PS3 BF3 1.04 update release time teased by DICE

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2012

Just to remind those of you who have the PS3 version of Battlefield 3, a major update is about to hit the game within the next few hours. We have now have an update from Daniel Matros, community manager at DICE on when the update is scheduled to arrive.

Firstly, if you didn’t know about the patch landing today, head back to our initial article here and familiarize yourself with what is about to land. The update is a huge one with many core changes to the game affecting vehicle and ground combat, not to mention countless tweaks to various guns and attachments as well.

We have just heard from Daniel Matros on Twitter, that the update is expected to land at around 9-10:30 UTC or 11-12:30 CET and applies to both a maintenance and client update for PS3 users. For those of you in the US looking to download the update at the earliest opportunity, that means that the update is scheduled to appear at around 5am-6:30am EST or 2am-3:30am PST. UK Battlefield 3 owners on PS3 should check to see if the update is available at around 10am.

As we mentioned in our earlier report, the update will finally do away with pesky MAV roadkill spammers, while USAS-12 users will find that their frag rounds do not work as well any more. We also can’t wait to try out the new horns on all jeeps, while it is going to be interesting to hear your feedback on the Stinger tweaks as well – DICE has now made Stinger missiles a one hit disable again to all aircraft, but reducing the range in the process.

Have fun with the update guys and let us know your thoughts on it after you have played a few rounds. Has the update appeared for you yet?

UPDATE: Well what do you know. Here in Hong Kong, the update is already available, much earlier than expected. We’re seeing that patch 1.04 is now available to download, coming in at 1068MB in size. Do you see it as well? See you on the Battlefield folks.

UPDATE 2: We’re getting a server browser error at the moment, which states that our game version doesn’t match the server browser version. Is anyone else getting this? Hopefully it will be fixed up ASAP, but at this time – no servers are working.

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  • Iplaytama

    Is anyone getting charged to re-download back to Karkand?

  • PIAZZA_444

    Getting an 80710723 Error at 99% and 2 seconds left….  Tried over 5 times now.  Updated my PS3 just fine, but BF3 sticks everytime at 99%.

  • Jaejin

    So far, HATING the patch. Major jet nerf. I used to shoot down other Jews with one cannon burst. Not, it takes me more than three. I see jets getting hit by four heat sealers and not being disabled. Wtf. wrong game modes. would enter conquest and then take me to rush game.. choppers got major nerf/buff. Four missiles to disable chopper. gunner and rocket nerf. I used to be able to dodge heat sealers in jet, not anymore. jets are not as maneuverable.stupid patch.

    • David

      I agree. Everything sucks for the patch. takes longer to repair too, guns are dramaticly less affective now than before. I do like the No count down time when the round starts. Im hating the patch too.

  • Jo Se

    FFS  EA ………….Get your act together.  I downloaded the patch then  had to  “rebuy” for free B2K  which is more F’n time wasted  ….ONLY TO HAVE MY SYSTEM LOCK -UP AT THE IN-GAME STORE…..

    I WON’T BE  TRYING THE B2K download   until  some time passes in hope that you fix these STUPID mistakes in programming…..And I won’t be buying any of the  extra  CRAP you’ve stored on my system you made download either. 

    EA ….you’re  on a slide !!!!

    • David

      you dont have to rebuy the b2k. just go to your download list in ps store and you will find it.

  • Ajbatmanh

    did it tell you guys that you had to re download the back to karkand expansion pack at no extra charge? it better not charge me again!

    • Iplaytama

      Did it try to charge you? It’s trying to charge me and I’m pissed

  • jaak noormägi

    can’t rent a server!

  • ME

    There’s a disconnect from the server now..  wow, cannot play a full game…  nice fix DICE

  • ME

    First lock up, and if I select conquest, I automatically keep getting put in rush matches…  no benefit for me yet… garbage

  • jaak noormägi

    ok, now it download only in 11 minutes.

  • Boyd

    Delete some mb of your system works great!! 😀

  • Qwerty

    is this a joke or do I really have to wait 1400++ minuts for update? have downloaded several things larger than this and its goes faster than this

    • Errmoop0

      Check your connection, if that’s not the problem, wait a for a while and try again. It may just be a problem with the update itself.

      • Qwerty

        I’m using ethernet-cable, and the connections is fine! I restarted the ps3 and it went better, but its increasing though only not in large amount of time :S…..

        • Timo Mikkonen

          Me too, same problems, just try it conectors everythig it’s ok.  Finland/europe

        • Errmoop0

          Keep giving it a try every now and then, if it’s a problem with the update it’ll be fixed soon enough. But for now I recommend you play something else. 🙂

        • Hogberg33

          Finland wery wery slow 2% in 30min and i have fiberoptic 100/100 wtf is wron with this

        • jaak noormägi

          Same here in Helsinki 😀 350 min to go 😀

  • Errmoop0

    I’m in Australia, update almost finished for me, about to find what people are raging about.

    • Errmoop0

      Everything seems fine to me, the servers are running and the game a lot more smoother than it used too. The only unfortunate thing though is that you are required to re-download the ‘Back to Karkand’ DLC. 

  • Rlkjhughes

    On Conquest you lose all your Karland Maps except Gulf Of Oman, have told EA Games and waiting for a reply, have told them I willl report this to Trading Standards as I paid for Karland

    • Je94568

      what do you mean on conquest you cant play b2k maps on conquest only gulf of oman? and will i lose all the b2k weapons that i have unlock 

  • Mr Flux

    I swear if the input lag issue isn’t fixed after this i’m going to burn my BF3 disc in a barrell of fire and perform a tribal dance around it.

    • Lala

       It isn’t..

  • NgTurbo

    I’ve had a little go at the game post-update, and I have to say I’m not really enjoying the changes so far. Helicopters seem to be not as effective as before – my guided rockets are certainly not hitting other choppers any more, plus locked on missiles are not hitting the target sometimes…..still investigating. Let me know your thoughts on the new chopper gameplay if you’ve installed the patch.

    • Rlkjhughes

      You can only  get the gulf of oman on conquest and lose the other Karkland maps

      • NgTurbo

        I see what you mean. Yeah only Gulf of Oman is available. What’s up with that?!

  • lol mine is saying 1498 minutes left… Ridiculous

  • Chris

    I am downloading this patch now (15 minutes yes) 2 bad I have to work 🙁

  • HPailing

    LOl yeah just went to play bf3 before work and oh look a 4 hour update. Theres my day ruined.

  • Tommy_moore

    I need my bf3 fix what is goin on dice let me play!!!!

  • CoryCorreia

    Same thing happened to me, and just got booted from online. I already downloaded the patch, but the maintenance will last for quite a while

  • servers are restarting at the moment.

  • ChuckDeuce

    yeah…frustrating…waited forever for this patch and now can’t get online….sucks balls

  • 123

    Getting the same error. Can’t join a multiplayer “quick match”. Why does it seem that every time DICE puts out an update some major glitch happens?

    • matonking

       lol I was waiting for something to happen. Thats one major f* up though!.

      Do they actually own a PS3 to play test on???

  • Rob-mclaren-fan

    23 minutes to download 1000mb? It will take me 3 hours!

  • Same here (in Korea): Game version doesn’t match after update. 

  • Girlsman619

    Yeah i cant play on9 too :'(