Shocking Silent Hill HD Collection fog effects anger gamers

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2012

It has come to our attention that the recently released Silent Hill HD collection has come under fire from gamers, who are complaining that Konami has done a very lazy job in transferring the graphics from the PS2 over to HD quality.

The Silent Hill HD Collection includes remastered versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3, both of which originally appeared on the PS2. However, players have discovered that the fog effects that are a key aspect of the game are inexplicably missing from the HD collection, resulting in an outcome which actually makes the PS2 originals look better – if you can believe that.

Screenshots have been releasing showing the HD collection and the PS2 originals side-by-side and it gives you an exact idea of the lack of effort that has gone into the remasters. There isn’t really any difference in quality which makes the HD collection stand out from the PS2 originals released back in 2001 and 2003.

In a further twist, one of the original developers for the PS2 games who didn’t work on the HD collection has spoken on Twitter, expressing his disappointment when being shown the same screenshots and lack of fog effects on the HD version. He now works as a freelance artist and thinks that Konami needs to release a patch to the game in order to put things right, as noted by Eurogamer.

He also mentioned that the poor graphics conversion could be down to difficulty with the PS3 hardware, but we have a feeling that he is just being as kind as possible to his former colleagues – there’s no excusing those screenshots as you see below. The game is already out in the US, but those of you in Europe still have time to make your mind up on the game as it’s out at the end of his month.

Are you disappointed with the quality of the Silent Hill HD Collection? The PS1 original remains one of my favorite games ever – took me forever to figure out that you had to put the pink rubber ball in the gutter on the roof!

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  • I from Argentina. I fan the silent hill series, 1 2 3. The same thing
    happen to me. I very angry. Why they do this, that things have to
    controled before selling.

  • julian

    i’m in the middle of silent hill 3 right now on the ps3. the lag actually got so bad that the game crashed. i had to reset my system. the fog is so terrible looking on silent hill 2, and the voices are occasionally off. this is inexcusable. it should be reasonably expected that these two games would look and run better than they did on the ps2. sadly this is not the case. it is not right for the company to put these games out in such bad shape. i downloaded quite a large patch, but i still suffer from constant lag (outside) and tons of lag when i encounter more than one enemy at a time. i was looking forward to enjoying these games again. please please patch these games quickly. i don’t want to have wasted my money on this collection. it also seems ill-spirited to release such a marred collection of games that have such a loyal cult following. throw us a bone and fix the game. let these games shine like they deserve to. 

  • Andy

    As a long time fan of the series I am exasperated at this turn of events.I don’t have a ps2 anymore and so I was looking forward to entering Silent Hill again in HD glory after all these years.I’m from Europe and so the game is not out here yet but I’m glad I checked State side what the reaction to the finished product was first.Apparently the fog effects are not the only problem with this flawed reincarnation of Silent Hill 2 and 3.They also have frame rate issues, voices out of sync during cutscenes and texture problems.I certainly won’t be giving Konami a cent for such a below par release as this.I cannot but sigh at the glory of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection in comparison to this travesty.Overall disappointed in Konami and their disrespect for two games that made bundles for them in the past.My advice is stick with your ps2 copies and wait in the hope that a better HD remake or patch is released.RIP Silent Hill HD collection!!!