Gamers start MW3 Blackout movement, claim Activision doesn’t care

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2012

It’s fair to say that not everyone is happy with Activision’s latest installment of Modern Warfare 3. While some are just overlooking the game in hope of a renewed effort in Black Ops 2 later this year, it appears that others are willing to take matters to a whole new level.

We’ve become aware that a group of individuals are making plans to gain Activision’s attention on the current state of Modern Warfare 3, with a planned protest on April 20th this year, in which they will not be playing the game online.

‘MW3 Blackout’ is slowing gaining momentum with a group of followers, a Twitter account and subsequent social sharing in hope that on this day, Activision will see a severe drop in online play and be forced to take into account the demands of the protesters.

Yes, there’s a list of demands too which have been written up. As detailed by GDN, the protesters accuse Activision and Infinity Ward about ‘not caring about the gamers’ and want to see various areas improved in a future patch update. Such specifics include ”lag compensation, the broken spawn system, a nerf to the akimbo pistols, removal of deathstreaks, removal of tac. insert from Kill Confirmed” and much more.

Right now, there doesn’t seem to be much interest in the movement, but it will be intriguing to see if server numbers decline on April 20 next month. You can view the video in full below to see the whole thing.

Logic: Are you happy with the current state of Modern Warfare 3? Do you support this planned protest next month? From our point of view, we question whether just one day of not playing will do anything to persuade Activision to take notice. The company are probably too busy deciding who is going to replace Robert Bowling as community manager, and we still don’t know the real reasons on why he left the company with immediate effect.

Will you be joining the protest on April 20th?

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  • My protest is NOT BUYING THE GAME.

    I played Black Ops in 7 hours (single player) – btw, I spent 30 bucks on it.

    60 bucks for a game that is a rehash of nothing interesting is not how I spend my $$$$

    I won’t be buying another COD title, EVER

    AND GET RID OF STEAM AND EA MANAGER, I should be able to play my game on my computer when I want, even if I am not connected to the Internet.


  • jswalker95

    stoped playing the game bc of all of that bs

  • Sam

    Yet those morons are still buying every freaking game from the COD franchise. People really don’t learn.
    If several thousands people decided to stop buying their games, maybe they would give a sh*t. Buying it and complaining = counter-productive. They’re just laughing their asses off. Especially to the “PC version” of the game.

    • Sam

      And no, I won’t join the protest since, I stopped buying that piece of wh*re trash of a game. Modern warfare was great then, it just became worst and worst. Now, rather than cry on their forums I enjoy games that are actually supported by the devs. Enjoy getting ripped-off by activision guys!

  • Tray Caddy

    I would like it if they fixed lag comp, fixed the spawns because I’m always spawning right next too or near enemy players.