Skyrim 1.5 patch expected to miss broken quests

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 27, 2012

If you love the Elder Scrolls then there is a good chance you’ve seen the notes for Skyrim patch 1.5, although those of you that haven’t can see the main bug fixes and new features below this article. It’s good to see a lot of fixes for problems many of us have experienced, but we know there are some major quest issues still not fixed with the Skyrim 1.5 update.

Major issues unfixed after this patch – every gamer puts a different level of importance on each fix, which obviously comes from how much the problem is affecting their experience with Skyrim, although when it comes to completing quests nothing can be more frustrating than not being able to finish them. In some cases not being able to complete a quest is due to bug and not the way developers intended the game to work, and this becomes a bigger problem when uncompleted quests have not been fixed after a number of Skyrim patches.

It’s worth pointing out that some people might be unable to complete certain quests, while others don’t have problems with them same quests. We’ve heard from a few of our readers about problems with quests, which we’ve listed a few on this page. Feel free to share any problems you have competing quests in the comments, although please keep them related to bugs and let us know what system you’re on considering the PS3 and Xbox 360 are yet to receive patch 1.5.

We’ve heard about a glitch that traps certain gamers in Geirmund’s hall when trying to complete a quest to find a copy of “War of the First Council“, which seems to be related to the pillar’s not turning. There have also been a number of gamers that are stuck at the Iron Claw Door when trying to complete the “Evil in Waiting” quest; they state it’s broken.

When certain quests are broken it can be related to separate quest strings, and these issues can be replicated in different areas of Skyrim. We’ve managed to find bugs with the Dark Brotherhood quest line at “With Friends Like These“, and also during the main quest when doing “A Blade in the Dark“, and with “Blood on the Ice“. The amount of emails we’ve had about the main quest being broken are numerous, but it’s worth pointing out certain issues and bugs can be just something you did that caused that problem, which can be as simple as killing someone you should’t have.

Have you found broken Skyrim quests after installing patch 1.5?

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  • KSI Spartan1307

    Xbox 360 – discerning the transmundande is frozen. I completed the campaign, but this might be happening because I started the quest early. I please help.

  • RON PAUL 2012

    Please fix the damn ‘War of the first Council’ glitch I can NOT return it on Xbox 360

  • Skyrim Fanatic_0000132

    When playing, “Discerning the Transmundane” Septimus won’t open the box, I’m lvl 35, I recieved the letter, but it still won’t work, I also had a problem with, “Waking Nightmeres” Everytime I enter the area with the one dude, he just falls right through the ground, Please fix these Bethesda…Ps3

  • Trying to do find copy of first war council. I had it in my inventory when i started the quest, and there was no way to give it to the npc. Now the quest says it is sitting in a chest which is empty.

  • herffsd

    I have the patch but I’am still stuck on the fallen, season undending etc… ulfrich doesn’t take axe, whiterun jarl says he is ready to catch dragon, greybeards say they help when i have talked with everyone and general tullius doesn’t talk… shitty game!!!

  • Last_norse_son

    I cannot complete the Bards College quests.  Pantea’s Flute and Finn’s Lute are in my inventory, but the game continues to tell me to find the Lute.  I cannot seem to give the flute to Inge Six-Fingers, although we have the conversation where she thanks me.

  • Darrylscanlon

    Everytime I go in water my game freezes. Is that a bug or is it just my PS3

    • Last_norse_son

      It is a bug with the 1.5 update. 

    •  I don’t recall such issue on my PS3

    • Dsnielsen1

      When I drop into the water in geirmunds’s hall the game freezes every time.

    • Realbballplaya43

      if you just delete the 1.5 patch then redownload it it should then work at least it did for me

  • I heard that the PC version was stable in comparison to consoles. Rather than fixing the console versions, the 1.5 patch seems to have transformed my PC into an unpatched XBox! It freezes faster than a titanic survivor in the water.

    •  at least on the PC version you could type in console command to skip/fix broken quests. consoles are helpless when it comes to broken quests.

