Possible Skyrim DLC clarity on Dawnguard secrecy

If you’re a Skyrim player on console, you’ll know that it is starting to get to the point now where Bethesda really needs to go public with their plans on supporting the game via DLC.

The good news, is that this month, the month of April may be the time when that happens, as the company has officially confirmed that they have some ‘cool news and surprises’ to bring to Skyrim players.

Specific platforms were not announced in the Tweet by Bethesda’s PR man Pete Hines, but considering that the majority of PC players are more than satisfied with the Creation Kit at the moment, it’s about time that Bethesda extended that love to console players as well.

If they don’t publicly reveal DLC next month, you would have to treat that as a disappointment, especially since Pete Hines has gone on Twitter to say that something good is coming. If you have been following all of the rumors surrounding potential DLC, you’ll have probably already heard that the first piece of content is rumored to be called ‘Dawnguard’. We told you that Bethesda had filed a trademark for the term Dawnguard and possible relations to this name could trace back to the ‘Mythic Dawn’ group from Oblivion.

It’s early days yet of course, but there’s usually no hiding away from a registered trademark. We saw it with Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances and most recently, we may have also seen it with the PlayStation 4 ‘Orbis’.

What are your thoughts on the cryptic tweet by Hines? Do you agree with us that it would be a disappointment if it is not related to DLC? Let us know what your status is with the game at the moment. Are you still playing religiously, or have you stopped playing the game in favor of waiting for DLC first?



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