Moderating MW3 cheaters remains a struggle for Activision

By Alan Ng - Mar 21, 2012

While console versions appear to be hack free for the moment, the PC version of Modern Warfare 3 is still very much prone to some sophisticated methods of cheating, which some users are only too happy to oblige.

Activision has this week spoke about their ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of cheating that has been going on in the game, but has admitted that it remains a struggle for them to keep up with the sheer amount of shenanigans that is going on in online servers at the moment.

For those of you who are oblivious to what has been going on in the PC version of the game, just check out the clip we have added below which shows the game being played with an aimbot and a wallhack. What’s even more amusing is that most of the cheats available for the PC version are even being sold online to others who want to join in.

Activision is well aware of what’s going on though, and producer Noah Heller has spoken to Eurogamer in a recent interview, reiterating that when cheaters are caught, they will get their stats reset or in some cases be banned from playing multiplayer for a period of time.

However, Heller has also revealed that the company only ban players when it is completely necessary and that they don’t want to use ‘too heavy a hand’ when it comes to dealing with cheaters. After watching that video below though, we say dish out the maximum punishment possible and just remove them from multiplayer permanently. If they go to all the trouble in creating the hacks, why not suffer a lengthy exile from the game to reflect this as well? – Makes sense to us anyway.

Have you seen any cheating in the game, either on PC or the console versions of the game? We know that boosting goes on all the time on console, but we’re yet to see any major hacks like aimbot or wallhack on console.

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  • Hcattila

    There really must be warning on game cover what says that this game is 99% cheaters. And like meny others says..this is my last cod game ever. They wont stop cheater beacose kids cheats and get that game.

  • Mike W.

    MW3 is the last Activision game I’ll ever buy.  They are either incompentent or unwilling to keep cheaters from ruining the game.   They are the Yugo of video game makers.

  • Nobody

    PS3 MW3 has hacked lobbies just got off with help chat asking why my xp is – for some games they tell me there are people hacking PS3 now.

  • gothacked

    i had a sniper shooting through walls on resistance and owning everybody. shooting through buildings was more like it. I was inside the center building and got shot by him and he was at the back of the map.

    • gothacked

      on ps3

  • Harvey12

    I personally think that people who cheat are just crap at the game, they need some kind of support to help them rank up or look daft. Infinity Ward and Activision have a poor relationship in sorting out these major issues whereas Treyarch tried the best they could to prevent hacking and glitching. Glitches (dont know about hacking) is still going on as someone I know did a glitch on Dome the other day and was completely out of the map. I admit that by penalising people who cheat might ruin their fanbase considering that it’s mostly 10 year olds but atleast the problem is resolved.

     I cant even play MW3 nowadays because of people not dying when shot point blank, as ‘WTORRESJR73’ is saying, I do get that quite a lot where the enemy knows where you are for some apparent reason which leads to angry a lot. I’ve reported so many people for hacking, boosting and cheating, god knows if they’ve paid attention yet. GET IT SORTED ACTIVISION!!!

  • Antonis Kleopa

    Hey Alan Ng can you find out if it’s possible to sue activision for selling you a product that contains features other that what’s included in the box. 😛

  • Antonis Kleopa

    yeah there is a whole lot of cheaters on the pc version and Activision has totally failed to address it. I mean the issue is very easy to deal with but they have failed to take simple steps. They don’t even punish them enough according to this article. With all the billions they have racked in from sales this should of put some aside for this matter.

    Will consider very good before buying into the next title if they have not dealt with this and i ‘m sure many will do the same. 

  • Tray Caddy

    Haha and everyone says good game at the end of the match after aim boting wall hackers destroyed everyone.


    i had a guy on the carbon map come down the stairs in the 2 floor garage one come around the outside part new exactly where i was, mind u i was using assasin and killed me like he new where i was. I looked at the kill cam and when he came in the garage and went down the stairs he started shooting to his left thinking i was underneath the stairs, mind you you cant go under those stairs. When he noticed that he came right outside and killed me. AIMBOT !

  • XBOX 360 Multiplayer its totally hacked

    • This is about MW3, not WaW, and not CoD4.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t care about WaW or CoD4 if I was Activision either. WaW sucks and CoD4, while being the best game in the CoD series IMHO, is really old now for an arcade shooter.