  • Enoughisenough2

    I have xbox360 and play skyrim (level 58)  I am a new gamer, I have a multitude of glitches, patch? whats a patch? and how do i get one????????? Please help! Sara

  • M00finhead

    I’ve run into an issue with the College of Winterhold quest “Revealing the Unseen”, where after Ancano causes that that big explosion, the NPCs of the college act as though nothing has happened! Even Ancano goes back to his normal routine of walking the around the college and nobody responds to the fact that Savros is laying outside unconscious (presumably dead). Has anyone else encountered this problem?

  • Pllariviere

    PS3… There is no possible way i can join the thieves guild. That idiot Brynyolf (or whatever the name) just stands in Riften’s market place like a totally lobotomized loony. He just keeps saying: “Mmmh?” all the f*****g time. Sometimes when I kill a “normal” dragon (the less powerful then the ancient ones) i don’t absorb its soul. But I must admit the Thieves guild bug pisses me far more then my other dragon soul bug.

  • becca

    im playing ps3 and i can’t complete the companions, cant find coral claw any were. iv gone to winterhold and spoke birna iv tried every convo available to her, and its not in yngol barrow iv looked on the pedastoolm iv searched every nook and cranny of the place, im sorry to say this is really starting to annoy me, i keep thinking about starting again but as im level 36 the thought of it really upsets me especially if i do start again and the bug is still there and iv lost everything because of it, iv researched it and im not the only person to be having this problem, i cant finish the companions with out it and now im stuck as a warewolf which i never wanted to be in the first place!!!

    • Jonathantealey

      Once a werewolf always a werewolf go look in shops you might of found it early in the game and sold it

    • anon

      It’s in the shop in Winterhold. Talk to the woman about having a bad deal, then she’ll sell it to you for 50 gold.

    • greeny

       in regards to your werewolf you can cure yourself in Ysgramor’s Tomb if you still have Glenmoril witch head

  • Paradiseeker

    I can do the basket trick but it doesnt matter because revealing the unseen and the Labirynthian require NPC dialogue.

    • D. Gemini

      What’s the basket trick?

  • Paradiseseeker

    I cant get into Mzulft  Ps3

  • Arrowknee83

    I have a bug that’s annoying the hell out of me, PS3 console: No One Escapes Cidhna Mine. I went to follow the prisoners escaping the mine and fell through the solid floor ending up OUTSIDE the mine! No the quest line tells me to follow the rag king and I have no way of getting back to him! (the gates are all locked and I have no key) I cannot even get sent back to jail as all the prisoners are somewhere deep in the mine where I cannot reach and I get stuck forever! not only this but it has had a knock on effect and now I cannot complete any further quests!!! Panteas flute is now not in the chest even though the marker is on it!! I also cannot give the woman the 30 crimson Nirnroot even though I clearly have 30 and the are some shard pieces for a dagon morag!?! (trying to remember off top of head) the point is, this has messed up the whole game for me, my save points are way too far back to contemplate starting again. I’m level 49 and I just get p***ed off with it and turn it off. SORT IT OUT MAN!!!

  • Cnikkon

    “Striking the heart” quest is broken on the Xbox 360 I go to the vandheim towers and no one is there for me to kill only an arrow pointing  to a spot in the middle of the bridge . I really don’t want to start over my girl has every thing i wanted except I’m a stupid werewolf and would love to get the cure and marry Aela the huntess but No I can’t finish the quest, but I did a quest where I took out all the forsworn at a mine then uncovered a town that just let me get the quest then turn around and get paid so WTF? shouldn’t that part of the questline be finished, right? I have a few quests that do that. they need to fix these problems.

  • Biablo98

    I have a problem with people not dying when i kill them a when you have mercenary with you and now i can’t get rid of them also dragons are not being absorbed when i kill them. playstation 3

  • Xxxwebbiexxx


    • Gsher20

      I agree, the fact that Bethesda hasn’t fixed this quest yet is ridiculous. I can’t even start the quest because Karliah and Brynjolf won’t even show up at the damn standing stone. Instead, Brynjolf is in the Thieves Guild and Karliah is at the bottom of the Winterhold Inn. I’ve literally been waiting for a fix for almost 5 months. 

