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Samsung Galaxy Note ICS update delayed, but will be worth the wait

We have just informed you about Sony’s Ice Cream Sandwich update plans for their Tablet S and Tablet P devices, but now we have some important news for those you with a Samsung Galaxy Note who have been waiting patiently for update news of your own.

We’ll get the bad news out of the way first, as Samsung has confirmed that the Android 4.0 update will not be releasing in the first quarter of 2012 as initially stated. The company has now delayed the update and will be ready for release sometime during Q2, but they have given Note owners reason for optimism.

ICS will come as part of a major update which they have dubbed the Premium Suite. Aside from the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, the device will also offer some brand new applications to check out which have been specifically designed for use with the Note’s Pen S stylus. One of these apps will be called My Story and will allow users to create personalized digital cards using hand-drawn notes, photos taken on the Note and also voice messages as well.

Another of the apps which users will find useful is the S Note app, a writing-based app which supplies you with various templates to compile notes in a stylish format.

While it is obviously disappointing that Ice Cream Sandwich has been delayed, it’s nice to see Samsung supporting the device with four brand new unique apps to use which will help to distinguish the device further from other smartphones on the market. Additional details on the Premium Suite can be found at Samsung’s press release here – there’s some information on Angry Birds Space too for those that are interested.

What are your thoughts on the delay folks – willing to wait another few months for this or not?



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