GAME reward / gift cards now useless, ShopTo waiting to pounce

If you didn’t spend your GAME reward points over the last few weeks amidst all of the problems that are going on right now for the retailer – it appears you are too late. GAME has announced that they are no longer allowing customers to redeem points with their cards, but you can still earn points strangely enough.

Things may be about to turn ugly now for all concerned, as imagine the thousands of consumers who still have credit to use on their cards, who are no longer able to redeem them for games. That’s exactly the reality right now, as customers cannot exchange or refund products either.

There is obviously the argument that consumers have had plenty of time to redeem the points since the problems first started for GAME, but then again – is this the best way for GAME, since they are essentially still trading, to alienate their loyal customers in this way?

On a side note, we’ve seen that rival retailer ShopTo initially had a promotion in place, in which they were actually offering all customers £3 of free credit when they sent their GAME reward card into them. After a wave of criticism, the promotion has now been removed, but at the end of the day – free credit is better than no credit at all isn’t it? We don’t really see the problem here anyway.

The status remains at ‘suspended’ for both reward cards and gift cards, so hopefully GAME will be offering some clarity on this matter in the future. Did you manage to get to a store and spend all your virtual points in a frantic shopping spree before the administration period started?

Give us your story below. For those that are interested, my colleague Daniel had £17 on his GAME reward card – guess he can kiss goodbye to using that in the future.

UPDATE: We’re pleased to say that GAME has now reactivated their reward card scheme, which includes the redemption of gift cards. However, you’ll only be able to use your points on pre-owned items.



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