      • I’m almost finished the game and was thinking of buying the dlc but not until i finish what I started…. The Thieves Guild Quest!

        • same here!!! I abandoned the game after I did all the other quests, Thieves Guild Quest is the only thing IM MISSING!! and its INFURIATING!!!! I want my damn PLatinum already!!! been waiting for 6 montns now, and still no fix!!!

  • Robdarby_08

    Ps3 – the Companions quest

    Striking the heart quest is broken on ps3 i goto the vandheim towers and no ine is there for me to
    kill only an arrow pointing  to a spot in the middle of the bridge . i really dont wanna start over
    my guy has every thing i wanted except wuthrad and that sheild

  • Acehighstraight1

    They really need to fix the “A Cornered Rat” bug. If it hasnt happened to you…if you have joined the thieves guild, delphine won’t give you the quest.

  • D. Gemini

    I play on PS3 and am disgusted with the state this game is in still 4 months after release. It’s broken in my eyes and must make other developers laugh and cry because they know Bethesda has some of the worst scripters/coders in the business yet they win the awards. Honestly, I get way more lock-ups and lag is less, but starts right away even in a new game worse than before 1.4. Betathesda will probably not release another patch that fixes broken stuff after the few fixes in 1.5. It’s been 4 months and the game is still in beta form. They will probably no longer make quest fixes or fix the save overwrite bug or the textures never fully loading or the atomic orange french fries in helgen when going back or the glowing wooden beams glitch or the shadows being checkered or flickering or particles flashing or the map going black or other objects like enchanting tables going solid blue or black or weapon drops slowly floating up into space bug or buttons not responding or arrows flopping bug or horrible collision boxes or unkillable hawks bug or hotkeys not working correctly or putting back branches they removed on ps3 or taking off the horrible AA blur filter that is partially responsible for lagging the ps3 version or any of the other HUNDREDS of bugs that are known on uesp or the wiki. These are just ALL BUGS AND GLITCHES AFFECTING MY GAME. Everyone has a unique buggy experience and people who say otherwise are probably lying, especially if they are playing on PS3. This was definitely the last bethesda game I will ever buy. They are some of the worst current gen scripters/coders, and I love the world their games take place. I just will not play unfinished games anymore that never get completed like almost all their games. they lie over and over like saying pre-release that the ps3 version was getting tons of attention and was running as good as the 360 version or it’s a new engine or the snow is dynamic or saying things are new that are old or saying there’s more stuff when there’s less. I mean some “cities” have like 5 buildings and 15 NPCs only. And let’s not forget that they wouldn’t give anyone ps3 copies to test pre-release even after asking for them. They seriously are lazy, unmoral and just plain bad dishonest developers. I have had to hard boot after a freeze at least 65 times now in skyrim and over 100 more in Bugthesda’s other games. only had my system freeze maybe 2 or 3 times in other games. I’m done with this shady thieving lying company. They don’t deserve any awards for this broken mess they call a game. Sorry I was just IP banned from their forums for telling one of their staff something sarcastic because he barely ever goes in the ps3 section of the forums but is always in the other sections. I actually didn’t break any tos rules the last two warnings on there. But they hate my opinions so much they finally just decided to ban me without a reason. I had moderators there message me telling me I’m stupid, also one warning suspension I got no message at all and no explanation because it was one of the times I didn’t break any rules. I had over 500 posts deleted at one time and most were just bug reports. Their blog, their forums, and especially their games are jokes to me now. They police all their sites, being downright mean to their fans, lying, downplaying problems and shifting blame to Sony or the players themselves. They even recommend buying a new ssd hard drive to make the game less laggy which is really unprofessional like almost everything else they do. I finally see them for who they are now. Please don’t pay for their games. They have lost more fans with Skyrim than they realize, but they will probably advertise and lie their way back into newcomers pockets with their next game. All they care about is making money now. There is no heart or desire left in them, only greed. When I play Skyrim I don’t feel the love that went into it because only the team that worked on the landscape really tried to finish what they started. The rest of the game is incomplete, especially the code. Thanks for your support. 0.25/10.00

    • Michaeljhuman

      I agree that the game is buggy.  Calling them lazy and unmoral (sic?) is almost surely wrong.  My guess is they want to create guge games, and simply lack the time to get everything correct.  Software developers I work with, as I am a software dev., work very hard to eliminate bugs, but there’s realities which interere/  For the most part, for most people, the game is fully playable.  Is it high quality, no.

