Skyrim 1.5.26 update improves crash to desktop problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2012

Earlier on this week we informed you about the initial patch 1.5 update for the PC version of Skyrim, with a lot of feedback from our readers confirming that broken quests still remain in the game.

Now though, Bethesda has wasted no time in making a new update available on PC, but they are still making Xbox 360 and PS3 users wait until further notice. Bethesda has put patch 1.5.26 up on Steam and following on from its initial beta test, it’s now an automatic update the next time you boot up the game on PC.

The pleasing thing to note here, is that Bethesda has mentioned on their official blog that one of the key updates in the 1.5.26 is the reduction rate of crashes to the desktop when using plug-ins with the game. This has been a big problem for many of you on PC after installing mods to the game, so hopefully Bethesda has now identified the problem at hand and you’ll see less crashes as you mod away to your heart’s desire.

There are also improvements to the underwater effects, and also a fix to a bizarre problem where the sun wouldn’t show properly when using fast travel. The crash fix is obviously the main point here though, so it will be interesting to see if this makes it into the patch 1.5 update for consoles as well.

One again if you are having any problems related to specific quests, it’s a good idea to read though our article and the useful comments from gamers again. Bethesda has said that the patch is now in the hands on console manufacturers, so it is Sony and Microsoft that really need to get their act together – what’s the hold up time after time again?

If you have already installed the 1.5.26 update on PC, let us know if this has helped in reducing system crashes or if you’re still having problems.

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  • Fkdj

     After updating 1.5(even to 1.5.26), I’ve got the MOST crashes I’ve ever had

  • CrazyZonie

    This article stats it’s to improve mods from crashing, but I’m now finding MORE mods crashing (and hanging when you leave a build) than before… Was making a spreadsheet to catalog when and where they fail, but I’m guessing that’s a futile task, as I have to strip out and start individually each mod I have subscribed. Very time consuming task.

  • Le_blix

    now skyboost is obsolete and crashs to desktop hare back again, once again i will have to wait for modders to make the game( i purshased legaly) playable…not cool!

  • Dynasty2201

    Err, why would they patch CTD and a few PC problems due to modding plugins when consoles cant be modded (lol, why own a console)…

    Wakey wakey.

    Personally I have never had Skyrim CTD on me since release.  No matter how many mods I have added.

    • Coolguy65

      lol why own a console your funny if you dont know why sure you can get mods and such but on a console it is the social aspect of things but guessing from how you have left such a pathetic comment about consoles i guess you dont have a social life

      • Fred

        You pay $200-400 on a console and a further $40 on a single player game for the ‘social aspect’? wtf? I think your looking in the wrong place for socialisation! Further: its not like PC games dont have serious multiplayer aspects (note, multiplayer != pro-social), so what exactly is the benefit of a console over the pc then?

        • PS3 fanboy <3

          I think he meant that you are more Social sitting on the couch with ACTUAL persons, such things as friends. while on the PC how many have you seen playing on 1 PC? the benefits? you get a dedicated gaming machine, but the graphics aren’t that nice, but FIFA it sure can let 7+ people YELL and sream and at the same time have a good time in one room 🙂