Inspirational Citroen DS9 eye candy

Citroen knows that if they have any hope of competing with the likes of Mercedes and BMW then they will need to offer drivers something special, and they believe the Citroen DS9 to be it. We have to say that some of the recent spy shots of this car certainly look inspirational; we just hope that the French maker is able to deliver on their promise.

We already knew what the car was going to look like from some concept images, but was finally nice to see the first pictures of Citroen’s flagship model on the streets ahead of its big unveiling during the Beijing Motor Show. The images that you can see either here or in one of the videos below gives you the chance to see the actual first shots, and it’s easy to see that the DS9 has been inspired by the concept C6-based Metropolis.

There have already been a few production DS models for Europe, these are the DS3, DS4 and the DS5; all are good in their own way but nothing like the DS9. We have yet to receive any firm details on specs, what the interior will look like or even price – let’s hope that Citroen feel a little generous next month.

According to one report we should expect a spacious interior, well they need to because this car will be aimed at the Chinese business market. This is a shrewd move by Citroen because it’s a known fact that the Chinese auto market is growing at an alarming rate and big automakers need to stay ahead of the game, as Chinese car manufactures are also trying to prosper, even if their vehicles are inferior – for now.

Back to the car itself, we do expect the DS9 to be powered by a 2-liter V6 engine but will get additional power from an electric motor, the two should be able to deliver around 460bhp and give off just 70g/km of CO2 emissions, which would be pretty impressive for such a large car.

Because the DS9 is still in the concept stage a number of things that you see in those images and videos may not make it to the production model, two things that could be lost are those wing mirrors and even those awesome looking wheels – well they’re not practical for the business market. However, we do expect the design of the DS9 to stay pretty much the same – well we hope.



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