Inadequate Wii U hardware may struggle against PS4, next Xbox

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2012

Nintendo are continuing to remain silent on the hardware specifications featured inside their upcoming Wii U console, but for those of you were under the impression that it would be able to go toe to toe with next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft may be in for a big shock.

You may be thinking, hang on a minute – Nintendo’s Wii U graphics presentation at E3 2011 was pretty amazing? But according to one developer who are already well underway in designing one of the Wii U’s expected launch titles, the quality of the game is just going to be on par with current gen consoles seen with the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The developer in question is Marvin Donald, game director for the Wii U version of Darksiders 2. In an interview with GameReactor he has said that the Wii U is ‘pretty much the same’ as current platforms, even confirming that they will not be upscaling the game in any way on the new console – Darksiders 2 is set for release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC this June just so you’re aware.

Donald also spoke about ‘limitations on the Wii U based on Nintendo’s progress’, but did say that the Wii U version of the game will differ significantly thanks to the use of the unique touchscreen controller – which Donald and Vigil Games are definitely planning to make use of.

With the fact that we’re still no nearer to knowing when the next PlayStation or Xbox will release, is this an indication that Nintendo’s Wii U is going to be severely lacking in the hardware department when Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles finally arrive? Nintendo are obviously aiming to attract some of those lost hardcore gamers with the Wii U, but we’d hate to think that the console will end up suffering once Sony and Microsoft finalize their plans. Surely, the Wii U is all that Nintendo has in their pipeline at the moment and it will be this console that goes head to head with the PS4 and the Xbox ‘720’.

Does Nintendo and their Wii U have what it takes to compete with the next-generation consoles? Based on what this Darksiders 2 dev has just said, perhaps not.

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  • you’re right. these gimmicks are the future. for accessories. remember the light gun? and the chainsaw controller? these are the reasons I started playing on the TRUE hardcore gaming machine, the PC

    • Yab1998

      Please… All PC has is better GFX none of the best exclusives and more expense

  • Victor

    I thought this sounded odd because everyone including Vigil had been stating for a while that the Wii U was a good deal more powerful than current gen. It does seems as though he is speaking of the game graphics not console. As in they want more time with.the controller. I can appreciate that goodness. So, really internet media is just flaming nintendo again eh?

  • Buckymills

    By the sounds of it he has been taken way out of context he’s talking this game only which was in development for the other consoles before Wii U its been stated by quit a few other developers that it’s more powerfull than both current gen systems

  • Matt

    ^^ What he said. Not to mention that Vigil has previously stated that the Wii U is much more powerful than the PS360, so why take this one little line that someone who doesn’t work with the hardware said totally out of context and run with the story? Overall, this is pretty flimsy journalism.

  • Colin

    Interesting theory but just one problem. The least powerful console has often been the best selling and had the biggest install base. See, PS1, PS2, DS etc.

    Face facts people: next gen consoles will rely on gimmicks. We have reached a gap technically. 1080p is what next gen consoles should aim for. You guys aren’t being realistic in the slightest. Regardless of if you “hardcore” gamers want to accept it, motion control gimmicks are being pushed more and more. How powerful do casual systems need to be? Thats the question you should be asking yourself.

    Whether you like it or not the casual market is just too big to ignore. MS is throwing so much at this Kinect it feels like they’ve lost touch with their fan base. Sony can’t afford that type of leap. I think you guys expecting a large jump next gen are going to be crying next year because apparently Kinect is the future.

    Nintendo said the same thing 6 years ago. Then they saw that casuals can’t be relied on in the long term. The sooner MS realise this the better. 720 is going to try to appeal to casuals as well and you hardcore gamers think specs won’t take a hit because of that?

    Open your eyes people! THESE GIMMICKS ARE WHAT NEXT GEN IS ALL ABOUT! You will laugh at me now but come E3 2013 you’ll be seeing exactly what I meant.