Vehicles in Black Ops 2 may make multiplayer mind-blowing

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2012

With Call of Duty Black Ops 2 now looking likely to happen later this year, our immediate thoughts turn to how Treyarch will aim to go one further and make the most successful game in history even better.

Just a week ago, we informed you about the alleged beta video that had turned up online which seemed to hint of a zombie campaign mode, which would obviously be a major addition to the popular spin-off mode and exactly the sort of thing that Treyarch needs to include if they are going to keep the series fresh.

There’s still no word on if that clip is legit or not, but at this moment in time we can say that the video is still live so check it out again below if you missed it last time. Moving away from the zombie side of things though, how can Treyarch improve on multiplayer and the campaign to make the game even better than the original?

One of the most addictive aspects of Black Ops in my opinion was the new wager match modes and in particular, the excellent gun game. I can honestly say that I put countless hours into playing gun game time and time again as the idea of stealing everyone’s money just kept me coming back for more. Infinity Ward hasn’t included this in Modern Warfare 3 of course, but we hope that Treyarch plans to expand on their wager match mode in Black Ops 2 and make it even better than ever – gun game version 2.0 needs to be included as it was easily the best wager match mode.

COD 3 had vehicles: Vehicles are obviously a big attraction in Battlefield 3 at the moment, but how would you feel if Treyarch added some vehicles or heavy weaponry into some of their multiplayer maps? Possible ideas could be a turret set up in a specific part of the map which players can race to use, or maybe even some small people carriers with mounted guns attached to them – don’t forget that Call of Duty 3, a Treyarch developed game had all kinds of vehicles to use on multiplayer, so don’t think that the idea of vehicles being utilized in Black Ops 2 is too farfetched.

If you still play Black Ops today, what kind of features would you like to see in Black Ops 2 to make the game mind-blowing? Do you just want to see an improvement to zombies, or would you welcome more adventurous features like multiplayer vehicles as well? Let’s hope we’re not too far off from an initial reveal.

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  • the trolollololoer

    i will like to see only like 2 vehicle types:
    -transport vehicle like a osprey to delivere team mates to strategic points as flags
    and make very good and big maps and if you want killstreak i got one
    -sniper-you became a sniper at 1 km of the map and you can shoot 7 bullets
    because snipers on cod are not much realistic 

  • Aclient

    I hate the fact that WAW had vehicles. Vehicles make more sense on really large maps which COD doesn’t have or need. Also, let players “earn” their vehicles through Killstreaks. Quit giving players Tanks for no work whatsoever. COD should be about mostly gun kills and Killstreaks that players have to earn.

    • dakan45

       what this guy said, cod should not have vehicles.

  • guest

    CoD 3 And World At War had vehicles, not just cod 3.

    • UncleMuffin59

      Black ops 2 needs to add doors that have to be breached to get special documents that have to be taken back to specific locations for evac and the other team needs to prevent that from happening. If the doors are blown the opposing team can rebuild the door again. Just imagine the amazing games that can come from this kind of game change. It worked great in Enemy Territory and should work even better in the new tech
      Later Dudes. Pass this on to Treyarch—– It could Work!!!

    • im glad someone finally pointed that out 🙂

  • Harvey12

    I think Black Ops 2 would have to obviously be better than BO1 and MW3. MW3 was a huge let down, what frustrates me is that most submachine guns actually overpower other guns e.g. MP7 could actually be used as a sniper(no recoil), P90 somehow overpowers an ACR its just ridiculous. I just think that the killstreak system could be better, I mean two lists of killstreaks(specialist dont count) is abit much (Mw2 killstreak was better). Like ‘Darien Shields’ says about the bullet damage dropping, that is a good idea because an actual bullet does drop a little in range. A game with no overpowered killstreaks and guns sounds like a perfect game to me!!

  • Adam Murphy

    More Hardcore Modes.  Black Ops was good for Hardcore, but MW3 is awful.  We want HCHQ, HCCTF games that last longer than about 2 minutes.  Looking forward to Black Ops 2.  MW3 was a let down, and I remember moaning about BO when it came out but how the grass isn’t greener

  • josh wallace

    they should put in a 3rd person setting like mw2 and mw3

  • vasp

    and what about 4 person split screen zombies?

  • vasp


  • joostin

    In need of a new engine.  If they want to compete with BF3 in terms of scale, they need to make a new engine from the ground up.  The COD engine can’t handle the fruther draw distances.  ie. World @ War only had max 2 vehicles per map.  Pretty much useless if you can’t gain an advantage…

    I would prefer to see user piloted choppers during a killstreak and leave it at that.  To make a game as large as BF3 would be copying it.  COD should stick to what they are good at, which is close quarters, small map battles.

    • dakan45

       not really, it has to do with 60 fps. More properly, current crapconsoles cant handle 60 fps and a big game.

  • skyfet

    Blatantly copying BF3.  

    • Guestman

      Did you even read the article? COD 3 had vehicles in it.
      Hell Tribes had three vehicles in the multiplayer and that was in 1998.

      By your logic BF1 copied Tribes.
      Sit down and shut up.

      • skyfet

        Based on the success of those old games in your head, how come they haven’t used it until now. Must be that the uniqueness and the environment that can’t be rivaled on BF3. What a game.

  • Gan

    now all they need to do is get the fov from 60 to lets say 90 so you can play the game without getting a headache after 5 minutes!

  • Also the next installment World at War (CoD5) had tanks. What they need though is innovative killstreaks, they should take the pointstreak system of MW3 a bit firther. Maybe even 5 lists of streaks to choose from where one does chain, one do not chain att all like in the last BLOPS. 
    My wife started playing this now that MW3 has come out, she needed that supportstreak to really get into the game.Treyarc has always gone easy on the sidearms whereas IW has Machinepistols in MW3 and even Shotguns in MW2. I wish Treyarc would consider to bring powerful sidearms that you easily could use if you´re out of ammo woould be great, and that it would really be hard to choose an anti-aircraft rocket launcher.
    I´d love it if they would also consider greater diversity to the different guns, like Scar-L drops damage first when the bullet have travelled for 1200 units whereas the M4 only sports 800 units before damage dropdown. Not have all weapons drop down after 37,5 meters like in Black Ops 1.

  • Tray Caddy

    My very first call of duty game was COD 3 (on the PS2) but I didn’t play any COD multi player till MW2 so I don’t really know how I’d like vehicles. I guess as long as they are easy to handle and not too over powered