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Sony Tablet S receives Ice Cream Sandwich update next month

We have some good news for those of you who opted for the Sony Tablet S, as Sony has just confirmed a great bit of news over in Japan. The Tablet S along with its smaller brother the Tablet P will both be receiving an official update to the latest version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

This is sure to put a smile on the faces of the early adopters who splashed out on this adventurous tablet ahead of the likes of an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. According to a company press release, the update will be rolling out for both devices at the end of April so until then, you’ll be stuck on Honeycomb.

Like Honeycomb in its current state, you should expect to see minimal changes from Sony as they look to preserve the stock Ice Cream Sandwich UI feel as much as possible. One major change that we do know is coming though is the addition of a small apps widget which will allow users to open up smaller apps such as the calculator, on top of apps already open such as Google Maps.

The update is also coming to Sony’s clamshell DS-style Tablet P device, as well as the availability of a WiFi-only version set to retail at $600. There will also be a choice of colorful interchangeable covers that you can swap out at ease, which will be priced at around $60 a pop.

The Tablet S clearly has a very select community right now, but if Sony improve on their official update rollouts, the tablet may prove to be a great little device later on in the year. We certainly enjoyed our time playing Crash Bandicoot on the built in PS1 emulator, but we would like to see some kind of PS Vita interaction next.



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