      I would suggest blaming management for stamping the thing shippable in spite of the pre-ship bug list they surely had, or blame the team management for not scaling back the game sufficiently to allow better quality.  That’s just my thoughts…

      I have played the heck out of the game since it came out, and enjoy it in spite of it’s bugs; but of course would love a more bug free experience.

      • D. Gemini

        I agree with everything you just said. Except yeah they might not be lazy but UNMORAL (correct spelling), they definitely are. If they weren’t they wouldn’t lie so much, keep releasing games in this state and never fixing all the big problems, and wouldn’t have not giving out PS3 copies for people to play test before release. I could go on because I love Morrowind and I tried for years to see the good in them, and during that time I found almost nothing but unmoral acts and more lies and deceit.

        • Aswe

          I’d just like to say it’s IMMORAL, ok. 

        • D. Gemini

          Yes, that’s also a way to spell a word that gets across the same point. Unmoral is in the dictionary and I feel it’s better because they used to have morality and now they are without it. I’m so sick of spelling nazis on the internet, who try to tell someone their whole point is moot because they misspelled some things or had some typos. Who cares.

  • Terry

    Product Reviews expected to miss the entire point of patch 1.5.

    • D. Gemini

      Huh? Is that you Todd?

  • Matt

    I have problems with the higher level radiant quests with Aeola the Huntress, i can never get past killing animals.  I have all the quest items from the bards college stuck in my inventory, a very annoying thing because it takes up like 15 pounds of my inventory. I beleive the quests for the bards college are not resolved as well but i recieved the benifits from completing them  For some reason the “bring a dragon scale and dragon bone to esbern” never resolves. Sometimes i go into a mine and i cant mine so i have to leave and enter right away, then i can mine. Hopefully that patch comes soon for xbox because there is a s*** ton of weapons and arrows just floating around. The quest where i have to bring the book Arcana Restored to the college librarian is all mussed up. I have the book, but it keeps saying i have to go find it and i cant just give it to him (found the book before the quest). The weirdest one of all was seing skjor from the companions hovering from the place where he died along a path to White Run where he is now back to living, walkin, and talkin. These are all problems i had with the xbox 360 version of skyrim.
    P.S. i believe Fus-Ro-Dah should be a dialogue option when a theif tries to mug you XD

    • Michaeljhuman

      Matt, there’s no penalty for quest items.  This can be confirmed by removing everything from your inv., then noting that the stuff left has no weight.

  • Michaeljhuman

    * Inventory is filled with some junk that never clears (Bard’s quest line)
    * Saving is quite slow once the save game file gets large enough (Mine is 13 GB, and does not seem to have a simple fix to reduce size…waiting many days does not seem to be of much help so far)
    * Selling is horrible…way too slow due to zone loads, and poverty stricken merchants (big waste of my gaming time); in future games, they need to look at a better system for selling loot that does involve zone loading multiple stores…like a quick sell option when you enter a town, that lets you sell goods at a big loss, like 1/2 the value a merchant would give you…would be worth it

    Things they did fix for PS3-
    * I have not locked up since updating to 1.4; nice fix Bethesda
    * Lag may have been slightly improved, but if you play long enough, you will need to quit game and reload, not that big a deal

  • Barrack

    Fix the constant freezing, since 1.4 it froze more than 5x than before it ,but it fixes a lot of things so I don’t want to unibstall it

