BF3 1.04 update crashing PS3’s, DICE’s broken promises

By Alan Ng - Mar 29, 2012

After so much anticipation on DICE’s new Battlefield 3 update for the PS3, we have to say that our early impressions of the state of the game post-update are not good. We’re running into numerous problems with the game, including multiple system crashes which require a hard reset of the PS3.

While obviously there are some great new features to the game after installing the update – being able to quit a game now is one, we have been left very frustrated by some of the tactics employed by DICE after putting the update live in the game.

We have spoke about system crashes before after Back to Karkand released, but since this new patch we have found that our PS3 unit is crashing over and over again. The most iritating aspect of the crashes that we’ve seen is that they occur when re-downloading Back to Karkand for the second time, on DICE’s request. We already downloaded B2K last week when DICE said that they had fixed up the QBU-88 and MG36 weapon glitches.

Now though, we find some strange things going on in the server filter with only Gulf of Oman visible, with no other Back to Karkand maps available – where has Strike at Karkand, Wake Island and Sharqi gone? After attempting to re-download Back to Karkand yet again to see if this sorts out the problem, our system crashed.

Speaking of the server filter, it appears that DICE has lied about making the patch available in all regions on March 27. For some reason, the update still isn’t available in Asia, meaning that users have to play on other region servers while DICE get their act together. It appears that even Daniel Matros the Community Manager doesn’t have a clue what’s going on either – we saw a Tweet from him confirming that the update should be going out ‘globally’, but a post on the official BF blog, reveals that everyone has the update except Japan and that this won’t be happening until April 4thbizarre.

Our attempts to contact EA via the Battlefield Twitter page were met with the common – ‘Have you contacted a game advisor’ reply, while Daniel Matros chose to ignore our Tweets regardless. We were really pumped up about trying out some of the changes, but the frequent crashes and lack of clarity regarding the Asia update has left us with a bitter taste in our mouths – it reminds us about the stunt EA tried to pull with Battlefield 1943.

Has your game been crashing as well since the update? Let us know your experiences with the game after the changes.

UPDATE: Ok here’s a tip for those of you who can only see Gulf of Oman. If like me you had only selected Conquest in the server filter, you’ll need to press R3 and uncheck this. In the update, DICE has separated Conquest and Conquest Assault into two different categories, so if you check CQ and CQA, you should see the other B2K maps appear as normal. Hope this helps some of you – bit annoying that DICE did not mention this.

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  • Ray310764

    constantly restarting BF3 to gfet a game in which i have a weapon to shoot some one with, then on resporn the weapons are gone again. BF3 was great now i’m afraid its just a big EA flop ….. get it sorted Dice or battlefield 4 will be the flop of a lifetime

  • Tonymalarkey

    I have deleted my game data 20 times and uploaded it back(which is a 1.2gb file, which isnt cheap to keep doing online) and it seems to be the only way I can get more than 2 bars ping on BF3 servers. Does anyone know what else I can do without having to keep deleting and uploading to play bf3 online?….its 45 minutes waiting around to play the game, its ridiculous…………..

  • Rockland80

    OK hear it is close quarters patch for north and south America has a BAD FILE OR VIRUS OR SOMETHING my PlayStation has gone down hill since the 6th version 1.5 on toesday the 4th everything was fine no ghost no quit game issues.Thursday the 6th I got a message saying they fixed north and south America server problem to repose close quarters again cool download then the crap begins if I quite the game or leave p.s. ideal or ideal in game after a while the screen would be black so u push quite game and nothing power button would not respond but if u touch ejet button the unit will three beep hard reset but not eject disk no disk icon on screen press again it would eject the disk of coarse since the 6th ghost gun glitch bad. Now I can’t fully load gt5 would lock up but still able to press PS button on controller and quite game nothing again power button nothing press eject disk didn’t eject but three beep reset again no disk icon press again disk ejects went in the main PS menu went into a few different spots account management stalled forever went to watch a movie on hard drive locked up again so no its not my blue ray drive and the ghost was thought to be data flow rate plugged directly into my brand new 180$ modem and tested with a high flow data DNS server blazzing at a stage 39 mbs average on computer with 10/100/1000 not a data flow problem I will never touch a dice/each game again which sucks cause I like blowing stuff up in my chopper or tank and screw call of redundancy if there lazy ass programmers jacked up a original 500$ ps3 phat and time vested ill be pissed. I WARN U ALL TELL EVERYONE NOT TO BUY.CLOSE QUARTERS IT HAS A VIRUS IM NOW IN THE PROCESS OF FULL FORMAT RESTORE 27 HOURS OF RESTORE

  • SFX164

    I started getting the Grand Bazaar freeze after the karkand maps.

  • SFX164

    Anyone else getting a loading screen freeze for a certain map? My disk has no scratches and Grand Bazaar either loads forever or it just freezes.

  • Curnes74

    I can’t even update the patch! It gets to around 90% and times out and I’m not happy. I sent dice an email and after 2 weeks it still has not been answered. I’m almost to the point of selling the game and getting the premium edition that I hope has 1.04 already installed. But I’m sure the new weapons and maps in premium will be glitched.

