Battlefield 3: EA’s logic on buying unlocks questioned

Aside from the crashes that we mentioned earlier on this week, a lot of the criticism aimed at EA and DICE that we’ve seen, seems to be the decision to let users buy their way through the entire Battlefield 3 unlock system.

Along with the huge patch update that has now gone live on PS3 and PC, an announcement which they sneaked into their blog post was the immediate availability of shortcut items – allowing those who have just picked up the game to open up the unlocks for all kits and vehicles – for a price.

It essentially means that the logic behind putting the hours into unlocking these items in the first place has been put into question. DICE and EA will obviously argue that beginners are now at a disadvantage against the countless armies of colonels online, but then again – they poured precious hours into the game and should have this advantage in the first place?

It goes without saying that a lot of you are not taking this lightly. We’ve read countless complaints over at the Battlefield blog, as well as Battlelog. Here’s one in particular which gives you an idea of how some people are feeling over the move:

”You’ve got to be ******* kidding me. unlock packs? You do realize that this just completely defeats the purpose of unlocks at this point right? Everyone is going to buy them because they won’t stand a ******* chance against everyone else. You [DICE] balanced one thing to make the rest of it unbalanced unless you pay more.”

On the plus side for EA and DICE, this accomodates people who have just bought Battlefield 3 for the very first time, while making some extra money too – an obvious incentive. However, will this turn out to be a bad step by EA as they run the risk of angering hardcore fans who may think twice about buying Battlefield 4? Personally speaking, I have put countless hours into the game (proud of my 2.04 K/D!), but I’m yet to get started on the Jet unlocks. It’s a sad reality when I now have the chance to buy my way to that Jet service star, when a beginner can just buy everything in one swoop and start hammering that ECM Jammer – So I know exactly how some of you are feeling right now.

When Battlefield 4 does release, does it now cast a doubt in your mind in making the game your number one priority, when you know that a few months down the line, EA will give everyone the option to buy all the unlocks again? We enjoyed the days of playing a fighting game where completing the game 20 times would unlock 20 new fighters. Now though, DLC and greed is taking over and it’s a shame to see.

If you’re a Battlefield player, let us know your thoughts on the idea of buying all the unlocks for a price – do you support this move or not? We’ll let you know when the next update is available, where you’ll be able to buy level 100 colonel for $50.



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