BF3 Close Quarters HD destruction makes up for lack of vehicles

If you liked what you saw from DICE’s initial Close Quarters DLC premiere, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the developer has given us another little tease of what is in store when the pack releases in June.

This isn’t your average gameplay teaser though, far from it. DICE has specifically highlighted the new destruction elements that will be featured in the Close Quarters pack, by releasing a time lapse video showing the destruction physics from the Frostbite 2.0 engine like never before.

It looks pretty mind-blowing too. Watch how an average looking ‘hotel style’ corridor gets blown to bits in seconds when the action begins, with the damage caused to the walls now offering additional cover points for you to take down the enemy. We’re not sure about the choice of dodgy music, but we just hope that these destruction elements are going to be featured on console too, and not just on PC like we have seen in the past.

We’re guessing that this clip has been taken from the Ziba Tower map, so don’t forget that we still have three other maps to see before June arrives. Will they play in a similar style, or should we expect something completely different from DICE, while still sticking to the close quarters formula?

Perhaps the HD destruction footage shown here is the end result of not having vehicles in any of the four Close Quarter maps. The destruction seen in the Back to Karkand expansion was impressive, but you’ll agree with us that this just looks even better in HD. We still see a lot of complaints about the lack of vehicles, but we can’t wait to experience a different style of gameplay when the pack is out. Give us your thoughts on the new destruction elements – are you hoping this level of quality comes to console as well?



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