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Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta update, gameplay preview

If you were excited about the announcement of Phantasy Star Online 2 coming to the PS Vita, you’ll be pleased to know that we now have some more details for you. It looks like the game is now ready for closed beta testing after two initial alpha tests, and we now have some details on what you can expect to see in the beta.

Just to point out though, the beta will only be available for the PC version of the game, as SEGA recently confirmed that the Vita version of the game won’t be due out until 2013 and that the game is only 10% complete at the moment.

With that out of the way, Producer Satoshi Sakai has revealed that the upcoming closed beta testing will have space for 100,000 entrants and that players who were lucky enough to participate in the alpha test will be receiving priority for the closed beta.

The closed beta will bring significant gameplay additions compared to the alpha test, as Sakai states that they will be adding in story and quest elements, some town fields and even more weapon categories to play around with, as translated by Andria Sang.

If you are interested in getting into the closed beta, you’ll need to be aware that Sega are planning to hold an event at the end of this month, which they are calling the ‘Media Briefing 2nd’ event. In this event, they will announce when the beta will begin and we’re guessing ways in which to enter the beta as well. If you are fluent in Japanese or don’t mind using a translate service, you may want to check out the official PSO2 blog here.

We have added some gameplay footage from the second alpha test below, as we’re guessing a lot of you may not have seen the game in action yet. For an alpha test, it looks really impressive in our opinion and pretty mouthwatering to think that this game is on the way to the PS Vita as well.



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