Wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy S III could be a game-changer

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2012

Just hours ago we told you about one possible feature for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III, which may end up becoming a system seller for the company, but now we have whispers of another big feature that could find its way into Samsung’s next flagship handset. Two words for you – wireless charging.

Thanks to the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX, we are finally starting to see smartphones emerge with much higher capacity batteries than before. The next progression into next-gen for us though, is a smartphone that has the ability to charge itself without the use of cables.

At the start of the year we told you how Apple had secured a new patent which apparently explored the idea of using wireless charging on iOS devices, but actually we could see Samsung beat their rivals to the punch with wireless charging of their own and the Galaxy S III could be the first device to utilize the technology on the market.

The source of the information has come from Korean publication DDaily, who claim that wireless charging will actually be a feature built into the device, which will enable it to charge wirelessly without the use of direct content with the charging pad and from a distance of one or two meters away, as detailed over at The Verge.

It all sounds rather good from where we are standing, but you just know that if Samsung do unveil this groundbreaking new tech in the months to come, Apple may be ready to pounce by saying that they already had a patent for it.

Would wireless charging be a game-changer for you? Just imagine the convenience it would have to finally do away with cables once and for all. Let’s hope that we see some strength to this initial rumor soon.

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  • apple products will always be the ideal device for little girls. 

  • Leon Perez

    So Apple took Tesla’s Idea….

  • Shekhoo Raja

    Apple will keep filing patent cases against samsung. Samsung should just ignore them and keep moving ahead.

  • Lfreeman202

    How can Apple have a patent for wireless charging , when I have two phones that charge wirelessly right now using Powermat??? Apple needs to quit with trying to patent others inventions as their own.