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Ice Cream Sandwich update delight for Droid RAZR / MAXX, HTC Rezound

We have some great news for Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX owners now, as it looks like an official update to Ice Cream Sandwich is arriving soon. Perhaps best of all though, those that cannot wait for official news can update to a leaked build right now.

Word has reached public knowledge that Motorola has sent out invites for a private soak test, in which they’ll be offering Motorola forum members an ”early preview of a new software release” by their own description, with the aim being to provide feedback to the manufacturer, as detailed by Droid-Life.

There is no mention of Ice Cream Sandwich in the invite, but you can bet that judging by the secrecy, it is obviously the very first glimpse of that glorious Android 4.0 update. Just to clarify, this relates to both the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX variant, but additional information acquired by Android Police reveals that an official Ice Cream Sandwich update could be landing on the HTC Rezound smartphone as well – another Verizon device.

While you catch your breath on hearing that piece of intel, we have another piece of fantastic news to share with you. DroidRZR are claiming that Ice Cream Sandwich Build 6.14.75 has leaked and is now ready to download at your own discretion. This update is thought to be for the Droid RAZR only though, and there’s obviously no guarantee that this update is completely bug-free. Our advice to you is to wait for an official version though as judging by the invite – it’s happening very soon indeed.

So Verizon has taken their time to deliver on their promised ICS updates for their current crop of smartphones, but it looks like everyone is going to be very happy soon in the next few weeks. If you own a RAZR, RAZR MAXX or Rezound, let us know your thoughts on the incoming updates. Will you attempt to install the unofficial build or wait for Motorola’s official rollout?



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