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New iPad can reach 112 degrees, still under Apple’s thermal specs

We now have some more information for you now on the ongoing ‘heat’ involving the new iPad. Earlier this week we informed you about the number of complaints coming in about the new device being warmer than normal during operation, but now we have the first official word from Apple regarding the matter, and what Consumer Reports have had to say as well.

Why Consumer Reports you ask? Well if you don’t remember, Consumer Reports were the ones who refused to recommend the iPhone 4 to their readers and it was really their report which kick started the whole ‘antennagate’ affair which Steve Jobs had to publicly defend.

Now though, Consumer Reports has chimed in on the initial wave of criticism regarding overheating new iPad devices, by stating the Apple’s new device can reach up to 112 degrees when playing games such as Infinity Blade II. However, they have said that even at this temperature, the device doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the hand and the device is still the ‘best tablet they’ve ever tested’.

This actually echoes Apple’s official word on the complaints as well, as they have said that their device features 4G LTE, an A5X chip, a ‘stunning’ Retina Display and 10 hours of battery life – all of which ‘run under their thermal specifications’. They have said that if customers continue to have problems, they can contact AppleCare for further assistance.

Somehow though, we have a feeling that this isn’t quite over just yet. As we mentioned earlier in the week, our new iPad units perform just fine under heavy usage and definitely do not get to the stage where it physically hurts when holding the device. The type of complaints pouring in on the Apple boards state otherwise though, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens from here. Free iPad bumpers anyone?



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