WWE 13 has a few old school surprises

If own a copy of WWE 12 and are already looking forward to the next game, we may have some rather exciting news for you. The game is obviously a long way off from release yet, but we could have just had the confirmation of two old school surprises that will definitely please a lot of you.

While WWE 12 is a solid game, there are some complaints that it doesn’t offer enough old school wrestlers, and it appears that THQ may planning to address this for their next game. One such old school wrestler is undoubtedly the Road Dogg, who was one of the key figures in the popular and now unfortunately ancient ‘attitude’ era of WWE.

Road Dogg is now contracted to the WWE officially and appears in their ‘Are you Serious’ video show on YouTube. It appears that he has let slip about his appearance in the next WWE game, as after a fan asked him if he was featured in WWE 13, he replied straight out with ‘already done the voiceovers’. The fact that he is even included in the game is exciting enough, but voiceovers seems to imply that he may be featured in some sort of WWE 13 storyline mode as well, which would obviously be awesome.

You’re probably asking, well what about his tag team partner as well – Billy Gunn? It looks like THQ are set to include him in the game too, as Road Dogg also revealed on his Twitter account that Monty Sopp (Billy Gunn’s real name) is in the game. Both tweets have since been deleted.

That means of course that WWE 13 will officially include the New Age Outlaws tag team in the game. Going back to the mention of voiceovers though – how great would it be if THQ are planning to include a full blown attitude era mode in the game, does it mean that they are currently recruiting other old school superstars to apply their voiceovers as well? We read on Twitter recently that Sean Waltman aka X-Pac wasn’t too happy with the offer that THQ gave him for his inclusion in WWE 13, so we hope that it has now been settled and that he’s another name that we can add to the old school list.

What other wrestlers from the attitude era can we look forward to seeing perhaps? Give us your thoughts and ideas on a potential attitude era story mode in WWE 13.



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