Changing the Apple TV 5.0 update for 5.1 features

By Peter Chubb - Mar 22, 2012

Now that the new Apple TV (third-generation) is available consumers will be able to see just what has changed, although many of us will be hard pushed to see the differences unless they have a good TV to take full advantage of the 1080p Full HD feature. The device also comes with the 5.0 update but we can’t help notice that there are still a few issues, which we hope to see Apple fix and bring in some other new features with update 5.1.

Those with the second-generation Apple TV will have to update their software to 5.0 and in most cases this will be an automatic process, you may on occasion have to go into the settings and force an update yourself. The changes within the update are certainly being welcomed because the menus are now much improved and we also love how you can now stream iTunes movies from the Cloud.

Having already established that the new features makes Apple TV a much better device, it’s been pointed out that all is not perfect because a few flaws have been found. There have been instances where the remote for the Apple TV will not only sync with that device but also a Mac as well, being able to control the latter when you wish to control the former will be a huge pain so a fix is needed. Again we have to point out this is not a widespread issue but we would like to know if you are suffering with this problem?

We’ve also learned that you are unable to control the volume without a TV remote, which as you would imagine can become a huge pain. One of the biggest issues that needs to be resolved with update 5.1 is allowing users to gain access to apps, all their iOS and new Mac devices can use apps so it’s about time that Apple TV can as well.

It’s no secret that Apple wants in on the gaming market so it makes sense to allow those with Apple TV to be able to download apps and start playing them on a larger screen. Having said that, we have to wonder if Apple are saving this feature for their (rumored) iTV device, which we hope to see in the not too distant future?

What other features would you like to see implemented in the 5.1 update for Apple TV? To see how Apple’s latest device ticks we have a teardown for you to enjoy.

Update: Having done some research we have learned that you can get around the first issue by switching off the IR receiver on your Mac.

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  • thealiendad

    There is a cure for the remote controlling apple tv and mac book pro at the same time, point the remote at your apple tv or mac book pro (very close to stop both seeing the signal) hold the menu button and fast/forward (right arrow) for about 5 seconds and a two link chain will appear on the screen showing the remote and product are linked.