Robert Bowling quits Call of Duty and Activision, but why?

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2012

We have some surprising news to bring you now, as out of nowhere it seems, Activision’s mainstay community manager for Call of Duty Robert Bowling, has resigned from the company with immediate effect.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any reasoning behind the move either – not that it’s likely it would be made public anyway. Earlier on Twitter, Bowling made his bold announcement that he is stepping away from Call of Duty after serving as the community manager for Call of Duty 4, MW2 and MW3.

Not only did he announce his intention to resign as Creative Strategist for Call of Duty and as a lead for Infinity Ward, he also confirmed that he was resigning as an employee of Activision too. So what has prompted this abrupt statement from Bowling?

Has he decided that the franchise is taking a turn for the worse, or has he been tempted by a new project which he plans to be a part of? Either way, we’re guessing that we’ll hear more on this before the end of the week. Is it worth mentioning Respawn Entertainment in any of this as well? Don’t forget that this is the new company formed by the two ex-Infinity Ward leads Jason West and Vince Zampella, so it will be interesting to see if they have managed to prize another key member of the original IW team away from Activision’s grasp.

One thing that Call of Duty will surely miss though, is the constant community updates that Bowling used to dish out daily on his personal Twitter account under the name FourZeroTwo. You can bet that he receives all kinds of abuse from users who are not happy with issues in Modern Warfare 3, so we just hope that these kind of individuals were not the sole reason why he is stepping away from the franchise. More importantly – who is now going to fill in as a replacement, someone from Sledgehammer Games perhaps?

What is your immediate reaction to the news – will you miss Robert Bowling as community manager for Call of Duty or not?

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  • blazinasian

    Robert Bowling made ZERO decisions for the making of Call of Duty. Robert Bowling made NO residual money until MW3. Robert Bowling got FIRED rumor has it after trashing DLC, saying how it should be free. Robert Bowling is NOT worth 18 million (LOL!!). He started that rumor, straight fact. Robert Bowling couldn’t even help fund a measly $400,000 Kickstarter side scrolling handheld game project, which failed miserably (6% funded). Robert Bowling is a con-artist trying to take credit wherever he can. Robert Bowling has never ‘developed’ any part of a game in his life as far as I’ve been told, yet he thinks he is going to start a new game company Robotoki and be president?!?!

  • MW2 gamer

    Good riddance. He never answered any of my polite questions on fixing the rampant UAV, aimbot and other hacking issues on MW2, a game which they continue to sell but fail to support properly. He always did find time to comment on trivial things so it cannot be due to a lack of time. I hope his successor will show the MW2 community some more respect.

  • MayheM

    MW3 sucks!! COD4 FTW!!

  • Fivefoot

    It’d be awesome if he went to DICE…BF3 is by far the best FPS to date. His creativity would skyrocket BF3 to the top and beyond. COD 4 was and still is THE best COD installment.  

    • Anonymous

      He did say at the beginning of mw3 that he was a fan of DICE’s battlefield

  • He did it most likely for the right reasons.  Nobody quits from the top unless something better is on the horizon.  You can only work on the same game for so long.  I hope he finds a place where he can be creative again and create a new universe and/or bring a title up to speed and make it better.  It would be great to see him head off to re spawn.

  • aceofmace

    He finally played MW3.  Quit right after someone blew him up with a C4 deathstreak.

  • jswalker95

    i think it funny that everyone blame bowling for the problems in mw2 and mw3.he had little to to with the actual making of the game :l

    • He sure did rant about fixing the issues like he did. Probably why people grill him so much. 

  • well you got to bail when the ship is sinking hope he goes to respawn 🙂

  • Sam

    I guess he got fed up with copy pasting the same game over and over again. Then having record sales and record complaints about it. I wish him to work for a company that actually cares about the games they design, if he can find one in the states… 

    • Onimusha

      idiots like you will always be a part of the internet

    • I dnt get whats wrong with this statement. He said some real talk

  • John

    Who cares! COD is shite anyways, and has been for years! The game is a total rip-off and everyone associated with it should feel ashamed for the way they act about it – I really don’t give two shits about this, or the other two twats that left, it doesn’t make any difference at all, just goes to show that their influence is minimal and they are not needed.

  • thelion

    COD has lost its way and the title seems to only attract one type of gamer now. MW2 was the last great game they made and I doubt if they can do it again.

    • John

      Black Ops was a much better game than MW2 – The only things that save modern warfare is the multiplayer! Black Ops is by far the better game

  • Lakers818

    he suks he kill mw3 

  • Gromit

    Good ridence to bad rubbish, he only ever served the console players and flat out ignored the PC gamers who helped build Call of Duty before it was ruined in Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3.

    Hope he burns in hell and never gets a job in the gaming or public releations sectors ever again, so glad they flushed this turd. He sure as hell won’t get a job at Respawn unless they want to commit fnacial suicide as no one will respect or buy thier product if they do hire him.

    • Rawdll

      you dont know that, yes IW does neglect PC gamers but not every decision is made by his hands. The face you see is not the only one making decisions. Lets not point fingers and ruin a name that has had great success in the gaming industry when he himself could not help it.

    • Gilgamesh

      lol You are a real dumbass, old school douchebag. He didn’t make the decisions he was a spokesperson. Decisions weren’t, in fact, made by a single person, it was a team. You seem to be one of those kiddies that get mad at community managers an PR guys, thinking they made the product with their own hands and they are responsible for all your geeky problems. I bet you aren’t very popular in real life (remember real life?).