Bring World of Warcraft to PS Vita Blizzard, forget iPhone

By Alan Ng - Mar 20, 2012

If you were hoping to one day utilize your World of Warcraft subscription on a mobile device, Blizzard has given their strongest indication yet that this could be a real possibility for the future.

Although the game remains PC based-only, Blizzard has revealed in a recent interview that bringing the game to a mobile device, specifically mentioning the Apple iPhone, could be in the pipeline in months to come.

Obviously there are considerable barriers to overcome in making this possible – notably the RAM limitations on the iPhone and the fact that the device has no physical buttons. Senior WoW producer John Lagrave has told Eurogamer that the team faces a hard task in making this a reality, but definitely confirmed that ‘they are looking into it’.

While it would obviously be great news if they good pull it off and allow the WoW experience to continue on the move, we argue that the iPhone shouldn’t really be the device that they are targeting. Sure enough the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones on the market right now, but if they are looking to bring the game to mobile devices, they should consider the iPad as well, or even Sony’s new PS Vita handheld. The iPad would obviously be ideal with that lovely display screen, but the PS Vita would be able to overcome the control scheme obstacles thanks to the combination of both physical buttons, a touchscreen and a rear touchpad.

Blizzard may also be unwilling to enter into any exclusive agreements with Apple, so Sony may be the better company to strike a deal with – especially when you consider that Sony are now willing to explore the MMO genre with open arms, as seen with the upcoming DUST 514 PS3 exclusive.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with us that World of Warcraft would be better suited on the PS Vita than the iPhone? Either way, we would love to see WoW branch out to other devices, but let’s hope that Blizzard are thinking about bringing the franchise to other mobile platforms too, not just the iPhone.

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  • Guest

    Ps vita

  • Stuart

    I was playing my PS Vita earlier and thought it would be awesome to play WOW on it so did a google search and this article came up. It would be incredible to see it on Vita. It’s got the power, the ram, the graphics, physical controls and touchscreens – surely it’s an easy decision to bring it to vita? I hope they do!!

  • PS VITA sem dúvida!!!

    Primeiro que traria, talvez, uma experiencia melhor já que tem o touchpad traseiro e, principalmente, os botões físicos.Segundo é que eu não tenho nem IPhone e nem o IPad, mas tenho o PS VITA……lol

  • Tha_Messiah

    They did somewhere announce that Diablo 3 will come in a console-version, but not which consoles they have in mind.

    I do hope that they consider more MMO games for players on the move, PS Vita is a great device, but so is many of the smartphones and tablets these days. If World of Warcraft got out to the portable devices, it would revolutionize the genre, and that would mean more subscribers to online games, and more portable gaming devices and smartphones being sold worldwide. I dont see the loss in that situation. Yes, its an expensive task to pull off, but if it succeeds its gonna be worth many times the money spent on development.

    I see why they would make it for the iPhone, there is many more iPhones than PS Vita’s, but the Vita is more suited, as it is a gaming-device. They should go mobile in general, not just iPhone.

  • RRR

    dude screw World of Warcraft and put Diablo 3 on the PS Vita, if i could have that in my pocket i would buy one immediately

  • saintfighteraqua

    I hope they do a Vita version!

  • That would be amazing on Vita!

  • I have to admit that, even though it sounds like a good idea on paper, putting it on the ps vita might not be the best idea. Despite it having an excellent chipset and physical controls, I personally belive the screen would be too small for the game, unless it were to be an entirely new serverset for it [with a somewhat smaller playerbase]. That, or they would need a way to scale down in-game models so they would take up relatively less screenspace compared to the PC version.

    • Dylan

      Some how the screen is ok for I Phone but to small for the Vita? Joseph your points against bring WOW or something similar are weak. I’m guessing you’ve never held or used a Vita because the screen is in no way small or simply u don’t understand what goes into porting games to other systems.

      Obviously with games like this they have taken into account servers, models, instance data, in-game models, UI scaling. You seem to be nit picking an awful lot.

  • Intravenus

    PS VITA!