The Sims FreePlay: Get married and have a baby

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 26, 2012

Certain franchises can make the transition between platforms and others kind of make it, although with a lot less success, but when it comes to The Sims we’ve seen great success across multiple platforms. This includes Android and iPhone mobile OS, home consoles and handhelds but currently no sign for a future release on the PS Vita.

The latest offering for Android and iOS is “The Sims FreePlay“, although some features were missing when the app first released and on PC platforms you could easily cheat when you want to add extras, but this is not really possible on closed software like iOS, so users took to the comments on App Stores like iTunes and broadcasted the features they wanted most.

When gamers get what they want – following an update early this month, to v2.0, we now find The Sims FreePlay with abilities to get married and have a baby. It’s great to see requests for weddings and having children being answered, and in EA’s own words “you want it – you got it“. This has delighted fans of the game and we can see this by ratings jumping higher on the latest update, not to mention comments like “get married and have kids makes The Sims FreePlay the best game ever“.

If you’re stuck on how to get married in the game just make sure you work on the romantic interactions, which should lead to a prompt coming up that allows for additional bonus LP so you can get a ring and start making babies. Even after marriage it’s good to keep the romance going, which in turn unlocks new stuff.

Have you got married in The Sims FreePlay, and what do you think of this latest version? Are the in-app purchases worth it? We’ve included 20 minutes of gameplay for this app in a video below, although remember this is before the latest v2.0 update.

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  • Karen Banks

    What romantic actions? I’m only a level 3 tho. Does that matter? I wanna get a baby sim now.

  • tete

    Two of my sims are married and idk what to do next the thing is already full what do I do any ideas?????????

  • Erline Morgan

    Hi guys! I have The Sims FreePlay and I’m on level 8, I have 4 sims, 2 of them are married but the goal that says “HAVE A BABY” still didn’t appear! What should I do?? Did I do something wrong?? Please help, I desperately want to have a baby on The Sims FreePlay!

    • tete

      Buy a crib on infant then click on the crib and add a bay and wait one day till the baby arrive right now I have a baby and a kid

      • 3lsb3ls

        I knew how to do this on my old iPad but I got a new iPod (the newest one there is) las Christmas and I downloaded sims freeplay straight away, it was all laid out differently even though it was the same game and when u go onto the shop thing there isn’t an infant section and I don’t know what to do can someone please help!

  • Joana

    My sims are stuck I can´t move them… what can I do ? Please anyone can help me??

  • secret

    1 im on level 15 sims freeplay i play on  my ipod touch and i still havent gotten 2 sims married goal thing. 2 when i buy a new ipod how do i transfer my sims data?

  • Layla

    I’ve tired everything but it’s not working I kicked one of my sims out so I can move my guy sim in to the other house and ask him to move in but it’s saying I can’t do that because they r already married..Idont know what to do I’m stuck

    • secret

      u have to get a girl that is single and a guy that is single and make them partners then ask the other sim to move in. dont move in before they get married cause then they have to move out then move in again. getting married is one of the goals so when u get to it u should get some instruction how. u usually get that around level 12 but im in level 15 and STILL WATING. hope this helped 😀

  • Lisa

    I have married my sims but the goal says have the finance asks the sims to move in — well they already live together before they were engaged and now they are married but I can’t get through the goal…. any ideas?  I’m playing on my droid

    • Do

      I made the same mistake of moving the sims in together before they got engaged. I overcame the problem by relocating one of the sims to a free house that was vacated when I moved them all I in together and then you get one to ask the other to move in. Make sure the one that does the asking is where you want the couple to live. It costs 5000simoleons to relocate the one sim to do this, but it works.

  • Mariabrizuela14

    how do i get the update for the sims free play marriage and babies i only have the easter one 🙁

    • secret

      u should have a updates section in ur app store app. at the bottom right.

  • Dfoster041

    Love the game. Got up to level 25 and did the Marriage update and everything was fine. Yesterday fot another update for Easter which I downloaded. Completed the download, played the game for about another hour, turned off my ipad 2 until this morning and when I clicked on the Freeplay icon the screen say loading….. It’s been trying to load all day.  All of my other apps are fine. I want to play my game and really don’t want to lose my levels and money. Any suggestions?

    • Mariabrizuela14

      how do you get the sims free play marriage and babies i only got the easter one

      • Martina

        When you complete the goal where it says: ”Play with RC boat between 12 and 2 pm” you will have to complete goal where it says: ”Engage two sims”, then they will give you to choose a ring and then you will need to put two sims into the same house and marry them. After that, you can have a baby, actually you have to buy a crib they you have to wait 24 hours for baby to come and that’s it! 🙂 But, it depends what goal you are completing now 😉 Right now I’m waiting for that baby and I’m on level 20.
        The hardest thing was to collect 50 lp to buy RC boat in hobby shop :/ . Hope i helped :D.

    • secret

      i dont think u will