MW3 double xp weekend also fixes matchmaking problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2012

Attention all Modern Warfare 3 players, as we have some good news for those of you who are struggling to rank up quick enough. Infinity Ward has announced a brand new double xp incentive for the game and it will be kicking off this weekend.

If you are trying to reach a certain prestige level in the game, there will be no better time to do so starting from Friday. We’ve noticed on Robert Bowling’s Twitter account that he has stated that the double xp will come into effect from 2AM PT.

The double xp effect will be live on all MW3 multiplayer playlists and will continue until sometime on Monday. Robert Bowling has also mentioned that the update will also improve on matchmaking as well so that is a little nice extra for those that are having problems getting into a game.

Just to point out, double xp will be going live on the PS3 and PC versions of the game as well, just in case you were presuming that this was yet another little bonus for Xbox 360 Elite members. There’s still no updates from Infinity Ward regarding the Black Box glitches that we told you about earlier this week – we’re guessing they are still working out how to fix the issues up.

The good news is that double xp will come into effect via a hot fix, meaning that you won’t have to install any sort of patch update to take advantage of the double xp. Do you now think that this weekend will see you get that elusive 10th prestige, or do you still have a long way to go?

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  • Tray Caddy

    I think I was getting double xp on Friday cause I was getting 200 points for kills and like 400 for defends in Dom

  • Governor

    IIt really dosnt matter, the stats are never right, count your Kills and see what it sais ING. I’ve gotten double and triple kills at beginning of the game and a lot of the time it doesn’t even go on. I’ll still have 0/ or whatever I had beforehand. The premium elite site hasn’t been fully functional since day 1. Free elite works fine on my free account. All over priced. I’m c.o.d.’d out. Saints row, skyrim, time to get down. Oh ya and almost never does the final/ game winning kill go on the stats. I had 3 yesterday, and I started with 4 in the stats. It now says, 5.. last c.o.d. I drop a dime on. Tired of the b.s.

  • Rico_alonzo

    Super bad lag over the weekend. Also everybody is turning into super campers! People are camping like I’ve never seen before and the match making sucks. I’m not seeing the double xp like I thought there would be.

  • Steveastanley

    ..TRUST ME…NOT HAPPENIN’!!!  Hype and Bull!!! NO DOUBLE XP and MATCHUPS are horribly weighted in favor of Prestige loading.  If you have an anything below 80, an 80 or Prestige level 1 or two, you’re getting jacked into a firefight against everything above and set up for a slaughter.   

    • all bs aside i have been on and off of the game since fri night.  no double xp, and the loading, skipping, lag time, etc is worse.  wtf is up!?!?!

  • Callmejlo

    do we need elite premium to get the double xp this weekend?

  • Chino1ne

    You are all nerds. Thats all there is to it.

  • Blahblahblahgaming

    Does anyone know if this Double XP affects Spec Ops/Survival?

    • Loganbrinton

      when does it start???? and do you have to update anything??? please somebody tell me

  • randomsonydude

    If I have double xp on my account and get double xp on the weekend will it be 4x xp ?


      Does anyone know if double xp weekend will work if im in my pajamas and eating a pop tart?

    • Takemyadvice24


  • Thataboy85

    Just give me what they promised when I purchased Elite premium,DLC every month! Not waiting for Xbox to get it first! Someone should get a class action suit going for these liars!!!!

    • Jones Yusuf

      they never said that idiot

      • but they did say that ps3 premium members would get dlc before non premium members but now non premium xbox users can download the 2 maps that premium members on the ps3 still dont have

        • Guest

          But Anyone whos been with Cod since Call of duty 4 Knows that Activision and Microsoft have a deal which entitles them to content first much like Ps3 gets BF content first. stop complaining you still get what you pay for.

  • jfpenni

    haha ive been 15th prestige since a week after they added them.

    • Guest

      That’s cause you play too damn much

  • Johnnybegood

    bturner032002 – there’s no 12th prestige in MW3.

    • Scottkurtz

      they moved to 15 on the last dlc

    • Quinn342

      yeah there’s 15 prestiges at mo but iheard there gonna make it 20 sum time this year

    • Jakemills999

      yes there is when ps3 updated to get elite drop 1 & 2 they added 5 more prestiges

  • bturner032002

    im on 12th prestige already.  Hope to make it to 15 by the end of the weekend.

    ps3 bturner032002