GTA V main character nailed, 32-man multiplayer claims

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2012

There has been some pretty big GTA 5 rumors in the past, but this one perhaps eclipses them all. A major leak is now surfacing online from an alleged ex-employee of Rockstar, who is claiming to have inside information on the upcoming game.

A lengthy post from the user in question detailing all of the leaked information was uploaded to GameSpot. This information has now been deleted by GameSpot themselves who question the authenticity of the material, but thanks to Google cache the details have now been saved for you to have a look through.

There’s obviously some major spoilers in there as well if true. We’re hearing that the main character of the game could well end up being Albert de Silva, who you may have spotted in the first official trailer for the game a few months back. When talking about the size of the GTA V map – the tipster has revealed that the map in the next game will be ‘five times the size of GTA IV’ – pretty incredible if this turns out to be accurate.

That’s not the only incredible feature of the game though, as GTA V may have support for a 32-player online multiplayer mode on console as well. Specific details and modes haven’t been mentioned, but the GameSpot tipster did mention support for Gangs similar to that in Red Dead Redemption.

There’s tons more details through the cache link, but we’re just picking out some of the major points here – there is also the possibility of a playable demo being shown at E3 2012, but the full game may not release until sometime in May 2013.

Obviously this is very much a rumor at this point, but the information does sound promising. Treat it with a pinch of salt for now and hopefully Rockstar may have something to say about it later this week – which rumor sticks the most for you? We would be surprised at a 2013 May release after so much expectation that the game will be arriving this year, but as we have seen with The Last of Us – developers need time to perfect the game as much as possible. Regardless of the timing of the game, I think it’s fair to say that we’re in for one hell of a ride. Come on Rockstar, say something.

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  • None of it is true at the moment. This is the same crap we heard when the trailer was almost released.

  • Daveph

    it cant be a 2013 release after bringing us a trailer in 2011 thats would be unfare to leave us all talking about it for over a year till release

    • Mike

      yes it can look at some other games that were announced 2 or 3 years prior to release, for example prototype 2 was announced in 2010 and its coming out next week, inSANE was anouced at the 2010 VGA’s and its coming out in 2013. so it is possible that GTA V wont be out till next year.

  • dmax

    It’s a rubbish “leak”. The confidentiality of  an employee’s contract would remain valid even (and especially) after dismissal. 

  • John

    The leak seemed a little believable at first, but when they mentioned that the protagonist can take drugs, I immediately thought that the information was being made up. I don’t think R* would put that in a game that is expected so sell so well. 

    • Eminem

      We will never know if any of this is true until R* drops the game, GTA V will probably be the best game ever!

    • RJ

      GTA SA had drugs in it, why wouldn’t this?

      • rabbit

        what GTA game has ever had the main character taking drugs in it? they always say ‘naw, not for me’ or something – the characters who use drugs are the ones who die.

        • In Vice City, there was little pill icons all over the place that slowed down time. Not part of the main story but blatantly drugs.

    • Donald Trump

      as this is a leak, i expected stuff that would be untrue/exaggerated, but the drug stuff wasn’t what caught me off guard, as we have had exposure to such things in past GTAs, i.e. in SA when you burn down the plantation in The Truth’s mission “Are You Going To San Fierro?” the camera begins to shake, and don’t forget the drinking in GTA IV. the E3 demo is where he gets sloppy – rockstar never brings playable demos to conventions, only to closed press events, and rarely.