Possible Skyrim DLC clarity on Dawnguard secrecy

By Alan Ng - Apr 2, 2012

If you’re a Skyrim player on console, you’ll know that it is starting to get to the point now where Bethesda really needs to go public with their plans on supporting the game via DLC.

The good news, is that this month, the month of April may be the time when that happens, as the company has officially confirmed that they have some ‘cool news and surprises’ to bring to Skyrim players.

Specific platforms were not announced in the Tweet by Bethesda’s PR man Pete Hines, but considering that the majority of PC players are more than satisfied with the Creation Kit at the moment, it’s about time that Bethesda extended that love to console players as well.

If they don’t publicly reveal DLC next month, you would have to treat that as a disappointment, especially since Pete Hines has gone on Twitter to say that something good is coming. If you have been following all of the rumors surrounding potential DLC, you’ll have probably already heard that the first piece of content is rumored to be called ‘Dawnguard’. We told you that Bethesda had filed a trademark for the term Dawnguard and possible relations to this name could trace back to the ‘Mythic Dawn’ group from Oblivion.

It’s early days yet of course, but there’s usually no hiding away from a registered trademark. We saw it with Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances and most recently, we may have also seen it with the PlayStation 4 ‘Orbis’.

What are your thoughts on the cryptic tweet by Hines? Do you agree with us that it would be a disappointment if it is not related to DLC? Let us know what your status is with the game at the moment. Are you still playing religiously, or have you stopped playing the game in favor of waiting for DLC first?

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  • Cereal_keller

    Waiting for DLC.  Blew through that game in about a month.  That’s playing like 10 hours every week day.

  • Jet

    really would like to see some new races…Like new elves!!:)

  • Still playing regularly. 

  • Still play on a regular basis with my original character. I’m considering starting several specific class of characters to go back through the game. I’m completely happy with what it is now and could easily spend another 300 hours playing it just like it is.

  • Khaleesi

    I’m super excited for DLC to come out. I’m pretty sure I’ve almost fully completed Skyrim. Found just about every location, maxed out all skills, completed all of the guilds, completed all daedric quests, side quests, and missions (except for a few trivial ones where a small amount of gold is the only reward), and fully completed both main story quests. I started a new character just to wait on DLC now. Thanks to Bethesda for yet another game that exceeds all expectations. Here’s to hoping the DLC is just as impressive.

  • Richard Thomas


  • SukIT

    (Insert PC elitist comment here)

  • Tjn Mma

    How about declaring war on the Deadic Princes?  Azura and Meridia can join forces and leave ones like Clavicus Vile and Sanguine to be neutral in the storyline?  I don’t like that players can’t choose righteous or demonic paths either in some of the Deadric quests.  How about offering something along tose lines?

  • Dynasty2201

    Consoles will only get DLC.

    Consoles will never be able to mod games.  It requires file replacement, editing coding etc.  You cant do that with a door stop.

    Wait for DLC or get a PC and play Skyrim the way its meant to be played.

    • Seems PC snobs have a hard time deciding whether PC is the way Skyrim “is meant to be played” or whether Skyrim is a worthless, mainstream, consolized piece of crap. In other words, they can’t decide whether it’s meant to be played on console or meant to be played on a PC gaming rig.

      Let me resolve the confusion: Bethesda made it for both so it’s meant to be played… on both. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Furthermore, I find that the majority of user-made mods ruin the Elder Scrolls experience by crapping on canon and the cheat mode available on PC also ruins it. I much preferred Morrowind on XBOX, without TGM or the temptation of it breaking my immersion.

      Lastly, note that the PC is simply a non-standardized console that sacrifices ease of use, affordability, stability and reliability for sheer power and customisation. There’s really nothing to be smug about, each way of playing has its strengths and weaknesses.

      • Eat_it

        So you cheat because you can?  That’s a good reason not to play games on the PC.

    • pizzamanskyrim

       Not really. There are some console games that have modding tools for the console version of the game. And people also make custom made modding tools for Skyrim for the Xbox 360 and it works too. And people made tons of mods for Halo 2 and Halo 1 for the original xbox

  • ANON12345

    Come on Bethesda! Love Skyrim but I know need DLC badly! Would love the rumours of a Dragon Rider faction, shapeshifting faction and a war on the thalmor – that’d be great!

    • NgTurbo

       Sounds good.. 🙂