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DatPiff mixtape app missed on iPhone, still on Android

If you are a big music lover, there’s a good chance that you are a fan of DatPiff, a great source to supply yourself with endless mixtapes from some of the world’s biggest artists, as well as some impressive underground talent.

DatPiff has been available as a streaming app on the internet for a long time now, but the beauty of the service is being able to take it with you on the move via a completely free app available on a collection of mobile platforms.

A DatPiff app was initially available on the iPhone from the app store, but for some mysterious reason Apple has completely removed the app and the only way to get it now is with a jailbroken device and from the Cydia store. We say mysterious, but actually we know too well that Apple has removed it as it essentially allows for free music tracks to be streamed, and that’s a big no no from their point of view since they can’t make any money from it, not to mention the app violating all sorts of copyrighted laws from music labels as well.

Tell that to iPhone owners though who are very frustrated by the removal, especially since Google apparently has no problem keeping the DatPiff Android app up on the Android Market, sorry the Google Play store. The app is also available on the likes of the BlackBerry Playbook, Windows Phone 7 devices and even the Palm Pre too.

At the moment it’s just Apple who are keeping a tough stance on the DatPiff app, but just so you’re aware, it’s not the only streaming-based app that has been removed from the app store. It looks like the popular 4shared music app for iPhone was also removed around the same time, and that essentially offers the same service – free music with no catch. There are other ways around it though, as you can still download a web-based app as a replacement for the app that was removed.

Are you a big DatPiff fan? Let us know your thoughts on Apple removing the app. Have you resorted to jailbreaking your iPhone in order to get it from Cydia?



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