A Final Fantasy rhythm game needs to come to the PS Vita as well.

A new demo is currently available for 3DS users and features the tracks Sunleth Waterscape from Final Fantasy XIII and the popular Man with the Machine Gun from one of our favorites – Final Fantasy VIII. We would love to see some Black Mages tracks in there at release, as songs such as Force your way and Those who Fight Further would be a big hit with fans in our opinion.

So there we have it. What an unlikely scenario where the first official taste of Final Fantasy Versus XIII may actually end up coming via a 3DS game. If you have been keeping your eye on this adventurous rhythm game, let us know your initial impressions so far.



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