Explaining Apple TV 3 jailbreak necessity, XBMC

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 26, 2012

When you upgrade to the latest Apple TV 3 it can be hard to understand why others would want to jailbreak a brand new device, although this is a no-brainier for those that have a certain feature they want installed, which can only come thanks to a jailbreak. We’ve owned every Apple TV since the first generation, and every iPad and iPhone without jailbreaking any of these devices.

Understanding the jailbreak necessity when it comes to Apple TV 3 – there are some extremely useful enhancements to be had if you jailbreak your Apple device, and one of these is XBMC. Xbox 360 owners might have heard about XBMC 11 (aka Eden) update, which has been in development for over a year, but the form of XBMC that can be installed on jailbroken Apple TV’s is a little different but still offers expanded abilities for creating the almost perfect multimedia center for Apple TV 3.

If you’re new to XBMC then we suggest you watch the video below this article, which gives you a visual look at an Apple TV 2 with XBMC installed, and this could help to open up your mind for what is possible with addons via new firmware.

Extra support for videos – one of the main reasons users jailbreak their Apple TV is for videos, which allows for a lot more support with different codecs. Some users store videos they have taken in their chosen format, which are then supported by XBMC and were not previously compatible with the standard Apple TV OS. You can get information on how to jailbreak the Apple TV 2 in this article, although at the time of writing it’s not possible to jailbreak the 3rd generation Apple TV.

Why would you want to jailbreak Apple TV 3? We’d love to hear your reasons for jailbreaking the latest Apple TV, also have you held out buying the new device thanks to the lack of a jailbreak? Another issue with encoding videos to work within the Apple environment is time, and encoding from AVI to MP4 can take a lot of unneeded time but also lose quality in come cases. This forum also has a lot of reasons why some people jailbreak, so have a read and let us know what you think in the comments.

Remember the negatives – it’s not always plain sailing and we’ve heard reports of users not being able to stream content from their iTunes accounts after jailbreaking, also performance has been affected as well. Doing this to your new Apple TV would be at your own risk and something we’d never recommend at Product-Reviews.net, even if Apple does lack a lot of features that could have been added easily in the first place. It’s worth pointing out that in most cases you can restore Apple TV to the factory settings in a couple of clicks.

More stories on Apple TV: You can read a little about changes that are needed for the next Apple TV 5.1 update here, see a teardown of the new Apple TV 3 via this article, and understand a little about the implications of Netflix enhancements.

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  • Gitte

    Okay.. so how do you jailbreak it?

  • Neil Mcvicar

    I bought the new Apple TV as soon as it came out, but it is sitting on my bedside table waiting for a Jailbreak. My Jailbreak-ed  ATV 2 can stream avi files direct from my nas, watch programs from the BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and stream RSS feeds for news and weather as well as a ton of stuff I can’t remember or don’t use. The ATV3 out of the box can stream movies from iTunes if I have my computer on… whoopy do.
    I will be selling one of them on in about a month…which one depends solely on a Jailbreak solution for the 3 being available.

    • Me1234

      are you in the UK? if not, how do you get the iplayer to work on ATV? I use a proxy on my ipad to watch iplayer but how does it work on ATV

  • Me1234

    I have always jailbroken my Apple TVs and have never had any slow downs or playback issues with the devices, unless trying to decode a 1080p file on the ATV2 (which its processor and limited RAm cannot handle) I still own the original ATV with a Crystal broadcom HD decoder card installed in it, have been playing 1080p MKV files for years, thanks to XBMC. I just purchased the new ATV and with the increased RAM and A5 chip, I hope it gets jailbroken soon as playback of true 1080p files will be smooth as fcuk

  • Harley

    XBMC does not run on Xbox 360, only the original Xbox, so don’t assume owners of Xbox 360 know what XBMC is ;P