The Amazing Spiderman looks great, silly dubstep music not needed

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2012

If you haven’t heard, Activision is planning to release yet another Spiderman game to coincide with the upcoming movie reboot of Marvel’s Spiderman franchise. The Amazing Spiderman carries the same name as the movie and you may be surprised to hear this, but it actually looks very good.

You may be thinking, here we go again – another failed movie-based game from Activision, but after watching some initial gameplay teaser previews, you are probably willing to change your minds like we did.

For the first time since we can remember, The Amazing Spiderman finally brings back true open world gameplay, with Spidey now given the freedom to swing past skyscrapers and office blocks that we didn’t see in Spiderman: Edge of Time. The game will be handled by the same developers from the previous two Spiderman games in Beenox, but we’re pleased to report that it looks like they have now gone back to the drawing board since Shattered Dimensions and delivered a game that Spiderman fans will actually be happy with.

The graphics are looking top notch this time around, but if there was one early criticism to note, it’s the use of dubstep music, which developers seem to think will add a few brownie points to their trailers. NetherRealm Studios used dubstep in Mortal Kombat which actually wasn’t so bad, however EA’s use of dubstep in their most recent Battlefield 3 destruction trailer for Close Quarters was a terrible idea. Putting dubstep into new teasers for Spiderman is embarrassing though in our opinion – it just doesn’t fit at all. What’s wrong continuing with the epic orchestra style music that you used for the very first Amazing Spiderman teaser Beenox? – that was great.

We’ve added both trailers below so you can see exactly what we’re talking about here. Do you think the dubstep fits with Spiderman swinging around the city? Because we certainly don’t. With the music aside though, we can’t wait to go hands-on with this game before release later this year. We haven’t played a decent Spiderman game since the excellent PS1 title developed by Neversoft, so hopefully this one delivers and won’t end up like those shocking Thor and Captain America games. Have any other games been given the dubstep treatment recently that you can remember?

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  • t0mmyb0y

    It’s a sample track for a short trailer. It would have been better if it was a better track, and synced with the editing a nicer, but it worked ok.

  • NgTurbo

    mixed emotions here I can see.. thanks for the feedback guys. 🙂

  • Steve

    This is SO fitting for Spider Man. Did you not play Spider Man on the NES? The series has had this kind of music since its inception.

  • Dubstep is a ‘popular’ music.  Expect to start seeing it everywhere, even McDonald commercials.  

    I am not a big fan of dubstep, but did feel it fit in very nice with the second trailer.  I am not sure what your criticism really is.

    • Snake Plissken

      Maybe it’s because everyone doesn’t have the same music taste…

  • I actually like Shattered Dimensions, it’s my favorite next to the PS1 game and Ultimate Spider-Man for PS2. It was the first decent Spider-Man game in YEARS. It was Edge of Time that they failed to get their head in the game (had an awesome story and cgi though). As for the dubstep music in the trailer, yeah I agree, it doesn’t fit Spider-Man at all. Alt. Rock or like you said epic orchestra music I think fits best.

  • I like Dubstep. And the fact you are complaining about music over a trailer must mean you have a really really really slow day. The thing you should be moaning about is why do spiderman games need robots. :L They are pointless.

  • YouDontSay

    The Uncharted 3 trailer used dubstep. Skrillex specifically. It worked i thought anyways. much more pronounced in that trailer than these ones. 

  • Pcstraw

    I think it worked in some places, not in others. 

  • The_Moniest

    I dig dubstep, and would like to see it in more games. That track was lame though, and didn’t fit the trailer very well.

  • Luís Rosales

    Eh I’m a fan of Dubstep, and there are so many good tracks out there that they could have replaced the one they’ve used.

  • Wigwam85

    ahahahaha why why why did they choose that music!? is this game made in a london basement?

    • Pcstraw

      Next time say “…made in a London council flat” instead.

  • Starwars_junkie77

    No, the best Spider-Man game has been Spider-Man 2. It had the ideal open world feel that the next one MUST go beyond, which will be extremely hard to beat.

  • Jonoc33

    I think it sounded great. Captured the action of it. Poor choice of dubstep though.

  • Snake Plissken

    Finally, a news source that doesn’t like Dubsh!t too. While I now like this site, you might want to correct a common misspelling though.


  • Wow.  Even “news” sites are getting on the trend to hate dubstep.  The game looks great and the music went perfectly with the trailer without a doubt.  This article is silly.

    • Snake Plissken

      Dubstep shouldn’t be considered a genre of music. It needs to fade out, quickly.

  • Looks good from the preview.  Hopefully it has standing power.