Possible clues on Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’ DLC pack

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2012

Skyrim owners will know that Bethesda has been hard at work on the first DLC content for the game and today, it seems like we may have a huge clue as to what the first DLC expansion could be called.

It has been revealed that Bethesda has filed a trademark for the name ‘Dawnguard’ and considering that we haven’t heard anything regarding this term as of yet, obvious speculation has begun that this is specifically related to DLC.

The term Dawnguard may be of immediate interest to those of you who have played Oblivion, as within that game there is a cult group that goes by the name ‘Mythic Dawn’, who have ties to Mehrunes Dagon who is in Elder Scrolls lore, the Daedric prince of destruction.

Another possible relation to the name Dawnguard could be linked to the Redguards, who you may remember are a race of warriors in Oblivion. If Dawnguard is related to Mythic Dawn, then that could be pretty huge in itself though, as it could mean that the first DLC will see players revisit locations from Oblivion – aka nostalgia overload.

It’s all very mysterious at the moment and we can’t wait to find out what Dawnguard entails. Bethesda are the only ones with the answers of course, so how will they react knowing that their potential secret has been partially blown wide open? Will they now keep us waiting even further so that speculation can brew even further on potential DLC, or will they put our minds at ease and confirm that Dawnguard is in fact the first expansion pack for Skyrim?

For those that are interested, you can see the trademark filing here. If you have any clues as to what Dawnguard could mean, share your ideas with us below.

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  • CroatiaSt Vucko

    Is it possible that dragonborn will go to Cyrodil (becouse of the land discoverd glitching – there is a youtube video) as the new creator of mythic dawn (you kill last member in a mission of mehunes dagon) and gather a new cult.

    Also we can translate this “dawn”guard as protector of dawn(dusk and dawn) but i cant still figure ot is there a depper meaning of it.
    Also i would discount the Redguard idea, unless the DLC would be played in Hammerfell.

  • Naacix

    Ok bear with me, when you finish the civil war for the stormcloaks they talk about the Aldmeri Dominion taking back Skyrim and Tamreil. Dawnstar is at the northern part of Skyrim, and so is the Thalmor embassy, this is a huge sretch, but what if the Thalmor and all the elves come up to the north through the ghost sea and try and take Dawnstar as a base and you have to get them out by killing? Yes i know not very feasible, but i think it would be pretty cool

    • Super_saiyan_2234

      i actually think that would be pretty badass.   Since the Stormcloak’s main goal is to re-rid Tamriel of elves…   that would not only be VERY feasible but would make to be quite an insane full-scale Skyrim-style assault.     Elves in summerset isle would see their thalmor being mowed down (if it happened like that)  and send in basically what you would call    “Thalmor Special Forces”.

    • Ozz2fest88

      I think that is a good idea my character is a dark elf and fighting the thalmor high elves would be cool as well as having their little story line behinde that

  • how much will this cost?

    • Sam

       Does it matter? I personally plan to throw my money at them until they give me the dlc 😛

    • NgTurbo

      Nothing is official yet Adam