New Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots show breathtaking graphics

If you were under any doubt that Assassin’s Creed 3 is going one of this year’s most impressive games from a visual point of view, some new screenshots released early this week once again solidifies this.

After Ubisoft unveiled an initial batch of screenshots for the upcoming game, we thought at the time that this is the finest that an Assassin’s Creed game has ever looked. However, there is one new screenshot in particular that has been released which is nothing short of mindblowing, and just shows how far Ubisoft have developed their graphics engine since AC1. The image we’re talking about is another wilderness shot and shows the new hero Connor dealing with members of the British army with a beautiful backdrop.

The screenshots have been uploaded to leak specialists All Games Beta and trace back to Spanish site GremiodelasSombras. We’re guessing that Ubisoft are planning to make these official soon, but since they have now been plastered all over the internet, we may even see high resolution versions of the shots later on today.

There’s six new images in total, with each showing off a different location setting within the American Revolution storyline. There’s even a fantastic shot showing Connor in a canoe, which also blew us away when we saw it for the first time. Obviously these are not going to be in-game graphics, but we’ll be happy seeing this kind of quality during cutscenes.

Let’s hope it won’t be too long until we see the very first gameplay trailer for the game. We have a feeling that Ubisoft may keep us waiting until E3 2012 for this, but we don’t mind waiting as long as they keep these frequent screenshots coming. Check out all the images over at All Games Beta – we’ll add them here when Ubisoft has given the official go ahead.



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