    • D. Gemini

      Same here. It’s funny really. Think about it: What other developer do you know that continuously releases games that 1. Lag, 2. Has infinite loading screens, 3. Has so many bugs that they number in the HUNDREDS. 4. That never fixes DOZENS of the major bugs, and doesn’t fix at least 50 of the less major bugs AND 5. Locks up your system about almost every time you play them, forcing a hardboot which wears down the hardware and can eventually “brick” your console? Any company besides Bugthesda that keeps releasing games like this over and over again? Nope. They suck yet win awards? Skyrim was my last attempt to see if they actually gained talent, but it seems they keep losing it, with each game becoming less stable and more in beta form on release date. All the time telling lies and spreading misinformation, while talking down to their “fan$”. They don’t ever even fix their games, only fixing a few dozen bugs in a few patches and then say “Ehh… Who cares? We made our money. On to the next scam. I wonder if we can half-azz the next game we make even more, I wonder how much less content we can get away with putting in the next game…” It sucks because I like the world and I love RPGs in general. But I finally made the choice to not support them, even if they end up completing a game in the future, which is a BIG IF…. They IP banned me from their forum and never validate my comments on their blog now because one thing they ARE good at damage control. They have enough practice… Thanks for your support.

  • Mathieurobbins

    I can’t complete the main quest. I can’t properly do Elder Knowledge because I’d earlier done Discerning The Transmundane and the Orc at the University doesn’t grant me his oart of the quest line like he should.

  • Anthony_rose14

    Can’t complete companions silverhand missions. Members won’t give me new quests. Also my home in markarth has a book shelf that is invisible. Xbox.

  • tonictwist

    they need to patch the recruiting the blades side quest

  • simon

    they need to fix the problems with the “no stone untruned” quest. as i had all of the stones when the guards took on off me

  • Cal123stfu

    Bill could be referring to the fact, that on PS3 we have about a near 2 second delay when switching/unsheathing weapons as well as issues with dual wield input lag in combat.

    • D. Gemini

      I actually have a hotkey bug that sometimes my hotkeyed item won’t equip even after 10 seconds, so I have to sheathe/unsheathe to get it to come out. Weapons take at least 3 seconds to fully come out, which can get you killed, but a lot of spells won’t come out, they will just make my hands bare with my fingers wiggling like I have the spells, but when I shoot the spell no effects come out and no damage is dealt, it just does the spell shooting animations. 

  • SkyrimMommy

    Yet another, can’t fire blood on the ice on Xbox. All NPC characters tied to quest are alive. I tried before and after civil war, siding with imperials. It wasn’t until after the civil war quests that an offer was even made to purchase the house. I have pick pocketed the key, gone in, gotten the notes and journals. Tried talking with all people even remotely associated with the quests, while carrying items. Gone into calixo’s shop, gotten journal from upstairs. Getting very close to the 245 day mark. And have been in and out of windhelm too many times to count. But for some reason, everytime I go in, my follower, mjoll, says its her first time in windhelm. I also always go in at night, after 2 am and go straight to cemetary. I have waisted many hours on this and very frustrated.

    • Talos Stormcrown

      Have you gone anywhere near the aretino residence and seen the dark elf and the little kid talk about the house and aventus aretino. it took two in game months before blood on the ice started. and it started soon after that particular conversation. i don’t know if that anything to do with it. but it was kind of odd.

  • Gameaddict

    Playing on PS3 havnt had alot of issues lately…only one i can think of…I did the quest “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood” and later got a raident quest from the companions to rough up this guy in dragon bridge. I went there and it was the guy who gave me the “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood” quest. His dial box is locked so i can not intimidate him…so i can not fight him…i tried putting my weapon away and attacking him with my fists but he draws his weapon and attacks, also he can not be killed. Theres no way to quit this quest (the thieves guild has a way to quit radient quests) and i have no other saves. its not a big deal its only a raident quest but still. I sent this to bethesda support but they just told me to load a previous save.

  • the lag is fixed u moron

    • D. Gemini

      Fact: No, it’s not Bethesda employee.

  • bill