  • Mrtribaltribal

    my console locks up on the end screen of any non dice game…. I hate having to restart my ps3 especially if i have been playing a game for over an hour and lost all the points I earned in the game…..

  • StAvEy17

    I hate the custom servers, never fails I get kicked by admin for no reason!! Just because im owning the other team the admin so happens to be on I get kicked which is complete bull if you ask me. I also do not have that good of a connection to servers as I use to, the lag is just as bad as MW3 which is very disappointing considering that it wasnt always this way before the update. I sure hope they fix the game it was PERFECT before the update, but my only complaint then were a few minor gun glitches.

  • Noah Saleh

    BF3 Crashing&freezing all the time, BF3 is BEOKEN, EA&DIC the don’t care at all.

  • Nax

    If just people knew what ur rights are, as a consumer u MUST GET what u paid for, and what THEY promised us. so if ur are enough people who have a broken console cuz of this. we all should sue them. I Paid money for the game, and now i cant even use my ps3. and dont expect Dice to responds. they are just makin their money.

  • Muttinho

    Since the latest patch I can’t play a decent game without freezing or respawning with no guns. This happens in almost every game I play (high/low tickets) and on every room. The freezing problem occurs during gameplay (doesn’t matter what I’m doing) and during loading screens. The no guns problem happens when I respawn, when I get revived, when I get out of a vehicle. Then I have to quit the game but it freezes in the upcoming loading screen, having to shut down my ps3 system. Before the patch I never had any problems with this game. At first I thought it was my disc, but I got it cleaned in the shop and the first game I’ve played it frozes again. Then I erased my game data but that didn’t help either. This is clearly a patch issue and when I search the forums I can see I’m not the only one having these problems. It’s ruined my game and I so enjoyed playing it. But having to restart every 5 minutes ain’t fun anymore !!!!!

  • Polishboy17

    I cant even see my weapon when i finally get on a server
    Because most of the time when i load a game on a map , theres ony a black
    Screen and it says loading endlessly!
    i used to loveeee the game but now,dust is on the bf3 box..
    I hope theres going to be an update fixing those issues..

  • bezzer

    Yep my ps3 is crashing constantly when trying to play very anoying i love the game and before the update it played smoothly and neva crashed! Hope they sort it soon or it will b getting sold!!

  • crzynut

    Downloaded B2K twice, when completed I get a message of a successful download but when I play the game there are not any B2K maps, assignments or weapons that I had unlocked.  Anyone know what I can do, highly doubt I will get a refund ?

    • NgTurbo

      Are you sure you don’t just have Conquest ticked in the server filter? You need to tick Conquest Assault as well if you want the other B2K maps to show up. 

  • NgTurbo

    Ok, after further play…one other observation other than the frequent crashes, is the overbalance of official servers and custom ones.. there’s far too many custom now and I may be wrong but there’s no way of separating both – it’s a mess. And to agree with a commenter above, yes admins of servers seem to be banning people unfairly. I was owning in a chopper and got booted from Gulf of Oman, presumably because he didn’t like getting killed all the time. Definitely a risky move these custom servers.. will be sharing thoughts in a separate write-up…keep the crash feedback coming guys, DICE cannot ignore this.

  • Blade Runner

    horrible patch. crashing a lot now. had to redo my loadouts…. amazing this kind of crap happens on a console. DICE you are playing with fire

  • Ned Tropy

    The new patch is a joke. I too load without guns, can only run around and use vehicles. So frustrating. I also keep getting kicked from games by admin. I’m not doing anything to deserve this, I hardly even get to play in the game and I’ll get kicked. Vehicles also will sporadically be extremely slow. Haven’t had any crashes, but I only played two or three short games and then gave up in frustration. I’m not playing again until they fix things.

  • Woopie

    10 crashes and counting while downloading b2k… 

    • Eskimo

      Hi Woopie, i am having same problems while downloading b2k, again… i go through all steps and then it says ‘preparing to download’ with spinnging clock and then aftern 30secs the spinning clock freezes and whole system then freezes.
      Did you manage to get sorted in the end?

  • Rji187

    had no issues before the patch came out now im gettin black screens when i go into a game i have my guns and all my tools but when i die i load without guns and alls i can do is run around and use vehickes then when the game ends no points screen and it freezes in the loading screen come on ppl get your damn game together and fix this damn problem cuz i kno its been around for awhile 

  • ScrewedsoBadbyaGameILove

    Why is there nothing on here about the patch crashing ps3s? I downloaded the patch no problem. Then my system froze downloading the maps. After 2 hrs. of waiting I shut it down.Now my Ps3 won’t work at all. Please help me Dice.I love you but you made me your bitch.LikeUnlike · Battlefield Thank you for reporting this. I’ll pass it on to the developers. ^KB

  • Bsmith805

    I had no issues until the patch. Now whenever I get into any vehicle I will receive the broken connection in the upper right corner. I can battle on foot fine but can no longer drive anything which is why I bought it in the first place. Once again I will specify that I didn’t have this problem before the patch.
    FYI- I can’t play co-op either now without lagging out.

