Talk with Simsimi: App battles Android and iPhone abuse

By Peter Chubb - Mar 22, 2012

Since the launch of the App Store we have seen some amazing apps released that just seems to make us laugh and have fun, yes there are a ton of games like Angry Birds and Temple Run but we love the little gimmicky ones that just puts a smile on our face, such as the those that allows you to talk and interact with them. If you are looking for something like this then maybe you should talk with Simsimi?

As with all apps they always seem to be in a constant battle between Apple and Android but there seems to be some unison between the two these days, and that is how some users think that teaching Simsimi abuse is fun. Okay, it’s obvious that this was always going to happen but we can’t help feel that such a fun app is now being spoiled, although we have to remember that it’s down to each user what they wish to teach their little friend.

To get an idea of the kind of abuse that people have been subjecting Simsimi to then we suggest you watch the first video we have embedded for you below, although we have to warn that some of what is said can be insulting to some.

If your child is going to use Simsimi or you hate all the abuse then do not worry because you are able to turn on or off the Bad Expression Filter, which you can do in Settings. We have tried the app and while it was fun for a while it doesn’t take long for the novelty factor to wear off – maybe that’s why some users have decided to get abusive instead?

There were a few known issues with the app, such as being timed out because of busy servers amongst others, but you’ll pleased to know that SimSimi Inc. released version 3.6 on March 6, 2012 to resolve those issues.

For those who have never used Simsimi before then we suggest you view the second video, which is a review of just how the app works. We just have to point out this is the previous version so will notice one or two bugs with the app in the footage.

One of the most interesting videos we found is the one where they manage to interact with Simsimi via Siri, now we have no idea how they are doing this so if you can enlighten our readers then that would be great?

How long will it be before the novelty factor of Simsimi wears off, just like it has with Siri for me?

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