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Surprising Samsung Galaxy S III release date hints from China

We have yet more Samsung Galaxy S III whispers to share with you now, but this one is more than just a whisper. It has been been reported that the president of Samsung in China has apparently gone on record and said that the device will officially launch in April.

You may remember an initial denial from Samsung about the Galaxy S III releasing next month, as previous speculation had the device down for a release sometime in May instead. Samsung China president Kim Young-Ha believes otherwise though, and this is obviously the first time that an official figure so high up in the Samsung hierarchy has said anything regarding a release for their next flagship smartphone.

Will this now prompt some sort of statement from Samsung US or will they again distance themselves from the comments that have just been made by one of their own. It does seem odd that this would surface out of China rather than Korea or the US first – or was Kim Young-Ha simply too excited to keep his lips firmly shut when under pressure by eager reporters?

After so many teases in the last few weeks though, we just hope this has some substance to it as it’s going to be a blow to fans if this turns out to be another hoax. If Kim Young-Ha is telling the truth though, it means that we are just a month away from seeing Samsung’s very first quad-core smartphone – what an occasion that is going to be.

Are you holding off from any new smartphone purchases until official details on the Galaxy S III have been outed?



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