  • NgTurbo

    Still getting frequent crashes after the update..starting to wonder if it’s my PS3 Slim now.

  • OpenRanger

    Since downloading V1.04 have had numerous freezes both right at end of game if I am killed while end music is playing and whilst in a tank, which then freezes to a light blue screen. My frien has also had the same problems.

    • NgTurbo

      Froze at the end of the game for me too whilst in a tank, on Seine Crossing. I had a score over 13,000 too 

  • Noetica

    sorry joshpr buddy but i dont have a game disc i bought the actual game through the store also ill be damned if im gonna sit there waiting for the whole game to download (around 5 hours) and the map pack also and the gig or so of updates for the game. DICE FIX UP this is tedious waisting near on half a day to redownload everything just coz you cant deploy a update properly what is it coming to 🙁

  • joshpr

    I guy on the facebook of battlefield post this!!
     for people experiencing issues after downloading the patch on ps3 please follow these steps. i know its tedious but it works. 1) go into the GAME DATA UTILITY section of your ps3 and delete the bf3 file. 2) redownload your dlc’s from playstation store and install them. 3) pop in the disc and let the update and game data reinstall. note: you will need to redo your loadout but otherwise it will work perfectly

    • ScrewedsoBadbyaGameILove

      This will also make you have to buy maps and an online pass I think.

    • Hondaprelude36

      I did all that and it still crashes all the time!! I never had a problem before the patch.

  • NgTurbo

    Ok here’s a tip for those of you who can only see Gulf of Oman. If like me you had only selected Conquest in the server filter, you’ll need to press R3 and uncheck this. In the update, DICE has separated Conquest and Conquest Assault into two different categories, so if you check CQ and CQA, you should see the other B2K maps appear as normal. Hope this helps some of you – bit annoying that DICE did not mention this.

  • Noetica

    yeah im getting same thing no strike at karkand whats the deal ive tried downloading b2k twice now and has installed fine with no hitches does it need to be deleted off the hard drive before re downloading ????

  • Headaffect

    only got Gulf of oman here in Aus in conquest…have all Karkand maps in TDM though???

  • DanMcBoost

    PS3 freezes every time when trying to download through the game. Trying the though the store now…

  • No problems to report

    no problems on my end
    maybe afew of u got lazy and skipped re-downloading b2k

  • Age

    Very disappointed in this patch. I had no problems with this game before. Thanks DICE!!

  • Bshsggde

    Ppl still play ps3 and Xbox?

    • Namiwakiru


  • Uniquenamehere

    I have to poo.

  • Denzil2fathers

    Problems so far:
    Twice crashed mid-game and had to reset.
    Put me into a Rush game after selecting Conquest.
    Seems to be collision issues with vehicles against small obstructions that were previously not an issue.
    The machine gun on the Humvee seems to have lost a ridiculous amount of hitting power against infantry.

    • Gohorns0314

      Some servers are ‘medley’ servers that switch from CQ, Rush, then TDM. I believe ‘Soldier Squirmishes’ does that and one other but I cant remember. Quickmatch on QC will always put you in CQ only matches.

  • Jasper_kidv

    2 crashes and increased lag , flying is useless because less health yet worse weapons. it suscks

  • Yousef197

    for me it was such a let down to many glitches

  • Asdf

    No crashes of anything bad on my end

    • Dannyssoit

      Yeah same here. My first game after the patch I went 39 and 13, no complaints here. I personally think the game is better than ever now. 

  • NgTurbo

    Can anyone clarify that they are able to play Wake Island, Sharqi Peninsula and Strike at Karkand after the update on PS3? I have downloaded B2K several times now, and the only B2K map I see is Gulf of Oman.. the rest result in a ‘server host cannot be found’ message.  Will be following this up with DICE if I can.

    • Dannysoit

      Yeah I have, I have NONE of the problems described in this post, neither have any of my other 3 friends that I just played with for 5 hours straight. Weird. 

    • zeaith

       I DL the patch 3 times resetting my ps3 each time, an i am having the same problems… thid game is starting to suck there is a huge diffierance in the game i playged with ll my international friends, I want my money back. lag an more lag is all I get, then it will crash over an over again.. other games do not do this at all…….

  • ruuruu

    I play in Japan, and not having any real answers is frustrating.

    • NgTurbo

      I feel your pain. I’m playing from Asia too my friend, so the least I can do is try and get some answers from DICE on this. April 4th with no explanation is unacceptable.

    • krisq

       Japan will get it April 4th.

  • Abba

    Just download it through the store no issue s patch is excellent.

  • LoL

    This is typical of an EA product they have all the control over DICE and Bioware a various other developers that sold them selves to the slave mongers

  • Johnpaul34pagan

    I have no problems at all everything is better now than ever

    • Undeadwarchief2001

      having problems downloading back to karkand crashing this is the 4th time i tried to download it 1.04 update fails miserably -Ps3

      • unski

        Download B2K straight from the store, not via game menus.